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  1. XIOV

    Inspiration in a bottle (Quotes, Images, Songs)

    I like where this has gone! Great additions everybody. warman45 PM'd me to add this one: "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man."Shaw, George Bernard...
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    Map Decompressor

    Then how could my name be in the map before it was protected? XD
  3. XIOV

    Map Decompressor

    Hey, I have a map I made a LONG time ago that I protected. Since then I've reinstalled my OS probably about 4 times and the newer versions have been lost in the shuffle. Fortunately I have an older version saved here on THW. The only downside is that its protected and I cant edit it. Does...
  4. XIOV

    Video/Desktop Capture Software

    Hey, Im working on an animation sequence. I have the model fully animated and I want to export the animation to a .gif file. I'd assume the easiest thing to do would be to just capture the screen while the models animation is playing, then go back and edit it afterwards. Does anyone know of...
  5. XIOV

    Concept-Art Contest #4 - EVOLUTION

    Tsuchigumo - an ancient people who lived in the Japanese Alps until circa 538 AD. Were often described with 'spider like' qualities. WIP stage 1 attached. - childhood WIP stage 2 attached. - adolescence *UPDATED* Edit: So I assume we're going to need to color them all too? Seeing as how...
  6. XIOV

    First skinning attempt [Acolyte's model]

    It looks good. You could edit the model later on if you decide you REALLY want to get rid of the mask. Its not a very difficult change.
  7. XIOV

    Forgotten Warlord's Attachment Shop!

    Could just edit the zergling model and create attachment models that you could put on the marine via WE. For example: This could be attached to the chest of the marine to simulate the femers. Then you could have another attachment for the gun, chest and legs.
  8. XIOV

    What's your IQ?

    Was just an example to show how ethnocentric I.Q. tests are. Most I.Q. tests target educated upper-middle class white males. If you take a German I.Q. test or an Italian I.Q. test translated to english you'd be lucky to get a 80.
  9. XIOV

    Drop icon request

    Beggers... choosers... *grumble* Its not great because I'm on my way out the door... Edit: Didn't blizzard make a similar icon already?
  10. XIOV

    How do you stack your potions with full inventory

    Basically just make an item based off a tome (ie: tome of power, tome of agility, tome of strength, etc.) Then write a trigger so that if the unit aquires the item, and has none of item 'x' in their inventory, and they have an empty slot in their inventory, it gives them item 'x'. If the unit...
  11. XIOV

    UI Skinning Contest

    Does THW still have any good texture artists? All the good texture artists I knew (Wulf, Chriz etc.) are all gone. The whole site seems rather dead to be honest. I use to come on here quite often (under a different name) and there was always LOTS of action. A request thread took about 30...
  12. XIOV

    What's your IQ?

    It's a shame that I.Q. tests don't accurately measure intelligence - they measure your familiarity with the subject matter. (and are very ethnocentric) For example: A symphony is to a composer as a book is to a(n) A. Paper B. Sculptor C. Musician D. Author E. Man Obviously the...
  13. XIOV

    Color change of the "Shrine"

    To change it to blue you're going to have to change the particle emitter of the model, not just the skin. Amigurumi has posted a model that has the change made already. (Assuming thats the model you are talking about)
  14. XIOV

    Problem with Glowing Effect (Easy)

    Here ya go. This is it with a particle emiter. Also, heres a link to a great tutorial: Particle Emitter Tutorial Just skip the part about modeling the attachment. Edit: It doesn't appear in-game for some reason... The orginal doesn't either.
  15. XIOV

    Inspiration in a bottle (Quotes, Images, Songs)

    So I was a little on the 'unsatisfied' side today, and I got to thinking about modivation, inspiration etc. In this stooper I asked myself "Wouldnt it be nice to just buy inspiration in a bottle" I then anatomized the previous statement and decided upon creating this thread. This thread...
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    Animation Request

    You could make alt versions of the models that are 50% visible and replace the original with an invisible one facing the same direction and of the same scale when a unit gets within x distance of it. Only solution I can provide - I'm not an animator. Something like: Actions Set p_hero...
  18. XIOV

    Simple Model Request!

    Perhaps it would be nice if THW added an option for model editors to specify whether or not their models can be used as "stock". IE: A model designed to be redesigned. I've noticed some saying they don't mind it being modified while others have said "DO NOT MODIY/DISTRIBUTE". The fact is...
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    This is very impressive. Its so similar its eerie.
  20. XIOV

    Problem with Model

    So modest. Thank you very much though! Thats a trick I'll have to remember.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) For Godly model repair skills

    Reputation (+1): (Post) For Godly model repair skills
  26. XIOV

    Reputation (+1): (Post) for assistance with a difficult matter

    Reputation (+1): (Post) for assistance with a difficult matter
  27. XIOV

    Problem with Model

    General Frank! You sir, are a god! Tyvm! Also, I'm curious too - how did you fix it? +rep to both of you!
  28. XIOV

    Problem with Model

    It only has one bone (just the root @ origin) And it shouldnt have any anims. (I was adding some but took them away because I thouht they might be the issue). Anyway here's some info: Also, how do i remove animated tracks?
  29. XIOV

    Problem with Model

  30. XIOV

    Problem with Glowing Effect (Easy)

    You could probably attach a particle emitter to it that would do what you're after. Also, even with it billboarded for some reason the glow doesn't show from the backside of the model. (at least it didn't for me)
  31. XIOV

    What's wrong with my cursor?

    How to fix it: -Redo your alpha (ie: delete current alpha and reselect each piece manually) -Change size from 256x128 to 128x128 (will look squished) -Import to WE and change path to "UI\Cursor\HumanCursor.BLP" Also, jim7777 that tutorial is rather dated. It uses old methods that are no...
  32. XIOV

    Pedobear WIP.....

    I believe warcraft 3 viewer has an option to export anims as .gif files. It only allows .mdx files though.
  33. XIOV

    anvil model

    Uhh... Anvil05 - by Carrington2k How about this?
  34. XIOV

    Creating a skin from scratch?

    What are you trying to skin? Is it a custom model? A preexisting model? You are going to need several basic programs to effectively skin; 1.) Image Editing software (Photoshop, Gimp) 2.) BLP -> TGA Converter 3.) Warcraft 3 Viewer (so you can see if you're doing it right) I'd suggest...
  35. XIOV

    Removing and inserting weapons

    You can also create passive abilities that use the model (for example; using brilliance aura) Change the target of the ability to 'self' and change the model for the effect to 'axe.mdx' or whatever your model is. Then just create a simple trigger like: Events: Unit finishes casting an ability...
  36. XIOV

    Problem with Model

    I'm working on a Japanese Battle Standard Model and I can't seem to get it to import and display wthout crashing the WE. I've been trying at this for several hours now (which is ridicleous because im sure its something simple) Can anyone take a look for me to see whats wrong? Will +rep ANY...
  37. XIOV

    Simple Bnet question {what is the maximum host-able map size?}

    Tyvm. I do apologize, I thought I saw somewhere it was 5 but I couldnt remember. Thanks for clearing it up though Dr SuperGood.
  38. XIOV

    Simple Bnet question {what is the maximum host-able map size?}

    I just did something silly, but it worked. I took a map, uploaded a 4500kb file onto it and hosted it on bnet as "Wintermaul!!!!11!" about 5 people joined in 2 seconds. So I guess that means the limit is 5mb then?
  39. XIOV

    Pandaren Building4

    It's definately nice looking, but the filesize is a little large for just a building. I'm using it in my map (though I compressed the skin file to save space). 348kb for Pandarean Doodad 1 verses the oiginal 684kb. Just converted it to tga and back to blp with 85% quality. Still looks the...
  40. XIOV

    Simple Bnet question {what is the maximum host-able map size?}

    I've run across this before but I can't seem to find it now. I've never had any problems in the past with it either, but what is the largest map filesize currently playable on 5mb?
  41. XIOV

    [Cinematic] how do you terrain a small orc town for a cinematic?

    If you download the You will have access to many more Orc Models (along with the ones you are already using). As far as the terrain looks, its very generic...
  42. XIOV

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for the information on Trigger -> Jass

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for the information on Trigger -> Jass
  43. XIOV

    Specific 'call RemoveLocation' question {removing a specific variable of an array}

    Right click only brings up the following options: Cut Copy Paste Delete - View in Object Manager - New Category New Trigger New Trigger Comment - [] Enable Trigger [] Initially On [] Category is Comment **Nevermind I got it. Its under the edit menu 'Convert to Custom Text'...
  44. XIOV

    Damn need help!

    This can be done by right clicking the trigger in WE and saying 'copy as text' then in your post, click the trigger tags and paste your trigger into it. (Note: you have to individually select each event, condition, and action and copy them seperately) Also, Ap0calypse seems to have the right...
  45. XIOV

    Specific 'call RemoveLocation' question {removing a specific variable of an array}

    Event Conditions Actions: Set HeavenAndEarth[(Player number of (Owner of (Triggering unit)))] = (Center of Return from heaven <gen>) Camera - Pan camera for (Owner of (Triggering unit)) to HeavenAndEarth[(Player number of (Owner of (Triggering unit)))] over 0.00 seconds Unit - Move...
  46. XIOV

    Hmm... What About A Mac Sub-Forum?

    Hey can we open a windows 2 board too? Because some people use windows 2 and they may have problems with hosting/map making too... Point is, if you have a problem with something you can just post it in the generic forum and mention it is a Mac os you're having the problem on. There are...
  47. XIOV

    Competition Ideas

    Yeah, not to be mean but you pretty much just described: 1. (a rather boring sounding) Minigame Contest 2. Zepher contest 3. Every other Terraining Contest ever made
  48. XIOV

    Is there a possibility to move through walls, if there is a Window or something

    Also for the grenade going through a window, you could use pathing blockers. Set the grenade = air unit and just place a pathing blocker for block ground only at the window. Walls would use the pathing blocker for both ground and air. If we saw the system it would be easier for us to help you.
  49. XIOV

    Damn need help!

    You can just use pan camera for player to unit over a time interval. Ex: every .7 seconds pan camera for player (integer a) to unit x. Also the lock camera to unit should work, do you mind posting the trigger you're using so we can help?
  50. XIOV

    Pedobear WIP.....

    Ears and mouth polycount are still insane (especially the ears). Wc3 models don't have particularly detailed models, they are generally low polycount with good textures (relatively). For me, when I model something, I spend half the time modeling that I spend texturing (and the majority of that...