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  1. XIOV

    Map Decompressor

    Hey, I have a map I made a LONG time ago that I protected. Since then I've reinstalled my OS probably about 4 times and the newer versions have been lost in the shuffle. Fortunately I have an older version saved here on THW. The only downside is that its protected and I cant edit it. Does...
  2. XIOV

    Video/Desktop Capture Software

    Hey, Im working on an animation sequence. I have the model fully animated and I want to export the animation to a .gif file. I'd assume the easiest thing to do would be to just capture the screen while the models animation is playing, then go back and edit it afterwards. Does anyone know of...
  3. XIOV

    Inspiration in a bottle (Quotes, Images, Songs)

    So I was a little on the 'unsatisfied' side today, and I got to thinking about modivation, inspiration etc. In this stooper I asked myself "Wouldnt it be nice to just buy inspiration in a bottle" I then anatomized the previous statement and decided upon creating this thread. This thread...
  4. XIOV

    Problem with Model

    I'm working on a Japanese Battle Standard Model and I can't seem to get it to import and display wthout crashing the WE. I've been trying at this for several hours now (which is ridicleous because im sure its something simple) Can anyone take a look for me to see whats wrong? Will +rep ANY...
  5. XIOV

    Simple Bnet question {what is the maximum host-able map size?}

    I've run across this before but I can't seem to find it now. I've never had any problems in the past with it either, but what is the largest map filesize currently playable on 5mb?
  6. XIOV

    Specific 'call RemoveLocation' question {removing a specific variable of an array}

    Event Conditions Actions: Set HeavenAndEarth[(Player number of (Owner of (Triggering unit)))] = (Center of Return from heaven <gen>) Camera - Pan camera for (Owner of (Triggering unit)) to HeavenAndEarth[(Player number of (Owner of (Triggering unit)))] over 0.00 seconds Unit - Move...
  7. XIOV

    Simple Model Request

    Can anyone make a fluffy white (cumulus) cloud model? Something like this that uses ingame textures? Nevermind, I don't need this model anymore. After two days with no responses and few views - I made one myself. Thanks anyway... Mods, close/delete please. Thanks.
  8. XIOV

    [JASS][Trigger] Terrain Pathing

    Is there a way to make a certain type of terrain, for example "Ashenvale Rock" unpathable to land units VIA triggering/Jass? I know I could place pathing blockers, but this method would take me forever and likely push the limit of doodads allowed in a map. It seems like I've come across...