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  1. Stork

    Need help on the Model!

    So Basically the left model in the picture is my currently model. Since i don't know how to deal with UV mapping i need help for changing it to the right model in the picture (fading Texture). I did try geoset animation, texture animation on Magos but it does not contain the thing that i want...
  2. Stork

    NeoDex Exporter Wc3 got Error

    i'm having trouble with Neodex 2.7. The problem is when i tried to use the exporter option from NeoDex it loses its bones and meshes. i'm really confused about this and have yet to find any solutions. Any ideas how to fix this? thank you guys a lot
  3. Stork

    NeoDex not working on 3ds max 2019

    Currently im using 3ds max 2019 but when i use any features from NeoDex it pops this error. I've been searching outsite too but still not have the solutions yet. Does anyone know how can i fix this error? Appriciate a lot for you guys. thanks
  4. Stork

    Black Lightning Texture not working in game

    i tried to make a custom lightning texture with black base. The problem with the texture is when in-game the lightning itself turned transperent and invisible. Black lightning textures were only working with custom special effect but not with normal spells like chain lightning, forked...
  5. Stork

    Get Unit's Armor Value?

    I'm looking for a system that actually call a right value of any units in the map, not limited. I used Daelin's system before but its limited to 220, some others like 150 etc.
  6. Stork

    Custom Lightning Texture

    I wonder if there is any site or something that has a tons of custom lightning texture/skin. I found in hive but i didnt make it out. If anyone can make custom lightning texture/skin, i really do need that texture/skin for my map. The lightning texture i'm talking about just lilke this in...
  7. Stork

    [Trigger] Triggers Not working correctly?

    My Triggers. There are 2 issues. The first one: In my Loop trigger Custom script: call DestroyGroup(udg_ArcticBlastDummyGroup[udg_ArcticBlastLoopIndex]) Custom script: call DestroyGroup(udg_ArcticBlastDamagedGroup[udg_ArcticBlastLoopIndex]) Custom script: set...
  8. Stork

    [Trigger] Dynamic Indexing Usage

    I've released my very first spell recently, but indeed i did use custom value (which is not allowed in hive), BP ask me to do "Indexing" instead of "Custom Value" for public releasing spell. My Custom Value ones is fine, but my Indexing currently not working (i'm not even surprised because i...
  9. Stork

    [Solved] The cast after the first cast is interrupted?

    Solved! I found out the problem and solved it!
  10. Stork

    Custom Sounds Effect

    Today i tried out to use AnimLookups.slk and AnimSounds.slk and of course i wrote all the needed custom sound information in there. I changed the path of those 2 slk to UI/SoundInfo/AnimLookups.slk and UI/SoundInfo/AnimSounds.slk and my custom sounds still not work at all, still being muted...
  11. Stork

    Making a stereo become 3D Sound?

    The tittle shows all what i need. Is there any way to make stereo wav sound become 3D? i found that in war3editor, the sound which only has 1 channel can become a 3D sound (1 channel means mono sound) But here is a problem, some of the sounds (not from game), in this case the Sun Strike...
  12. Stork

    System Request

    Like the title: i do request/need a system called shockwave/Crushing Wave/Carrion Swarms system, which means damaging units in a line but not from the original ability, i can add effect like stun/slow/ensnare etc... to this so it will become damaging units in a line and also stun/slow/ensnare...
  13. Stork

    [Model Request]

    1. Remorseless Winter. Textures: Videos For more details: From: 4:16 -> 5:16 First 15 seconds 2. Shadow Trap Textures: Videos For more details: *** Well yeah, i got all the...
  14. Stork

    Problem with JNGP?

    Here is my problem when tried to save with JNGP. I'm using 1.26a version of War3, and 2.0.7 for JNGP. I can't play that map for some reason, when i click start game, it won't work
  15. Stork

    [Model Request]

    Does anyone know how to get these models? I found them in Goblin Academy but can't get it, i don't need to get the same models in the picture but just similar to it.
  16. Stork

    [Spell Request] Sure it was 1 year ago because no one handles my spell from the request topic, So again, i bump this request again and hope will have the answer soon. Tks you guys :D
  17. Stork

    Optimizer Programs?

    I wanna ask about two of this Optimizer when use both in order to reduce map size and make the map load in just 10s. But there is a problem. When i use both Wc3 Ultimate Optimizer and SLK Optimizer (correctly used). My map seems to work well but i found that many names (Unit, buff, item's name...
  18. Stork

    [Spell] Harvest Soul Request!

    Code Type: GUI Spell Type: Hero Target Type: No Target Area of Effect: 5000 AOE Number of Levels: 1 Range: N/A Duration: 6s Damage: 100 Damage/s Mana Cost: 50 Cooldown: 40 In-game Description: Attempts to harvest the soul of all nearby enemies, dealing 100 Shadow damage per second for until...
  19. Stork

    Floating Text (GUI)

    I wonder how to create a permanent floating text and remove it manually. The system i want just like this: Show up hit point of a unit (i call it just only for a BOSS). For e.g, it has 200000 HP. the floating text 200000/200000 should be show up right above the normal hit point bar of the...
  20. Stork

    Abilities and Models Request!

    1. Shadow Trap Code Type: GUI Spell Type: Hero Target Type: Target Point Area of Effect: 250 (To activate the trap)/ 500 (the area effect when the trap explode) Number of Levels: 1 Range: 2500 (Cast Range)/ 1000 (Knockback) Duration: 60s (trap)/ 2s (Knockback) Mana Cost: 150 Cooldown: 3...