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  1. IGrimReaperI

    JFA Orpg (v2.6fixed)

    Map is pretty good, but bosses are made pretty bad... some areas have no bosses while some have 3... pretty unbalanced if u ask me... u made item type restricrion i like... but still not even half of items have this restriction whats kinda dull for me... either u make restriction or u dont... u...
  2. IGrimReaperI

    Bugged Trigger

    Min Stats Events Conditions Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions (Strength of (Triggering unit) (Exclude bonuses)) Equal to 0 (Item-type of (Item being manipulated))...
  3. IGrimReaperI

    How to [download | install | configure] JNGP

    what u mean by cnp files? and what to copy and in what folder?
  4. IGrimReaperI

    Requesting: Chicken Crest

    sorry for that, thank you for that picture, thought i ment icon crest... my bad... sry, but nvm we got our own iconiser and i belive i wont need to bag over forums like that... sorry again...
  5. IGrimReaperI

    Recruiting GUI or JASS for RPG projact

    Hi! My name is IGrimReaperI, I wanna make orpg map but making it solo would be boring, long and hard! Some mapmakers already joined this project but we agreed that we need more mapmakers, to be more specific we need Triggerer... We are working on making inventory of 8 slots right now and thats...
  6. IGrimReaperI


    nice skins but i need a bit help in adding it... can u help me?
  7. IGrimReaperI

    Requesting: Chicken Crest

    Hai peps, can u make chiken crest for me? ty for ur effort
  8. IGrimReaperI

    Daemonic ORPG

    Recruiting: Daemonic ORPG Hi! My name is IGrimReaperI, I wanna make orpg map but making it solo would be boring, long and hard! So I would like that somebody join this project, I already made start... I was developing to 2 other games, so I m not new to mapmaking. I planned part of map but I...
  9. IGrimReaperI


    can u make same for doodat? would mean alot to me!
  10. IGrimReaperI


    can somebody help me to use it? i uploaded in my wc3 i cant find it
  11. IGrimReaperI


    idk where i can fins that unit... i added it... cant ind it? its new 1 or replaced and with what?
  12. IGrimReaperI

    RoTKR ORPG V. 4.1a

    Melting Ores i cant find where i can melt ores into bars... u should explain that part beter...also are imba pro items available in new versions or only in 3.1?