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  1. Rhapsodie

    Swordmaster (hero+unit)

    That warden is def something I would love to see in the future :D
  2. Rhapsodie

    Legends of Arkain - GoldenGuard bundle

    I honestly went and check each of them couple of times, I m kinda shocked I mannage to lose track with them and let some of them with problems. Will do a re-check sorry. Hopeffuly the last one XD I just saw, is there like a tutorial on how to convert bones to helpers? I don t seem to find other...
  3. Rhapsodie

    BlackTemplar - Footman Bundle

    I plan to release 1 more model, and will upload in-game aswell
  4. Rhapsodie

    Experience/Level bug

    I did nt have any shared resources so I can assume it might have been a weird bug. apparently now it s all back to normal :D
  5. Rhapsodie

    Experience/Level bug

    Hello, It seems I have a strange bug with my exp/level Today I just saw it went from lv 27 to lv 13. On my profile if I check experience gains sometimes in only shows the Star Ranked experience and nothing else/ other times it shows I believe all experience to be gain but the lv remains unchanged
  6. Rhapsodie

    BlackTemplar - Footman Bundle

    Looks amazing, I will change to weapon to that. About the spell animation will try my best XD
  7. WIP Gunman

    WIP Gunman

    base model by the incredible Asssvi
  8. R

    Veteran Zealot Icon (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  9. R

    Veteran Zealot (Warcraft 3 Model)

  10. Rhapsodie

    Chaos Centaurs

    Fixed !
  11. Rhapsodie

    Black Templar - Grandmaster V2

    Thank you ! I m glad you like it,I will upload a variant of the model wich will feature the spiky ring aswell :)
  12. Rhapsodie

    BlackTemplar - Footman Bundle

    Thank you ! Yes , I plan to create a full faction, both units and heroes for the Black Templars
  13. Rhapsodie

    Hey man, I m sry but I don t do commisions, I have a very chaotic schedule and I don t want to...

    Hey man, I m sry but I don t do commisions, I have a very chaotic schedule and I don t want to end up not being able to honor the request. Thank you for the interest :)
  14. R

    GrandMasterHV2 Portrait (Warcraft 3 Model)

  15. R

    GrandMasterHV2 (Warcraft 3 Model)

  16. R

    MartyrSigil Icon (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  17. Rhapsodie

    BlackTemplar Bundle Icons (Icon)

    Icons made for the BlackTemplar faction
  18. R

    BlackTemplar Footman V1 (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  19. R

    Footman HonorGuard (Warcraft 3 Model)

  20. Rhapsodie

    BlackTemplar - Footman Bundle

    Thanks guys! 💪
  21. R

    GrandMaster Helmet Portrait (Warcraft 3 Model)

  22. R

    GrandMaster Helmet (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    GrandMaster Portrait (Warcraft 3 Model)

  24. Rhapsodie

    Black Templar - Grandmaster V2 (Model)

    An updated version of my first templar GrandMaster Since the style is diff and this bundle will cover more variants with the new style, I decided to leave the old one aswell in case people find it of use
  25. R

    Grandmaster (Warcraft 3 Model)

  26. WIP Remade GrandMaster

    WIP Remade GrandMaster

  27. Rhapsodie

    Swordmaster (hero+unit)

    I just came , to say great work ! The portrait and the Stand Channel is outstanding ! Adds personality to the model and stays true to the style of Wc3 Can t wait to see what other goodies you have for us !
  28. Rhapsodie

    BlackTemplar - Footman Bundle (Model)

    Inquisition - Order of the Black Templars - Footman Bundle Base model: Re-classic footman by the man himself johnwar Huge thanks to him for letting me edit his model! I will add more variants eventually!
  29. R

    BlackTemplar Footman V1 (Warcraft 3 Model)

  30. Wip2 BlackTemplar Guard

    Wip2 BlackTemplar Guard

    Huge thanks to my man JohnWar for his awesome footman model
  31. WIP BlackTemplar

    WIP BlackTemplar

    A new design for my BlackTemplar faction. Planning on remaking the GrandMaster aswell in the future
  32. Rhapsodie

    :peasant-cheers-back: my bad

    :peasant-cheers-back: my bad
  33. Rhapsodie

    Comment by 'Rhapsodie' in media 'Quiet place'

    Asta a fost facuta cu versiunea basic. De atunci mi am cumparat versiunea pro si pot spune ca m am indragostit de Inkarnate :D am cred cateva zeci de harti facute
  34. Rhapsodie

    Chaos Centaurs

    Thank you very much! I was hoping nobody will notice the extra animations, since I was lazy to clear out all the unused keyframes afterwards :))
  35. R

    ChaosLordCentaurUnit (Warcraft 3 Model)

  36. R

    ChaosCentaurWarriorUnit (Warcraft 3 Model)

  37. Rhapsodie

    Chaos Centaurs

    I m actually loving the feedback you re giving me and can only ask to keep it the same ,it helps me improve alot. And thankfull for the time you invest, glad you like them :D
  38. Rhapsodie

    Chaos Centaurs

    Sure, will do!
  39. Rhapsodie

    Chaos Centaurs

    I know the problem with the head shaker, sadly it s from the base model animation. I will try to fix it but can t know for sure if I ll mannage
  40. R

    Chaos Centaur (Warcraft 3 Model)

  41. Rhapsodie

    Chaos Centaurs (Model)

    A small pack of Demonic Centaurs. Concept inspired by various arts with chaotic centaurs and by the man himself Villagerino and his demonic pack ! Base model: Centaur Khan by @Ujimasa Hojo
  42. R

    Chaos Lord Centaur (Warcraft 3 Model)

  43. Rhapsodie

    Legends of Arkain - GoldenGuard bundle

    Thanks guys! :D
  44. Rhapsodie

    Johnwar's Models Discussion

    If you are using Ujimajas models, make sure the models are the standard optimized ones, not other variants since they will have a diff texture pathing. As to find out the path for each model you can use Magos Model editor, open the model and ,under Windows tab search for Texture Manager, the...
  45. WIP Chaos Centaur

    WIP Chaos Centaur

  46. Rhapsodie

    Mordor Great Hall

    That's a GREAT hall indeed!
  47. Rhapsodie

    BloodStone Hero FlameBreath

    Forgot about the space orc. I can t promise when but I ll look into it :D
  48. Rhapsodie

    Happy you like them, thanks! :thumbs_up:

    Happy you like them, thanks! :thumbs_up:
  49. Rhapsodie

    Legends of Arkain - GoldenGuard bundle

    The knight model still has some unused keyframes,for some reasson I can t use sanity check on the model while in .mdl format but will try to make it aswell. The other models should be ok now :)
  50. Rhapsodie

    Prince Kael'thas

    Fixed !