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  1. BaiyuGalan

    Battle for Quel'thalas 1.0.5a

    We played a few times. I think the long-range attack unit is too strong. On the contrary, melee is rarely used. You may be able to reduce the damage caused to circle of power by the units attacking from a distance. Or increase the strength of melee attack units.Good luck.
  2. BaiyuGalan

    Battle for Azeroth: Chapter 2 v0.9.2

    Will there be Chapter 3?
  3. BaiyuGalan

    Battle for Quel'thalas 1.0.5a

    You can replace the model for Arthas. He is almost identical to the death knight.
  4. BaiyuGalan

    Battle for Quel'thalas 1.0.5a

    Can I translate your map into Chinese? And upload it to the Chinese game platform for playing.
  5. BaiyuGalan

    Happy belated birthday.

    Happy belated birthday.
  6. BaiyuGalan

    Blood Elf Arcane Golem

    What a handsome model.
  7. BaiyuGalan

    Skeleton King

    Nice change. Maybe you can add a shoulder armor to make him look better.Then make changes to the weapon and shield. Especially the face.More unique.
  8. BaiyuGalan

    Town Hall (WC1)

    Could not load. You can try this.
  9. BaiyuGalan

    I'm sure you'll come back

    I'm sure you'll come back
  10. BaiyuGalan

    Orb of Chaos

    Blood mage's ball? not bad
  11. BaiyuGalan

    wochao linghuzhe

    wochao linghuzhe
  12. BaiyuGalan

    I'm looking for high elf architecture. Where can I find it?

    I'm looking for high elf architecture. Where can I find it?
  13. BaiyuGalan

    Excuse me. Are you the author of the Bloodelf and the Forsaken buildings?Why don't you upload...

    Excuse me. Are you the author of the Bloodelf and the Forsaken buildings?Why don't you upload them here?And the buildings of the High elves.
  14. BaiyuGalan

    Dwarven Buildings (Bronzebeard)

    Will the altar be renovated in the future? Its texture is contrary to other buildings.
  15. BaiyuGalan

    Skeleton Worker

    Very practical model.
  16. BaiyuGalan

    Skeleton Warriors (pack I)

    Look forward to your ranged and magic units!
  17. BaiyuGalan

    Pandaren Sage

    How many Pandaren models do you plan to make now?I think kyrbi0's suggestion is very good. You can put a hat on the back.
  18. BaiyuGalan

    I will try.

    I will try.
  19. BaiyuGalan

    Swain, The Noxian Grand General

    I remember the red hand is on the left hand...
  20. BaiyuGalan

    Hero Shado Pan

  21. BaiyuGalan

    Hero Iron Fist

  22. BaiyuGalan

    Pandaren Archer

    Rare Pandaren model. Well done.
  23. BaiyuGalan

    Hero Orc Shaman

    Cool.The halo is too big. A little smaller would be better.
  24. BaiyuGalan

    Black Templar - Grandmaster V2

  25. BaiyuGalan

    Kul Tiras Banner/Flag (Icon)

    The logo of my own kultiras maps.
  26. B

    Kul Tiras Banner/Flag (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  27. BaiyuGalan

    Black Legion Grand Admiral

  28. BaiyuGalan

    Rise of the Destroyer v1.0.2

    It looks fun
  29. BaiyuGalan

    BlackTemplar - Footman Bundle

    Good model.
  30. BaiyuGalan

    Rexxar Remar

    I will not add new actions or modify actions.But when he uses spells. The axe behind it will disappear for a while.
  31. BaiyuGalan

    Haradrim Barracks (Lotr)

  32. BaiyuGalan

    Sacrificial Altar

    Burning Legion Useful
  33. BaiyuGalan

    Footman Pack

    Highelf! So will there be versions of the Undead and Nightelf in the future?good!
  34. BaiyuGalan

    Handheld Lantern

    Great update
  35. BaiyuGalan

    Naga Merchant

    Is it different from the original goblin store?I don't see the difference
  36. BaiyuGalan

    Skeleton King

  37. BaiyuGalan

    Scourge/Fallen Battleship

    Cool. Will you do Battleship of ScarlettCrusade and Kultiras in the future?
  38. BaiyuGalan


    wow Cool.
  39. BaiyuGalan

    Maria (Nioh)

    I must say. Very good-looking.
  40. BaiyuGalan


    Like horizontal. Round.
  41. BaiyuGalan


    You can add more styles.
  42. BaiyuGalan

    Chaos Centaurs

  43. BaiyuGalan

    Sorceress Pack

    Maybe you'll make a NightElf version?
  44. BaiyuGalan

    Orc Gladiators Modified 1.27

    Ah. This is my favorite map. I found it.
  45. BaiyuGalan

    Survival Shelters

    Good update.
  46. BaiyuGalan

    Forsaken Dread Guard

  47. BaiyuGalan

    Quenching Showcase Campaign

  48. BaiyuGalan

    Core Hound

    Can you make a Void Terror?
  49. BaiyuGalan

    Dwarven Warrior Pack

    That is great! This must be your best model so far
  50. BaiyuGalan

    Dwarf Prop Pack

    It feels very modern.