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  1. Crusher

    [Spell] Reducing Ability Cooldown

    This sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't, depending on which Hero Casts which type of spell. The goal of the trigger is to reduce the cooldown on whatever the ability has been cast to current cooldown of the spell -1.5s or -3s. the 0.00 seconds is there cause if that's not inside the...
  2. Crusher

    [Crash] Consistent Map Crash on these Triggers

    Hello guys, I've been at this for about 2 months now without any improvement whatsoever. There's nothing special going on here, but whenever the Inquisitors Die In Phase Two of the Boss fight - everything goes downhill at that exact moment. Sometimes just straight up crashes the game, other...
  3. Crusher

    [General] Changing Unused Computer Name

    So this is a bit weird one. Since I do not want the computers (AI) to show up in the lobby, I decided to set Player 6 and Player 9 as Controller - None in Scenario Properties. Everything works fine since I've custom coded everything in regard to those two ''imaginary computers'' - however I...
  4. Crusher

    [Solved] call DestroyTrigger vs Turn Off

    So I've been thinking about this lately a bit too much, and I'm not sure what is the right decision. Basically I have a lot of triggers in my map that get used only once and therefore I've been using call DestroyTrigger( GetTriggeringTrigger() to get rid of them. However, I've also had some...
  5. Crusher

    Players unable to join my custom games

    I have a very weird issue that I'll try to describe as accurately as possible. PS - if this is not the right place to post this kind of thread, Moderators please move it to the proper section, thanks! So whenever I host a game on BNET, it's visible to others. What happens is: Players see...
  6. Crusher

    [Defense / Survival] delete

  7. Crusher

    [Solved] Request - Custom Health Bar Modification

    Greetings. I would like to make a simple request for this health bar, and if anyone could help me that'd be great. What I would need is really simple, but unfortunately I do not know JASS and I tried to fiddle with this for about 2 days to no avail. Request: 2 health bars (no mana bars) that...
  8. Crusher

    [Solved] Allied Hero Portraits

    I'm trying to implement in my map that I see Allied Hero Portraits and that I can interact with them them by throwing a spell or anything of that sort. One user reported to use ''Set Aspect of Alliance'' - however I tried everything but it doesn't seem to work...
  9. Crusher

    [Solved] Sound appearing on the map even after being deleted

    EDIT: Solution has been found (tldr - my mistake, lmao) So I have a weird case up my sleeve, this actually never happened to me before. I used to have an old sound in the map that I used for maybe one week or so, and after I've found a replacement for it, I naturally deleted it and imported...
  10. Crusher

    [Solved] Custom healthbar

    So Ive seen in a video such as this (around 7;20 min mark) theres a giant HP bar which displays Hp of the boss. I was wondering how is that done and is there any similar resource to use here at Hive?
  11. Crusher

    [Solved] Auto Training Units Problem

    So I'm having a bit of a difficulty sorting this out and I will try to explain it in easiest manner possible. So I have a building that can train units (soldiers, knights) and cast abilities such as Upgrade Troops (which is basically an ability based on Berserk to allow me to immediately...
  12. Crusher

    Upgrade / Research Question

    Hey yall, so I've been trying to customize a research to apply to all of player 9 enemy units but to no avail. Also what would be the best way to add research via triggers and to research it upon need? Thanks!
  13. Crusher

    Score Screen Hero Icon doesn't work

    Tried changing it by exporting a custom BTN icon and then using Button Manager via Tools, however it does not work. I've tried both bm_scorescreen-hero.tga and bm_scorescreen-player.tga and both of them are not working after I import them in my map. I tried using the following import paths...
  14. Crusher

    Weird terrain shadows bug

    So I just noticed this recently and I tried giving the ground a hill, smoothing it, setting blight on it, raising it up a little bit / decreasing it and the line still appears. What is it?
  15. Crusher

    [Solved] Model Upgrade / Animation

    There's this model that has an animation / upgrade ''Attack Upgrade Two - 1, Attack Upgrade Two - 2, Attack Upgrade Two - 3'' and I was thinking if there is any way of making that look of the unit (with 2 swords) permanent? Cause right now he has a shield and a sword, which is cool, but two...
  16. Crusher

    Changing this custom Spell

    Aye it's me again, back with another question ^^ I have a code which I downloaded from one of the Hive users and it's working absolutely fine, however once the unit starts spinning I can't cast spells, which I would prefer if I could whilst spinning. Basically this is a spell like in Dota...
  17. Crusher

    [Solved] Question related to Unit Indexing / Damage Events

    EDIT - Solution has been found, scroll down below to find it! I'm very new to this, and I'm a little bit stuck on the next thing I want to do :p As for now, I'm sure you all know that ''A unit is attacked'' event is highly abusive, and that's where my problem lies. I'm trying to use this...
  18. Crusher

    [Solved] Moving Unit Group to XY Location

    EDIT: Case closed, you can find the solution by reading the thread. Hi gang, I've been stuck on this problem of mine for a while and I guess I need help again :) What I'm trying to accomplish is that after a certain period of time, I select every unit owned by player 1 and moving them in a...
  19. Crusher

    Changing Power Tome Effect

    Hi guys, is there any way to change the effect once any Tome has been used? This is the effect I'm talking about: Also additional question - I removed every effect from mass teleport, but it still leaves a big circle on the ground, tried searching for it in buffs or effects but there is...
  20. Crusher

    [Trigger] Item System Not Working

    EDIT: Solved, Uncle found the solution as usual :P I've been fiddling with this for about 6 hours before trying to post here, but sadly I'm not able to code this one out so I will need help with it. Basically, I have a shop. The shop contains items, and if you gather 2 items of the same kind...
  21. Crusher

    Attaching Special Effect on custom ability

    I'm using this ability made by one of the Hive users and it works perfectly fine. However whenever I try to add this custom model to the position or on the unit, it doesn't properly play the animation of the added spell. I just want the bladestorm animation happening whenever counter helix...
  22. Crusher

    [Trigger] Map Randomly Crashing whilst being played Online

    EDIT: Solution found, read the end of the thread. Hello and sorry for the long thread name. Ever since few days ago (can't remember and pinpoint the exact date) my map started to freeze and eventually crash during gameplay. The weirdest thing is that the map does not crash when being played...
  23. Crusher

    [Spell] Autocast Animation on item icons?

    Is this even possible? Like I acquire xy item, and once I get it the autocast animation glow surrounds that item icon in my inventory?
  24. Crusher

    Clearing memory leaks on multiple units

    So I have an event that spawns multiple units in a certain region, however I'm not sure if this is leak proof free. The units spawn precisely as I want them to, but few people have told me whilst playing my map that they lag sometimes. What do you think of this code, is there any room for...
  25. Crusher

    [Sound] In need of an voice actor for a short Cinematic

    Hello, I'm in need of an voice actor who can do two simple lines that should be pretty easy to do if you're an native English speaker. The lines I need you can see for yourself are in example below in the video I uploaded. I did the voices myself, however English is not my native language and...
  26. Crusher

    Imported Music does not work

    I'm getting kind of tilted by the fact that I cannot use any imported music. Sounds are working fine, however as soon as I want to use custom music to go in the background for my custom cinematic, it cuts after 3 or 4 seconds and then the normal default music from xy race starts playing...
  27. Crusher

    Multiboard not working properly

    Everything besides kill count works fine, and I don't know what's the problem :( Like whenever I kill something as a player it works, but the numbers get mixed up for reasons unknown to me. For example, I get 1 kill as a red player, it works, but as soon as orange (computer 6) gets the kill...
  28. Crusher

    [Script] Simple Multiboard Request

    Hello everyone, long time no see! I'm trying to make a multiboard which lets everyone know how much creeps they've killed during the process. My map is Wave defense type of map, you basically pick heroes and build units to defend against undead armies for 30 minutes. What I would like is...
  29. Crusher

    Creating custom map preview in World editor

    I've been trying to do this but ultimately to no avail. I've seen for example that this map has it in perfect quality (Frostcraft) so I'm wondering how is this doable? Thanks for the help! PS - Ive been on this forum since 2008 but haven't visited it in like 10 years! :D
  30. Crusher

    Voice Actor in needed

    Im searching for a voice actor. Anyone interested should clearly say these words and upload it on some site. You'll be going to added in map credits and you'll receive +rep. This is what you have to say: ''Welcome to the Mini Wars. Have fun and visit official forum for more information.''
  31. Crusher

    Voice Actor Needed

    Im searching for a voice actor. Anyone interested should clearly say these words and upload it on some site. You'll be going to added in map credits and you'll receive +rep. This is what you have to say: ''Welcome to the Mini Wars. Have fun and visit official forum for more information.''
  32. Crusher

    Preloading one trigger and game message issue

    I want to preload this trigger (Champion of Agility, Strength and Intelligence are spellbooks with passive abilities which are added when hero reaches level 21). Champion Mark Events Unit - A unit Gains a level Conditions (Level of (Leveling Hero)) Equal to 21...
  33. Crusher

    Shop Animation

    I have one very good idea, hope it's available to create it. When a shop sells an item, I want to create an special effect which will be released from that triggering shop (also check what the shop is, since I have t1, t2, t3, t4, t5, t6 shop) and then release some kind of missile from it to...
  34. Crusher

    Weather Mode Question

  35. Crusher

    [Cinematic] Mini Wars Teaser Enjoy watching and leave various comments here!
  36. Crusher

    Mini Wars Fan Art

    Recently, Mini Wars just got it's super duper pictures of it's players! Im sure you're going to enjoy them, leave various comments here. Download Mini Wars latest version 0.9 here. Introduction to the Game > here. Comment and rate as pleased.
  37. Crusher

    Mini Wars v0.8.2

    Map Name: Mini Wars (Latest Version v0.9) Map Type: AoS Max. Players: 4x4 Additional link: Click! Map Description (Historical) Darkness and Light have been battling for many years, finally heroes come to this land to reveal the real truth of survival. Who will prevail, who will be the...
  38. Crusher

    Mini Wars v0.8.1b

    At last, after doing a lot of updates on my project, I have released v0.8.1b! You can enjoy now in map, free to post comments and to talk about the map right here! Changelog: Added new icons (attack, siege, hero, normal, spell, pierce) Grammatics improved Changed terrain Structures hit...
  39. Crusher

    [Trigger] Problem with Floating text (In my map)

    Okay this is really weird! If I set any floating text in my map, It bugs! I don't know the reason, but here is for example on good floating text trigger which works perfectly fine, but on my map it doesn't! It displays 1st floating text, but if i do fast deny on my creep, it will display half...
  40. Crusher

    Mini Wars v0.8.1

    Version 0.8.1 is out ! A lot of changes has been done , balance , new heroes and much more! Changelog : * Added New Hero - Witch * Ability Info : Curse - Curses an enemy unit , causing the target to miss for short amount of time. Petrify - Traps the targeted unit , dealing damage over...
  41. Crusher

    [Trigger] Problem with Multiboard display (One row)

    Okay The Neutral Hostile row is completely out of function . What do I mean with this ? Well when a neutral kills a unit ( Player 12 is set as ,Neutral Hostile' ) , it doesn't display any kill or death for neutral hostile row . Any solutions? Player group players to group Events...
  42. Crusher

    Trigger spells with banish problem

    ALL of my triggered spells are not dealing damage while the victim has banish. Is there any way to deal damage while the victim is in banish effect ?
  43. Crusher

    [Trigger] Problems with trigger and random sound play!

    1st Question: I have some problem with this trigger ( Description of this trigger - This trigger is used to slow enemy hero when his hitpoints go at 20% .) But the problem is that the slow effect doesn't appear , but the trigger works fine . So I think something is messed up and if someone...
  44. Crusher

    [Trigger] Unstuck Problem!

    Unstuck Command Player Events Player - Player 3 (Teal) types a chat message containing -unstuck as An exact match Player - Player 5 (Yellow) types a chat message containing -unstuck as An exact match Player - Player 6 (Orange) types a chat message containing...
  45. Crusher

    Problem with ITEM!

    In DotA , when you purchase an item from shop , it drops near the backpack , but if you pick it , it will acquire an item and keep it in inventory . Any ideas how to do this?
  46. Crusher

    > Mini Wars 0.8b <

    Map Type: Mini AoS Max. Players: 3x3 Map Info (General): You control one hero, build him up with various items, raise magics and kill various bosses/creeps, pick up runes, type modes and much more! Map Info (Historical): Darkness and Light have been battling for many years...
  47. Crusher

    Mini Wars 0.8 By Crusher [Hero Defense]

    Hello all members of Hive Workshop! I have released 0.8 version , I guess its stable for now , there is no change log (because its very very long , I need to write 4h to take the full change log) Some short info about the map itself : Map Type: Mini AoS Max. Players: 3x3 Map...
  48. Crusher

    Exclamation mark over denied creep

    When you kill an unit , and that unit is an ally of yours ,(unit type , no heroes) it will show exclamation mark with your color , exclamation mark is over head and its floating text , ( the exclamation mark will have your color if you denied that creep ) .So how can i do this?
  49. Crusher

    How to Flash Border?!?

    Well since new DotA is released , and some of you probabbly heard about it . Well on topic When any ability is in cooldown , it changes the border to black , and when it's near to fill again , it slowly changes the border color to white . How did they manage to do that? Border - the around...
  50. Crusher

    Problem with Vexorian's Optimizer!

    I'm having a great problem with it , and I can't see any way out from this. My map (without using Vex's Optimizer) works good , but when I try to use it with Vexorian's Optimizer , I save it , then i put it in download , then when I try to launch it in game , It doesn't show me forces , it...