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  1. Warglaive91

    Blood Elf Demon Huntress

    great!! Next Blood Elf Evil Illidan pls
  2. Warglaive91

    [HD/Modeling] Illidan Metamorphosis with warglaives and animation evil illidan (no metamorphosis)

    I would like to have this model, I would use it for the campaign of a companion "Renn", for my next campaign and maps, I will give a huge one to this model, for now I would like to place it in the campaign "El destino de Akira"
  3. Warglaive91

    Nozdormu Reforged

    God job!
  4. Warglaive91

    Orgrim DoomHammer Reforged (3 versions)

    Me encantan! I love it
  5. Warglaive91

    Death Knight Mounted

    I love it thanks!
  6. Warglaive91

    Rokhan Projectile (Now Featuring Warglaive of Azzinoth!)

    next Warglaive of azzinoth pls :D
  7. Warglaive91

    QM Module props orc - decorations

    Hello! are you still working for the Quenching mod? I wait for your answer friend, thanks and greetings
  8. Warglaive91

    QM Module props orc - structures

    I'm lovin 'it! Will you keep releasing news from the quenching mod?
  9. Warglaive91

    QM Module props orc - decorations

    I'm lovin 'it! Will you keep releasing news from the quenching mod?
  10. Warglaive91

    Blood Elf Paladin

    i like it!
  11. Warglaive91

    Lich King (Reforged resolution)

    Best icon!
  12. Warglaive91

    Zar'jira Re-Reforged

    I love it! Amazing!
  13. Warglaive91

    Goblin rogue

    works! thanks
  14. Warglaive91

    Goblin rogue

    . Hello, I really liked your model, but only the potrait works and not the model, could you repair it?
  15. Warglaive91

    Tyrande Dismounted

    my favorite :D
  16. Warglaive91

    Sen'Jin Re-Reforged

    one of my favorite trolls
  17. Warglaive91

    Night Elf Assassin Female and Derivatives

    I love the killer messenger!
  18. Warglaive91

    Fallen King Arthas Unmounted

    I love this model!
  19. Warglaive91

    Mechano Spider

    i love this model, good job
  20. Warglaive91

    Gar'thok Re-Reforged

    I liked :D
  21. Warglaive91

    Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged: Exodus of the Horde

    I love this campaign! I hope you continue the other campaigns: D