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  1. DustWolf

    Živjo, ti še živiš? :)

    Živjo, ti še živiš? :)
  2. DustWolf

    ola :Đ

    ola :Đ
  3. DustWolf


    Ekscelentno, 10/10
  4. DustWolf

    Goku SS4

    he looks abit stoned XD
  5. DustWolf

    Full Conversion Map

    in my opinion, you should change the skin of the kodo fortress it stands out :/
  6. DustWolf

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Hai ;P

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Hai ;P
  7. DustWolf

    Reputation (+1): (Post) +rep for the volcom sign ;P I like volcom^^

    Reputation (+1): (Post) +rep for the volcom sign ;P I like volcom^^
  8. DustWolf


    I'd give it a 3 too I kinda don't like the hexagonical tier 3 part, could you change that?
  9. DustWolf


    wow awesome enjoy you're win also enjoy you're record I know this is grammatically incorrect but what ever I find this model neat, although I KINDA dislike the balloon, but that's just my opinion, I couldn't do something like that I give it a 4/5
  10. DustWolf

    Human Warlord

    heh this is actually good :D although, his eyes look psychotic to me >.<
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    if it had a relation to naruto then it should be approved? Oo wtf
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    Reputation: (Post) krtko ;P

    Reputation: (Post) krtko ;P
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    Pending Maps

    Uhm what about more map moderator guys? (sorry if this was already said, didn't bother to read everything)
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    Lets Count To 10.000!

    OVER 9000!!! just kidding, 2911
  15. DustWolf

    Regional Weather Effects

    yes everything works fine for now :) I'll come back later if I need anything ;P Thank you all very much for now :)
  16. DustWolf

    Regional Weather Effects

    So what is the Z start anyways? I guess it's where it appears...? Or the distance away from the terrain? Oo
  17. DustWolf

    Regional Weather Effects

    Ty need o2 :) @Operator: How can I modify it? Still searching the perfect quantities for density & starts/ends on the fog
  18. DustWolf

    Regional Weather Effects

    Thank you very much! I see no sense why you're not a moderator! You help really a lot... edit: Any tips on the density and the starts and ends? :S
  19. DustWolf

    Regional Weather Effects

    well, spoil yes, I don't know if it's called custom color or so, I want to make such an effect, so it looks like a fog (white, if it's possible) The map is gonna be full of such effects, so you might expect more annoying questions xD Thank you for your time :D
  20. DustWolf

    Reputation: (Post) Thank you for the tip :)

    Reputation: (Post) Thank you for the tip :)
  21. DustWolf

    Regional Weather Effects

    Well, I seriously doubt it will the map is quite small, and it's only for an area of the map so it's very small Oh, could someone tell me, how to spoil the vision in the game? It has to be kinda cloudy and and that possible?
  22. DustWolf

    Request: Extra Inventory

    Well, I didn't read the whole thread, but is it possible to make a backpack ITEM? so you could have an backpack in your item box, if you click on it you have six new item slots (although one would have to be used for getting out of the backpack) I think I saw that somewhere, I just don't...
  23. DustWolf

    Regional Weather Effects

    aww...sad :( is it then perhaps possible to create new weather effects? With new model imports? Oh ye, Huurka, thank you anyways :)
  24. DustWolf

    Reputation: (Post) You sir, help alot! Nicely done

    Reputation: (Post) You sir, help alot! Nicely done
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    Regional Weather Effects

    Yes Huurka, with all due respect, I know how to do that :P (I'll rep you anyways for your work, you actually deserve it, I've been lurking at the forum lately, seeing you help a lot) I think you misunderstood me, can you 'modify' the already existing weather effect? I create a blizzard weather...
  26. DustWolf

    Model help!

    Do you need to shoot out a waterfall? There is a Crushing Wave spell, for which you do not need any editing, or try the spell on the costum blizzard map 'Monotlih', with the water elementals. I hope this helped
  27. DustWolf

    Regional Weather Effects

    Good morning Hive! (it's 0:30 here :P) I've been messing around with the WE lately, today/yesterday I've decided that I'll create a mini AoS map. So, it's gonna be really basic, but that's not the point. My question is, can I modify the regional weather effects? A.k.a. add more snowflakes to...
  28. DustWolf

    kvaj zej? :D

    kvaj zej? :D
  29. DustWolf

    Worms series

    I've been playing them alot I think I tried almost all of them, even Open warfare 1 & 2 for PSP I must say I kinda like most the 3D game, Worms Forts Under Siege Just loved the castle building style
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    well besides the looks pretty awesome, that you gotta admit
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    Whats goin on

    this isn't an irc channel ffs get yourselves on msn and chat there
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    your models are pure win keep up with them or else!

    your models are pure win keep up with them or else!
  33. DustWolf

    Reputation: (Post) your models pwn mate!

    Reputation: (Post) your models pwn mate!
  34. DustWolf


    erm...dunno what to say :S this is really art, you deserve to be repped for this 5/5 keep on with these awsume...awsum...awesome! models
  35. DustWolf

    Arthas/Nerzhul merge - Lich king Arthas

    pure secks over 9000/5
  36. DustWolf

    Round hut

    wow it's nice how come you've never showed the model to me on MSN?! you little... :P nevermind :D 5/5
  37. DustWolf


    I SHALL NAME HIM... MINIME!! 4/5 coz of soggy anis, sry could not replay faster, we have a storm here and my net died :(
  38. DustWolf

    Armed Mage's not magic! IMAGINE IT'S ANIME!! xD
  39. DustWolf


    I must agree with Pyritie on this one :/ it is very nice etc. but it's mainly a reskin :(
  40. DustWolf

    5th of July

    Thank you:grin:
  41. DustWolf

    What Is Your Worst Fear?

    I really fear being alone in the house, at night, with total silence in it. We have a medium sized house, with my room in the second floor at the end of an corridor. I only fear the silence, because I for some reason get the idea that a murderer or a thief has broken in to it. At such moments...
  42. DustWolf


    wohoo today is the 5th of July and it's my 15th birthday! okay I'm done now
  43. DustWolf

    Reputation: (Post) random rep+nice avatar :P

    Reputation: (Post) random rep+nice avatar :P
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    awesome idea lol FISHFIGHT!! gonna +rep you for this xD edit: when I can wtf, I can't rep you :<
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    you have to replace the bundle of lumber model for your hero to pick it up, if you want it for such use, OR create a new item, and replace the chest model (items model) with this this is what has to be done, btw this was off topic, I said it once and I'll say it again: this place is to comment...
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    I don't know what's wrong with him, something bothers me on him...I just haven't figured out what...I'd say that the texture is a bit weird but I'm not sure :P I think the colors are just too 'alive' or wtf
  47. DustWolf

    hm, you're kinda bored these days, yes? :P anyways, good job, and keep up the good work

    hm, you're kinda bored these days, yes? :P anyways, good job, and keep up the good work
  48. DustWolf

    Samurai Dual Sword

    Can I be your friend?
  49. DustWolf

    Nordic Warrior

    It's awesome I'd give it a 5/5 But I'm not sure on one thing: would he looks better with a red beard? :P
  50. DustWolf

    Mana Orb

    hm, I didn't test it yet, but could this also be an attachment? Same question for your spell orb