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    i tried putting them all with nothing>Balrog.blp<but it didnt work ok i tried doin this>Textures\Balrog.blp<with all the blps instead of them all with nothing,and it still wont appear,will sum1 give the right paths :!: after i see him doing his stuff will a rate this model
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    i am making a map based on the show lost

    actually to do cinematics is fairly easy,"Cinematic-Cinematic on for all players" to move camera to area use "Pan Camera to <Reagion of where u want camera to pan> in 0.00 seconds"to make it follow the unit make it so it takes more than 0 seconds to get to the area,to make a unit move to an...
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    Super Hero Models Needed

    i need sum1 to make super hero models!i am qouting as wat i said in my last post,Ok i am making a kinda City of Heros type map i dont kno if its gonna be anything like the game im making it like this,u choose a hero,save the ppl,these heros have to look like real heros! so i need these...
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    Help! My campaign loads the wrong map!

    :evil: :idea: wat tha?ive already tried this and it still brings me back to the main menu ive tried Maps\MyCampaign\Map2.w3m and just normal Map2.w3m and it doesnt work :idea: :evil:
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    Help! My campaign loads the wrong map!

    y doesnt mine work?i put Maps\My Campaign\Map2.w3x and it doesnt work infact it doesnt load the map at all it just quits and goes to the main menu of wc3
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    Transporting Units/etc from map to map / Campaign Editor

    its ok only 1 problem tho,when u path where the maps load from do u load them from=C:\Program Files\Warcraft3\Maps\My Maps\Turtorial or does it already lookin wc3 OR is it on the desktop specify this!!!plus dont even make these kinds of things theres no hope ur just making fake crap that...
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    This is a really short request but can sum1 make those cars u kno with illdan,diablo,the cars with ppl in them can u make 1 with no1 in them>?so u can make it look like when sum1 gets in it change it to a car with them on top so can sum1 make the model of a car without a person on it thanks!
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    City Of Heros Idea(Poll+Whos Best Hero Out Of...)

    Ok i am making a kinda City of Heros type map i dont kno if its gonna be anything like the game im making it like this,u choose a hero,save the ppl,these heros have to look like real heros! so i need these models,Super man(when changing his color make the blue he has normal on his shirt change...
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    Loading To Next Page Doesnt Work!

    Mechon u idiot i wasnt using internet explorer i dont even kno wat i was using i just kno ir broke and now i have to get Mozilla FireFox also i kno it wasnt internet explorer that browser sucks i had it on my old computer it always was cutting out on me remember wat i said check ur...
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    Loading To Next Page Doesnt Work!

    Omg! :evil: 1 of the downloads i got from THIS website had a virus in it that stoped me from loading java script!!if the admins could plz look at all the dls and check them for viruses it would help i got virus called Trojan Text Content Killer must be new cause ive never heard of it now i...
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    how to use the spells in me map?

    Rawcode to see the rawcode in an ability while the object manager is up push Ctrl+D those 2 will let u see the rawcode for creatures :twisted: have fun muahahaahahahaha! :twisted:
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    how to use the spells in me map?

    Can sum1 post in this real quick i kno its about spells so tell me how do u get the rawcode of the spell ur editing and dont tell me to click the ability go into rawcode and view i dont understand that at all tell me if to left click or right click tell me the button u click to view the rawcode...
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    Over The Time I Joined Ive Been Thinking Of A Map To Make

    ah ok europe thats along way away from where i am lol:? anyway if hold ur tonges ive got sum1 who MIGHT be able to do the spells/triggers whatever but keep posting if u want to(more like i need u to so if he fails to respond to me whoever else responds can pick this up where he didnt start)...
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    Over The Time I Joined Ive Been Thinking Of A Map To Make

    :D good thing u can but 1 problem i dont have msn :evil: also i need u to be in Azeroth sever and able to do jass spells since the guide i got helps me at no way in hell :? and this Verioxian is a frode so if u could help it would be :twisted: helpful :twisted:so if any1 couldcould post other...
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    how to use the spells in me map?

    how do u find the raw code this is wat ive heard u do u go into abilities and left click or right click?then ur supposed to rawcode in view and i ask wtf?!tell me it in the simpliest way
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    Over The Time I Joined Ive Been Thinking Of A Map To Make

    I now have finished alot about my map!if u can make spell triggers i need to kno!
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    Over The Time I Joined Ive Been Thinking Of A Map To Make

    Got little more complete since i posted most units are complete(might add more)sum trigger spells ahve been added most of tehm dont work...(need a triggerer who knos jass to make spells or just a triggerer who can make really kick azz sweet spells)all items have icons and items are complete an...
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    Over The Time I Joined Ive Been Thinking Of A Map To Make

    Ok since i started playing wc3 it was like oh..this is all wc3 is(melee(Roll Eyes)maps)?Then came first Td i was like f*** wow!then came up till now with all these maps ive played alot edited alot but now i want to make 1 so far its pretty sweet every item has an icon so far.So if a triggerer...
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    Dwarf Spider Droid

    whoa...thats...incredibly its like so weird 5/5
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    first thing make alot more armor attachments!just take a ton of cloth from the enemy units and put make it an attachment i say u'd be the best attachment modeller here
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    Loading To Next Page Doesnt Work!

    I dont know if some one else has said this befor but i kno ive looked and found no forum bout this.When im looking at maps or models I wanna click to a diffrent page but when i click the numbers for a diffrent page it doesnt load at all...and also wen i search for Compact or the other thing it...
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    EZ Save/Load Code 4

    ...ok..i looked at the dumb save triggers over and over and i think i they all DONT MAKE SENSE!this isnt easy its hard to understand common!make sum sense into it why the crap do u have to have all the set save things?y cant u copy it to another map without it getting #@%!ed UP WHY?!?!?
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    wishing a map to be made

    well i thought here would be the place to ask for a certain map to be made...ive got the songs for it the title but the game i want to put into Wc3 stile maps is called "Morrowind" i loved the game forever and the songs sothe the soul so i was wondering if sum1 could make a map about Morrowind.i...
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    VGame V4.62

    one of the best rpgs ive ever played ohh..1 thing I LOVE ZERO lol well hes awsome thro all games big megaman fan lol the covenant are a little to heavy thro i played with a full house and the covenant killed us ALL! yes we did have Mc with us and Link and Mario and Cloud and more we died...all...
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    how exactly do u make the dirt usable in maps?
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    make one of these a taunren holding a HUGE one that would be 1:hallairous 2:it would look kinda like astroroth and btw if u could make a astreroth model using a modified huge axe it would be sweetness all over agian 5/5
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    sweetness i love that game now just get sum kick azz spells to go with him 5/5
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    very nice 5/5
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    hes a nice little model but im pretty sure it could go better like square box sholder pads like the real Zero..see if u can make his attack go top right of him to bottom left of him and i have to say it looks like a 3/5 to me! :)