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  1. Anglefires

    Survive...In the desert

    There's a problem with your map. What model file are you using for the food items? Make the food items bigger, because with the uneven (not flat) ground, sometimes you can't click on the food because the ground covers it (but you can select it by drag-selecting). In the picture, I couldn't...
  2. Anglefires

    Naruto Shippuuden - Way of a Ninja

    Found a bug... Sasuke's Chidori Eisou can push people through walls, as well as into deep water, leaving them unable to move.
  3. Anglefires

    Adwanced Marine Light

    Nice model. Could come in handy. What is Spell First supposed to be...?
  4. Anglefires

    Zombie Forest Survival 2.5

    Map meant to be played on multiplayer. Some people might want to talk and chat before leaving the game... There used to be no bases and the people had to defend themselves by building a base out of barricades. This was too hard unfortunately, so I just placed 4 bases around the map. was...
  5. Anglefires

    Thievery Campaign (Levels 1 - 6)

    Hey! :) Guess what. In the second level there was an annoying Militia Elite that wouldn't move (he was supposed to be patrolling)! I wasn't paying attention, so I didn't notice it was a Militia Elite. I used stealth then i hit him and used opportunity, but it said "Immune!", so I ran away...
  6. Anglefires

    Zombie Forest Survival 2.5

    Did you know if you try to shoot a fellow marine, a chicken will be glued to your head? EDIT: Updated the description.
  7. Anglefires

    Zombie Forest Survival 2.5

    If you want info on the special zombies, you can go to the special zombie info page on the ZFS website. Here's the link --->
  8. Anglefires

    Zombie Forest Survival 2.5 (Map)

    Zombie Forest Survival (ZFS) v2.2 Play as one of the ten marines trapped in a dark forest. Survive 30 waves of zombies by barricading yourself in one of the four bases around the map. At the start of the game, you will have 3 minutes to choose a base and build there. There are 8 special...
  9. A

    Zombie Forest Survival 2.5 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  10. Anglefires

    Left 4 Dead: Red Village

    Still don't have a witch model? I was thinking of attempting to make a model, but I suck so bad at creating models. Seriously. Take a look at this. Yeah, sucks doesn't it?
  11. Anglefires

    Left 4 Dead v0.39

    Lol, when i played, about 4 hunters came and started beating me up on the first time i played. Couldn't move. XD oh yeah, and try making the hot-keys the Q,W,E,R,T keys? it will be easier to manage. Boomers don't puke and Hunters don't pounce? :O Tank looks ugly. Smokers don't wear hoods, just...
  12. Anglefires

    Demi-Lords VS. BroodLords1.3b

    Write something in the quest log maybe about how to play and stuff because I don't get how to play. And how do broodlords get lumber?
  13. Anglefires

    Disaster Strikes - Delta [0.05]

    It's kinda' hard... I can't find a good spot to build a base. Also, in my opinion, the time before the next type of creatures appear is too short. Maybe you could extend it? Oh, and the trees block my view so I can't tell if there's a gap in the wall.
  14. Anglefires

    Mage Arena 1.06

    Great map. It's awesome. It's a nice arena map, not too big, not too small, and the abilities are good. Had fun playing it (I killed a lot of people in a row). However, the Fire Bolt's aim is a bit tricky as sometimes it flies over the place where you chose to hit and sometimes it hits where you...
  15. Anglefires

    Legendary Bosses: The 3 Gods (v3.2)

    Great map, fun to play. Although, its a bit hard without 5 players. Anyway its fun but I found this weird bug. After going into the duel area in the forest, I (as well as another person) could walk through walls, boundary and obstacles, like I was a flying unit. I took a picture of it, incase...
  16. Anglefires


    NONE of it (besides the border) is copy and pasted. All was made freehand. Anyways, its like my first icon. I'll work on it, I know it sucks. Thanks for the criticism. =P
  17. Anglefires

    BTNMedKit (Icon)

    I was planning on making a map, and I needed a medkit icon, so I looked for some on the Hive Workshop, but didn't find anything that suited what I was looking for, so I decided to make my own. First actual proper icon I made. All of it was made freehand in GIMP Photo Editor, without copy and...
  18. A

    BTNMedKit (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  19. Anglefires

    Left 4 Dead: Red Village

    I don't know if you have fixed this yet, but if you get puked on by a Boomer, your portrait will disappear and you cannot see the descriptions for items and abilities anymore. I don't know if you found and fixed the place where I got stuck at but incase you have not, this is where I think it is...
  20. Anglefires

    Left 4 Dead: Red Village

    Awesome map. I got very far, but I couldn't continue because a Tank knocked Zoey into a spot where you can't get out, so I could not get all of the people to the safe room. :( But I think this map is awesome and its very fun.
  21. Anglefires

    Character Portrait?

    When I want to add a portrait to a unit with no portrait, I use the Magos Model Editor. In case you don't know how to add portraits with the Magos Model Editor, here's how. First, open the editor, then open the mdx file you want to add a portrait to. Go to Windows, then select Animation...
  22. Anglefires

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Helpful tutorial. =]

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Helpful tutorial. =]
  23. Anglefires

    Naruto: SShowdown v1.15B

    Are you adding more characters?
  24. Anglefires

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Nice map.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Nice map.
  25. Anglefires

    Reputation (+1): (Post) cool castle crashers model :)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) cool castle crashers model :)
  26. Anglefires

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Helped me alot :)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Helped me alot :)
  27. Anglefires

    Hello, Ogre_Bob. =]

    Hello, Ogre_Bob. =]
  28. Anglefires

    Thievery Campaign (Levels 1 - 6)

    Never mind, I won the whole campaign already. Got stuck a few times, but I can't remember exactly where I got stuck. Either way, still a great campaign. Hope you make more. =]
  29. Anglefires

    How do I make Illidan fly? -Noob question

    Go to this link >>>>, then download map, open it, then copy the Illidan (Evil) and Illidan Metamorphosis (custom unit) and paste it in your map. Then, copy the custom metamoprhosis ability and paste in your map. Then you should be done.
  30. Anglefires

    Thievery Campaign (Levels 1 - 6)

    Awesome campaign. The first and second level are fun, but the fourth level I'm not sure, because I'm stuck at the third level, hehehe. Either way, had fun playing the campaign. I'd rate 4/5. -1 because it still can be improved and there are a few bugs which could be fixed. =]
  31. Anglefires


    That's awesome. I think it will be useful. :)
  32. Anglefires

    Comment by 'Anglefires' in media 'Rust Warrior'

    Looks awesome. The armour colour makes it look old and rusted which makes it look awesome and more undead-ish. Sword's awesome too.
  33. Anglefires

    The Ultimate Fight

    Nice! Enjoyed watching it. Effects were good. The spelling and grammar aren't done correctly at some parts, but that isn't so important anyways. I loved it! Music was good. Make another one? 4/5 :)
  34. Anglefires

    Pokemon Legends

    I released a Psyduck when it was far away, and then the option that says "Psyduck" when you choose a pokemon in a battle has been replaced with "L0" and I cannot capture a pokemon in that space and it cannot be healed or released. :P
  35. Anglefires

    War3 Model Editor

    Can't open it, I dunno whats wrong.
  36. Anglefires

    Wanted! Open BETA

    Awesome game. Love the music. Nice custom models. Although, tornado chasing you gets a bit annoying, and some characters are really useless when it comes to fighting certain other people. Anyway, still love the map, had fun playing it. But I think it was a little small, and respawns are too...