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  1. ap0calypse

    Protect the House Frontpage

    A group of fans, beta testers and editors who support the map Protect The House. Members:ap0calypse chilla_killa Doom_AngeaL drakexx FriendlyHost garg39 Poppy RaijinSpark whichlich Zeatherann
  2. ap0calypse


    - Aeronauts - (pre-development) Idea Factory thread: Map only Sky Note: If you've got any comments on the lay-out please say so! I want to make this as readable as possible (without too many colors) General Ideas: Aeronauts will become a map featuring RPG- and LoaP-elements, taken...
  3. ap0calypse

    Player Color

    Hello hivers When I was trying to finish a map I started a few months ago, I noticed a problem: the units I create don't take on the owner's player color, but 'always' take Red's color. At first I thought it had something to do with the object data (Art - Team Color), but it's set to "Match...
  4. ap0calypse

    WEU map unopenable

    Yeah, I know... WEU sucks, no need to tell me, I just used it many years ago and now I've got a problem with it. I just received a PM from someone to unprotect a map of mine, because it couldn't be opened. I though that was kind of weird (since I never protect my maps), so I checked it out...
  5. ap0calypse

    Simple GUI Trigger failing

    Hello there, I am having some problems with a trigger and I just cannot figure out what's wrong with it... Trigger Info: The trigger should create a unit for light blue, which then casts wind walk and runs towards the end. I have tested the trigger several times, ran into a few problems...
  6. ap0calypse

    [JASS] Code / Codestack (vJass)

    Hey, I am wondering what the variables "Codestack" and "code" are for. I've never heard of it, or seen it before... public method register takes code c returns nothing set .stackCode = CodeStack.create(c, .stackCode) set .stackCode.taInlet = TriggerAddAction(.trigInlet, c) set...
  7. ap0calypse

    [JASS] Triggered Chain Lightning

    Hey, I was working on a completely triggered chain lightning, where you can upgrade the number of targets, damage, damage reduction and mana cost, but it doesn't work. I'm a JASS-noob and still willing to learn more, but I need your help for that ;) This is my code: function...
  8. ap0calypse

    [GUI/JASS/vJASS] Detecting Height

    Never mind, found the answer myself - remove thread. Damn, easier than I thought -.-
  9. ap0calypse

    Dentothor Vs. (Place Name Here)

    You're lucky that demons are my specialty, but I've already done my challenge... according to the rules, I may not challenge again for another month :( Well, that's not all that bad... I'm not really in the mood for it :p
  10. ap0calypse

    [JASS] First JASS-spell ever (newb-question)

    Hi, I've been learning JASS for... 2 and a half days now and thought "hey, let's create a spell". I didn't want to create anything fancy, so here is the idea: Spell Idea: When a certain AoE-ability is cast, every enemy unit inside that AoE will be hit by storm bolt. As the level of the...
  11. ap0calypse

    [Trigger] [Unsolved] Hide/Show Multiboard

    Hi, Story leading to the problem: I was creating my own system to show equipment in a multiboard (since I will only create the base items, the enhancing/enchanting will happen via triggers). Since there aren't going to be real items that the hero carries, I need to add the description in...
  12. ap0calypse

    The importance of a Description

    The Importance of a Description 512 Index: Description on the Hive Why waste time on a description? What should I add/avoid in a description? How can I make my description appealing? In-game Description Why add a description in-game if I have one on the hive? What should I...
  13. ap0calypse

    Alpha channel is white in-game

    Hey, I am 'trying' to create a new GUI for one of my maps, but the alpha channel is white in-game. I am sure the alpha channel is set to "none", so it shouldn't be there. I have extracted the files from the Image Extractor Tool (to know the size of the images), created the textures with...
  14. ap0calypse

    Tree model doesn't show in-game {but it shows in the world editor}

    Hey, I wanted to clear up the terrain of the first map I've ever made, so I've used some custom trees, but they do not show in-game. Even though I can see them in the editor, I can only see shadows of the places where there should be a tree. It's about these models: HTTree Hexagon Fat Pine...
  15. ap0calypse

    Save/Load System

    Hi, I'm currently creating a map (Doomraiders ORPG) and I have tried 3 different Save/Load systems, but none of them worked, though I had installed them correctly. Someone else already checked the save-code, but couldn't find anything that wasn't right. Now I need a complete new...
  16. ap0calypse

    Buy System

    Hi, I was searching for a Buy-System that when you use lumber as 1000g, but you don't have any money leftovers, your lumber will change into gold? e.g.: If I have 214 Gold and 2 Lumber and I want to buy something worth 800g, that your lumber will change into 1000 Gold, so you buy the item and...
  17. ap0calypse

    Weapon Glow Effect

    Hi, can someone please create a weapon glow effect? I need it for Item Quality: the better the weapon, the cooler te weapon looks (E.G.: if you add Special effect "DragonHawkMissile" (Units - Missiles) onto a unit's attach point "weapon" then your weapon looks way cooler, but it's only...