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    [Trigger] Help with a Simple Problem

    All I want to do is have the player enter a chat message, which gets saved as a string variable. I've tried to find a way to do this, but it never works. The way I currently have it in my map is: Event -> Player 1 Red enters a chat message containing (empty string) as a substring Action...
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    Two More Modelling Questions

    First of all, how do you make a model file semitransparent, without using the "Set Vertex Color" trigger. I've tried looking at the Archmage Ghost model file in Notepad, and I can't see the difference from the regular Archmage. Second of all, where in a .Mdl document opened in wordpad can I...
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    Simple Model Question

    I'm making a specially posed corpse model out of the Male Villager. Now that I've posed it in the Vetrex Editor, I want to make it so that it dosn't move at all (And remains in the same shape that I put it in). In other words, how do I give it an animation that looks like that "unanimated"...
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    What is the most ridiculous post you can remember?

    Or, to be more precise: What it the stupidest, most immature, and generally noobiest post you've ever seen on this site? We seem to get a lot of them here, and, annoying as they are, they can be absolutely hilarious when read in good spirits. So, lets have a little fun at the Noob's expense...
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    Can't get it to work....

    I'm making an RPG map, and I'm stuck in one area. There's supposed to be a "puzzle" with a room full of rotating pipes, and when the pipes are all lined up properly, the puzzle is completed. Whenever the hero attacks a pipe, it rotates 90 degrees counterclockwise (This is done with a trigger...
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    Cookie's Models

    I'm attempting to get my hands on all of Cookie's models. So far I have: - Ancient Dragon Lord - NWN Beholder - NWN Demon Spider - Fire Beetle - Goblin Blaster - Goblin Blitzer - Goblin Chem Tank - Tiki Ice Mage I know that I still don't have the Dwarven General, the Dracolich, or the...
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    SKIN- Zombie Crocodile

    I need a skin for an undead crodile, based off of the Snap Dragon model. It should look like a crocodile, not a snap dragon (Would be great if you could alpha out the gills and tail fins). It'd also be good if it could be done in a style similar to MrPsycho's. (It would be best if he did it...
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    Problem w/ AOS map Neutral Armies

    I'm having a problem with an AOS style map that I'm working on. I have 2 neutral players with completely equal armies that spawn at the same time, giving both players absolutely equal forces. But the second player always beats the first. What are the possible reasons for this?
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    Can someone make a new backpack spell?

    I need a new backpack item-spell for my map, but none of the ones on this site work for me. I don't like the dialogue sytem for darky's dimensional bag, the fullscreen inventory looks cool but is too complicated, and I can't implement the Drag-&-Drop backpack system (Best one) for my map. Could...
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    Spell Ideas: Doomlord

    I need ideas for a hero called the Doomlord. It is a melee combat based hero, like the Tauren Chieften. I already have 1 passive ability, so I need 2 non-passive abilities and an ultimate. Creative would be good, but I'm not that good at making spells so don't make them really hard to make.
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    Spell Help: Heart of Ice

    I need help with a spell that I'm making called Heart of Ice. It should be based on Avatar because it has some similar effects: Heart of Ice: When Heart of Ice is activated, the hero recieves 15 bonus armor and spell immunity (From Avatar). Any melee unit that attacks the hero will have its...
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    Help! Whenever I open WinMPQ, it crashes and says something about the link being wrong! Whats wrong?
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    I need a Squiddie!!!

    I kind of need a Squiddie (Sentinel) model, from The Matrix. I know it'd be kind of hard to do, but it would be great if someone could make it.
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    Map Description

    How do I add a description to a map that i'm about to submit?
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    One of the spells in my altered melee map seems a little too powerful, but I need opinions. It's a hero's ultimate ability called "Scourge" and here's what it does: 125 mana, 60 second cooldown. When used it dispells all magic in the playable map area and deals 1000 damage to every summoned...
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    Kobold Building Model/Skins

    I need as many models/model skins of Kobold buildings as possible. All buildings must have: - A portriat camera - A death animation I would also apprecite it if you could make a: - Stand Work anim - Birth anim Some sapmle names to go on would be: - Mushroom Farm (Food) - Bat Cavern...
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    Goblin Blitzer+Blaster?

    Are there actually model files to go with the numerous icons called "Goblin Blitzer" and "Goblin Blaster"? If there are, where do I get them?
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    Simple Caster Icons Needed

    I need some simple caster Icons for various casters. - Caster Icon with Cluster Rockets art. - Caster Icon with (Any) Potion art. - Caster Icon with Web art. - Caster Icon with Crushing Wave art. Help would be appreciated and credited.
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    Creep Race Poll

    Im working on something sort of like RCW, but with more race options. Which creeps would be the best?
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    Creep Models

    I need some model files for a project. If you submit, you will get credit. - Nerubian Altar (RoTd Style) - Dragon Altar - Bronze Dragon Whelp with Stand/Work/Walk/Attack Gold anims - Green Dragon Whelp with Stand/Work/Walk/Attack Lumber anims - Clockwerk Goblin with Stand/Work/Walk/Attack...
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    Unusual Modlel Request

    I need the following (Unusual) models/skins for an RPG. If you submit any, I will give credit: - Orangutan (Carrying Books if Possible) - Female Footman with Hero Glow (No Helmet) with morph anims for a wolf + Dissipate Anim - Blood Elf Lieutenant with Hero Glow + Dissipate anim...
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    Mind Worm Pet

    What map do you find the mind worm pet in? There so many bugs I think I missed it.
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    Major bugs in map 6

    In map 6 I noticed several major bugs that really destroyed the game. First, I was killing creeps along the Kalimdor coast for about 10 minutes when a cinematic with an owl being sucked into a whirlpool started :? ! Was this supposed to happen? Second, I was stuck in a Lordaeron area with only...