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    Harvest Moon: Changing times

    havent got anything to do from you, darkhorde said something, that id dint understand
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    Harvest Moon: Changing times

    Yes, thats what i hope that the map will become, and thats why i want help with it, all i need now is modellers, skinners, cinematics and maybe a co-triggerer. Someone that is good at drawing would also be very welcomed, because i want to make a map over the place, and a loading screen that is...
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    Harvest Moon: Changing times

    Im making a map called Harvest Moon: Changing Times. I dont wanna write all that i wrote on wc3campaings so you can check it out here: replies can go at this forum!
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    mostly recolor...
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    Immortal Legends

    srry, i didnt understand the question!
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    Immortal Legends

    hehe, maybe.... but we live so faaaaar away from eachother....
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    Map Making Clan!

    okay, for the record, map making clans are doomed to fail, the only one that didnt, was clan map... but now they have withered!
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    then it would make it a model....
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    Triggerer for hire!

    nah, im not for hire anymore! but am hiring! me, elfwarfare and pins are making a steampunk project! need modelers! think ur good enough? send me a message! btw we need sci-fi models, monsters, bandits and so on! total reconversion!
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    thats nice!
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    well, you just hit the spot there, its me, pins, elfwarfare and some others who is making this map! and what you have against filter? i wont use my time, making dots all over!
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    ill try keep em comming :D but i lack of ideas! anyone has any ideas for a tileset or any other skin i could do? apreciated!
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    yeah, im glad its usefull :D me and some buddies are making somewhat a wasteland map, so its VERY usefull for us!
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    oh thanx :D
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    well, youll see when the map comes :D
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    SteamPunk_Sand (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    SteamPunk_Sand (Texture)

    Made for a steampunk idea map... Enjoy :) Keywords: steampunk, sand, tiles, tile, tilesets, tileset, desert
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    Triggerer for hire!

    Higly profesionall triggerer for hire, dont want any jobs there its only noob triggering, neither i will work with jass... need help? post here!
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    thats a, uhm, SKIN?!
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    bad idea, ugly looking, 2/5 for effort and animations
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    Sangor's History - Darkness Revealed

    Sangor's History Darkness Revealed Story: Several hundred years ago... In a time of darkness and war... The world was split into several kingdoms... And the rulers of these empires, out of greed and selflessness, waged war against each other... A war where only the poor and the...
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    NICE MODEL, but cant be used in wc3 because of high poly so i give it 3,5/5
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    Ocr Warlord

    4/5, since its toooo many polys...
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    well, dont see any differece... lol
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    NICE NICE NICE, this is what i call a SKIN :D
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    NiCe :D 5/5
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    oh nice :D 4/5
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    for thoose who wants... ive made an icon for it :
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    need a new skin, then its cool :D
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    Ffs This Is Nice!!!! 5/5
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    oh, this might be usefull 5/5
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    Well, make it fatter! 2/5 for now
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    Dark_Flag (Texture)

    I made this for a campaing im helping out with called : A Shroud of Darkness.. hope you like this one, its my first skin :) Keywords: Dark, flag, undead, black, shadow
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    Dark_Flag (Warcraft 3 Texture)