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    Look for players - RAGOS orpg

    I'm back after a long break on wc3, and i found a game i liked a lot years ago : ragos ORPG. I'm looking for players to clear it (this time :p) Lasts maps are damn hard, and since i've never been able to clear the whole game, here i am ! Let me know if you're interested, you can be new to ragos...
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    [Trigger] Trigger leaking like hell

    Hi, i'm wondering why my trigger is leaking, as i'm destroying groups and locations. Is it the fact i use "Unit-type" in my conditions ? H Demo follow Events Conditions Actions For each (Integer A) from 1 to 10, do (Actions) Boucle - Actions...
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    [Trigger] Trigger to show leaks ?

    Hi everyone ! I just tested my project on local with my bro. My computer has no lag while his one have about 1 image per 5 seconds :p I must admit he got a really old one, but as he can play on some other maps i wonder if my map has leaks. I remember that someone posted a trigger which...
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    [Crash] Can't open my map on WE

    Hi everyone ! I think i created a wrong Custom script: call RemoveLocation (udg_PointTemp1) Trigger (forgot a character or something like that) Thing is i saved my map, WE crashed, and now i can't open it anymore... My last test were long time ago, did a lot of work since it, i would like...
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    [Trigger] Die master ! I don't wanna Order - Stop !

    Hi everyone ! I am front of a huge problem : In my map, some spells have to be stoped in some cases, so i use a Unit - A unit Starts casting a spell event, and after checking conditions, a Unit - Order (Triggering unit) to Stop trigger. It worked well, but today units don't want to...
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    [Spell] Morphing - some questions

    Hi everyone ! I'm making an orpg, and i'm about to make the Druid class. I want him to have multiple morphing spells (like : bear, wolve, tree,...) I remember a year ago, i tryed the same thing on another map and had some bugs. So before making it, i wanna know a few things. - Is it...
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    [Trigger] Map's triggers bug

    Hi everyone ! I am making a orpg, and at the moment scripting different heroes. I have a bug now, i'll try to explain it : When i test or just launch the map on war 3, it seems like some of my triggers don't work anymore. Moreover, after leaving, the game crash and i must press ctl + alt +...
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    Gold system of legion TD ?

    Hi, i'm making a map in which i need to add the same (or near) system used in legion TD war : In each rounds, units owned by a player are given to a computer controler, but when one of these kill another unit, the player get the gold, and see the gold bonus (as if units were still controled by...
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    Two little questions :)

    Can we rotate an unit in any direction ? (For example could an unit do a backflip ?) - > In jass or GUI. Can a trigger detect when a player clik on the icone of an ability ? Without using it. Thanks ! Exum
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    Detect hotkeys ?

    Hi, i was wondering about something : Is there any way to detect when a player press a hotkey ? (like the arrows) Without making a spell / selling a dummy unit / ... (As i make maps where heroes have more than 7 spells, and as nobody likes spellbooks :/) Thanks, Exum
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    Fatal error is my friend

    Hi, i'm making a map with a lot (not exessiv) of special effects, triggers, & spells. While testing my map with players (compt or real) we all have a fatal error crash. Thaught it was because of leaks, i removed all, and it still bug. Someone have an idea from where comes this error ? Or...
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    Removing leaks of special effects

    Hi, i'm removing all leaks of special effects in my map but i have a problem with the Flamme Strike one, i'm doing like this : Special effect - Create a special effect at PointSpecialEffect using Abilities\Spells\Human\FlameStrike\FlameStrike1.mdl Special effect - Destroy (Last created...
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    Question about droping item

    Hi, i'm making a map, and i want the heroes cannot drop items, but that they can sell these. How to do this ? Tryed on the items : Can be dropable = FALSE, but then heroes can't sell these. I searched a way in triggers to take again an item when a hero drop it, but can't find the solution...
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    Slowing an unit with a trigger (+Buff)

    Hi, i want to make a new frost spell (based on the frozen orb of diablo 2). I know one spell like this has already been created on the hive workshop but it is in jass, and i want to make my own one :) So here is my question : how to slow units (with buff) with a trigger ? (In GUI)...
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    [Trigger] How to fix leaks in this spell ? (GUI)

    Hello i'm trying to fix leaks in this trigger but i'm blocked : Lightning Events Unit - A unit casts a spell Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Lightning Actions Set PointLightning = (Target point of ability being cast) Set...
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    How to counter MH users ?

    Hi, while creating my map i wondered about a trigger kicking automaticaly Map hack users (I am a dota player, and i see that when a player using MH is in a game, he can totaly ruins it). So here is my real question : how does map hack work ? If it reveal all map i thaught about a trigger...
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    Fatal error & warcraft 3 crash

    Hi, my brother and me are creating maps, using triggers in GUI (we don't understand JASS at the moment :p). While testing my brother's map, his warcraft 3 stops without any error message. It is always at the same place, where a trigger like this is used : Déclencheur sans titre 003...