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  1. Extarz

    [Trigger] Rot

    1)I'd like to know how the Rot Pudge (from DotA) uses is made. I suppose it's original spell is the Night Elf ability Immolation and a dummy with slow aura. But how do I make Pudge lose the HP, is it triggered? And how to I make the slow effect appear on the targets, because it won't work if I...
  2. Extarz

    Removing heroes from Tavern (DotA) / Double-Damage runes

    Hi there, I just want to know the following 2 things: I made a tavern with a bunch of heroes. I want that, when a player picks a hero, that hero is removed from the tavern and that player canot see the remainder of heroes. Just like DotA for instance, once you pick your hero, you cannot pick or...
  3. Extarz

    [Model]Loading Screen

    Intro: I've looked through the loading screen which THW provides so far, but none of them seem to fit what I need. Project: I'm in need of a loading screen for a map in which several mech scorpids fight one another. Request: Loading screen containing robot scorpions fighting. Here's a...