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    The Lost Ones V.2

    The Mana Salve from the Survival Den gives health instead of mana, also the spell Vest from Psychic heals mechanical units as well, idk if that's intentional.
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    Chronicles of the Second War: Tides of Darkness Demo

    Is this still being worked on?
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    Scarlet Crusaders V.3

    AMAI is Advanced Melee Artifical Intelligence (a mod that makes the computer smarter). On the map that comes with the race, it starts immediately. If I export the race to other default maps, it starts at the beginning when I'm about to creep after I made my hero and 2 soldiers, it always starts...
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    Scarlet Crusaders V.3

    When playing with AMAI, the game lags then crashes
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    Nightborne v1.05B

    When using AMAI with this race, the game lags and then crashes
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    Custom Races/Faction

    Will you make so the AI can play with the custom races? Also, when playing with AMAI, the game freezes then crashes.