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    [Trigger] Help with a Simple Problem

    Thanks, Mini-Me. That works perfectly.
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    [Trigger] Help with a Simple Problem

    All I want to do is have the player enter a chat message, which gets saved as a string variable. I've tried to find a way to do this, but it never works. The way I currently have it in my map is: Event -> Player 1 Red enters a chat message containing (empty string) as a substring Action...
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    Wierd site....

    Appearantly it was a social experiment, designed to test the internet's reaction to a site with an unknown and somewhat sinister purpose. It looks like we failed, appearantly some people thought it was everything from terrorists to the end of the world. :roll: There was a page up...
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    Do Aliens Exist??

    That's just stupid. So you're saying, if aliens do exist, they will be less technologically advanced than us and nonsentient? But what about evolution? If a species has been around longer than us, it will probably be more advanced. Unless, of course, you're one of those morons who believes...
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    About 3DMax

    3Ds Max is a professional art tool. You can't just download it. Unless you have $650 spare on your hands, I'd suggest that you try downloading some of the simpler modelling tools on this site.
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    April fool's joke

    Har har har. :roll: Like the other guy said, this is a particularly feeble attempt to cover up for yourself. Take some responsability and own up to your mistakes next time.
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    World editor crack plz

    Erm, one problem. -> CRACKS ARE ILLEGAL. <- :shock: Never thought of that, did you? Buy the game, you stingy bastard.
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    Who ever doesnt need a disc to play warcraft 3 plz ream me

    Re: omg No... It's called an "accident". :lol:
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    Who ever doesnt need a disc to play warcraft 3 plz ream me

    You have no idea how long I've wanted to use that one. But, seriously. I had a job and a stable income when I was thirteen. I also had enough common sense not to break my games when I was thirteen. I also had a good enough education to write grammatically correct sentances when I was...
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    Fix Link To: SlaanKingNew model

    Re: --> Hmm, which is easier: 1. Assuming that people are always out to get you and make smart-ass remarks about your perfectly reasonable request. 2. Accepting that I might have been actually trying to help you ( :shock: ) and I never considered the fact that you didn't know what TToR...
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    Extreme Jokers Cinematic

    Whoa! Calm down there. The only one who actually insulted you cinematic here was eggy, and everyone knows his opinion is worthless. The other guys just said it was "Sad" and had "Good Action". Why are you taking offence at this when you said yourself that it wasn't that funny? I'll download...
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    Flaming Boulder for Catapult

    Actually, we're both right. You can use the volcano missile if you want to, but it is more of a jagged and irregular rock than the model with the path that I gave you. The burning rock missile is rounder, so it just depends on what you want the missile to look like.
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    Flaming Boulder for Catapult

    *Sigh* No, he was listening to you. You just weren't listening to him. I know that there is a big flaming spiked ball model in the world editor, but there is also a big flaming rock. It's hidden, but if you took the time to notice, there is a list of hidden models at the top of the model...
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    Model missing

    So, you stole two resources from other users and put them together, and somehow that makes the combination your property? Have you even looked at the site rules? And can't you even do anything better than a simple mix of other people's work? Just answer this: There's nothing to the model but...
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    MODEL NEEDED!!!!!!!!

    You know, posting in all Caps and adding hundreds of exclamation points behind your post is not going to get people to do your request.
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    Icon on hero missing, how to fix?

    There's nothing you can do. "Tornado Slow Aura" is one of those spells that never shows an icon because its not meant to be seen. To fix this, you need to do some triggering. First, make a passive dummy spell (Like an aura with no effects), give it the right name and information, and add it to...
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    Chaos Models

    Mecheon, what if it dosn't need to be a farseer? What if he just wants it to be a cool mounted Fel Orc with a hammer? Then it doesn't go against continuity. Soulfish, you should check the resources here more carefully before you request. There's already a very high quality skin for Thrall...
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    Fix Link To: SlaanKingNew model

    Why bother getting someone to update the model when you can just extract it from the TToR MPQ? :roll:
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    Descending Thunder Emperor Hamon

    It's a little bit of a stretch saying that "People who request 20 models always get them done". Hardly anyone in this forum gets their request completed, so it's not like people are being ridiculous here. A tip: finish whatever project you're working on without the model, then request it...
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    Mounted Archer!!

    Are you sure that you're logged in? The link to download it should be right under the main topic. If you still can't find it, I can email you the model and the skin. :wink:
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    help with some abilities

    That won't work, Ramza. He said that he wants it to move with the hero. I don't know how to do that, but one of Vexorian's old maps had a Thunder Storm style spell that did the same thing. I can send you the map and you can replace the lightning with the starfall effect if you like. But its in...
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    Mounted Archer!!

    You have to be a member of the Hubb before you can download models from it.
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    Ingame videosnap

    You can probably use FRAPS. It can record AVI video segments from any game using DirectX. I'm not sure if Warcraft uses DirectX, but you should give it a try.
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    Two More Modelling Questions

    Yes, it does help. Well, the part about adding transparency does. But I'm still having a little trouble finding how to remove attatched models- I searched for "Path" in the mdl in Wordpad, and it said it couldn't find it. Is there any way to delete attatched models with Magos' Model Editor...
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    Two More Modelling Questions

    First of all, how do you make a model file semitransparent, without using the "Set Vertex Color" trigger. I've tried looking at the Archmage Ghost model file in Notepad, and I can't see the difference from the regular Archmage. Second of all, where in a .Mdl document opened in wordpad can I...
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    Tell your jokes here

    Where are all the religion jokes? Oh well, I guess I'll have to post some (Sorry if these offend anybody.) So, there are these three couples applying for membership at a church: an elderly couple, a mid-aged couple, and a young couple. The priest goes up to the couples and says, "In order to...
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    What is the most ridiculous post you can remember?

    Ah, I just read that, absolutely hilarious. Notice how most of the ridiculously stupid threads here come from noobs challenging the Mods' authority. Here are some more good ones:
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    Animal Farm Request Thread

    Interesting... will it be based on Orwell's book? Sorry, I can't help with models, but the idea of an Animal Farm map is pretty interesting- hope it gets somewhere.
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    Simple Model Question

    I understand everything except the part about "deleting the keyframes". Could you elaborate on this? Thanks.
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    Simple Model Question

    I'm making a specially posed corpse model out of the Male Villager. Now that I've posed it in the Vetrex Editor, I want to make it so that it dosn't move at all (And remains in the same shape that I put it in). In other words, how do I give it an animation that looks like that "unanimated"...
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    2 Moddels needed pleese help me

    :roll: Oooohhh... somebody's looking for a banning. Do you seriously think that calling anyone a fag is going to get them to make models for you and your little friend? Next time, try the patrient approach instead of the "Liek **** OMG yur all ****** FAGS mek dis ******* moldel for me or ELSE!"...
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    What is the most ridiculous post you can remember?

    Or, to be more precise: What it the stupidest, most immature, and generally noobiest post you've ever seen on this site? We seem to get a lot of them here, and, annoying as they are, they can be absolutely hilarious when read in good spirits. So, lets have a little fun at the Noob's expense...
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    Uhhh... taurenwarrior? Hate to break it to you, but that's not archimonde's body. It's a Tauren body... and it fits perfactly well with the head.
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    Can't get it to work....

    Its a periodic event. Every 1 second the trigger checks if pipe x is rotated 90 degrees, pipe y is rotated 0 degrees, etc. If all of the pipes are rotated correctly, the cinematic is triggered. Just another question: In my trigger, whenever a pipe is attacked, its facing angle is increased by...
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    Can't get it to work....

    I'm making an RPG map, and I'm stuck in one area. There's supposed to be a "puzzle" with a room full of rotating pipes, and when the pipes are all lined up properly, the puzzle is completed. Whenever the hero attacks a pipe, it rotates 90 degrees counterclockwise (This is done with a trigger...
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    Yeah, Ramza, he's right. Sorry. Dimetrodon was an early relative of both reptiles and mammals and displayed some of the characteristics of both.
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    The Village

    God awful movie? Appearently you have no taste in movies. Now run along and watch your little DBZ and Pokemon flicks until you have the urge to gain some maturity in your movie preferences :roll: .
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    CRAZY werewolf

    Did you get Ertenpweller's permission before you made that?
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    Very good! Glad that you decided to make my favorite, and that you didn't base it off of that innacurate version portrayed in Jurassic Park (The frill was innacurate, but ok. The poison-spitting thing was just plain BAD). Axlefoley- Where did you hear that Dilophosaurus might have been black...
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    These are excellant, but you really need to find a way to reanimate some of these models. I mean, the larger herbivores should move differently than small, quick carnivores. Keep up the good work :wink: .
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    Ehrm, its "Desert", not "Dessert" :roll: .
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    Yes? But would the crocodile really be able to catch either without the element of surprise? It couldn't have run that fast with those stumpy little legs. Anyway, Tyrannosaurus was most likely a scavenger, Spinosaurus only ate fish, and they both lived in different times and different parts...
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    Spinosaurus was not even as long as a Tyrannosaurus, it was about half the size. And its jaws were adapted only for eating fish, they wouldn't have been the right size or shape for killing larger prey. Could you make a Dilophosaurus? (NOT like the one in Jurassic Park)
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    This is the best, most creative, and overall greatest goblin skin that I have ever seen on this site, not to mention the best Crypt Lord skin.
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    That's great! Did you make it from scratch? The only thing that it lacks is a good skin... then it would be a 5/5. For now, 4/5.
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    Its not a bad skin, but your attitude sucks! Talking like you own the site or something "I can put my skins wherever I want because I can skin better than Sc_Freek!" The guy just asked why this was in the wrong section, there's no need to insult his skinning ability because he asked a legitimate...
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    That's fairly easy, just go into mdl and erase all of the attack anims. Then rename the Spell Slam anim "Attack 1". To make the projectile launch look right, set the X to 25, the Y to 0, and the Z to 160. I've tried it with this skin, and it dosn't look that bad.
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    Good idea Timberwolf, but they haven't taught Dinosaurs in school since 3rd grade.
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    This is your best and most accurate dinosaur model yet! Now, if you could just get someone to do a Jurassic Park style skin for it...
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    That's actually quite good for a first skin. The ribs are nice, but the head looks like cnp, and I agree with Ninja-Khan about the sword.