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  1. Ole

    Reforged List of Hidden Material within the World Editor

    I found this now not sure what it is or why its there :O
  2. Ole

    Chronicles of the Second War: Tides of Darkness Demo

    Keep up with the good work ppl, thanks!
  3. Ole

    Emerald Nightmare v1.0 (Reforged only)

    Thanks man love ur work!
  4. Ole

    CSW - Doodad Pack

    Keep up the good work! thanks!
  5. Ole

    Nightmare Model Pack (Reforged)

    WoW! Gj dude!
  6. Ole

    Void Golem

    awesome! ty!
  7. Ole

    WarCraft III Reforged - Icon Template

    Can some1 make a version of Button Manager v1.8.2 that can create warcraft 3 reforged icons? Sorry if im posting on the wrong topic i have no idea where to... Thanks for every1s work.
  8. Ole

    MDLX Converter

    love it! Gj
  9. Ole

    Devilsaur Pack

  10. Ole

    Gold Mine and Derivatives

    Love them, gr8 job.
  11. Ole

    Blue Treasure Chest

    Cool, thanks!
  12. Ole

    Some Custom Items Pack

  13. Ole

    Den of Wind (Night Elf "Graveyard")

  14. Ole


    Just what i wanted. Good job. ^^
  15. Ole

    Totem (Tauren) and Derivatives

    Gr8 job, i love it!
  16. Ole

    Great Elementals

    Awesome models no question about it. Can you put a link from the blood mage (kael) hero model?