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  1. Eltilas

    FrozenFire's Addon Race

    Did not notice anything changed.
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    FrozenFire's Addon Race

    >Updated: Jun 10, 2016 Hm… Will try if anything changed.
  3. Eltilas

    [Strategy / Risk] Warcraft III : A realm reborn

    Looks great! And ambitious. I did not know if Windrunner models differ a lot or not. They should since those are different heroes. Good luck!
  4. Eltilas

    Slow Loading MPQ Draft Mod's

    When I played Frozenfire's Race Addon it ran after delay too. It ran immediately if I ran RaceAddonV1.1.exe executable twice. But it were laggy in this case and I needed too end RaceAddonV1.1.exe processes and leave war3.exe only. Then I play that curious mod! However, now it rans immediately...
  5. Eltilas

    Exodar and Lightforged Draenei v.3

    Yeah. True. Wish that too. :ogre_hurrhurr:
  6. Eltilas

    Forsaken V1.11

    Got good impression from the map. One of the best altered melee maps I played. Only Bone walker's fueled rage ability looked rather weird, cause I rather heal my warrior at 40% hp or leave battlefield if much warriors at that hp level. And its difficult to figure what is Gorgon's Petrify useful...
  7. Eltilas

    [Miscellanous / Other] Warcraft MOD Nirvana(Chinese version)

    Some buildings look seductive. Think it may not fit the game's age rating and distracts while playing.
  8. Eltilas

    [Miscellanous / Other] Warcraft MOD Nirvana(Chinese version)

    I imagined if was an easy tool to add races, would be cool. There are really a lot of people who like create races and explore their strategies, altered melee maps show this. Much of the races from these altered melee maps were not played intensively and were not explored deeply, but such turn...
  9. Eltilas

    Awakening of the Depths

    • Can not play naga when only one player is involved. • Wisp image for naga workers. • Conjurer's spells are so weird. Water minion is untargetable and uncontrolable. It may seem fresh, but usually summoning spells are used for action and often for multitask. Like Far seer's Wolf spirits and...
  10. Eltilas

    Exodar and Lightforged Draenei v.3

    … Anyway it is hard to heal even a peasant. (upd) I got the Idea restore is not a usual healing spell, but have not got it meaning yet. Does Harmony provide usual healing? Also I tried to write something yesterday, although do not see it now in my reply… This: • I count Gemcrafter looks weird...
  11. Eltilas

    Exodar and Lightforged Draenei v.3

    When I played v2, I thought it is the best custom race map I had have played. Now I can say, I liked v2 more than v2.2. New structures look less unique and their building animations are too bright and rather hurt eyes. Also I clapped eyes on a new healing spell. It is like 4 hp for 4 caster's...
  12. Eltilas

    WoW: Heroes Return [ORPG] [1.2.b]

    I managed to get long time effect invulnerability in 1.0 version map. It is connected with some entrance to settlement, near which hero can fight with a carnivorous plant. Was to say in past, already recalled.
  13. Eltilas

    Dark Iron Clan V.1.1.

    I like the way they mine gold. However not sure it is balanced, i mean how fast do they amass gold due to distance between mine and a resource cart used. Seems, one or two workers can mine enough gold if resource cart is placed close. If I am right, you may give cart a special immobile form...
  14. Eltilas

    The Lost Ones V.2

    I liked the race by the first glance, but then found several odd details. I will report them if recall. The one i do remember now is the orb does not make hero able to attack air.
  15. Eltilas

    Exodar and Lightforged Draenei v.3

    Not sure, if it by design… looks rather weird, that exarch's magic abilities affect magic immune units.
  16. Eltilas

    Warcraft 3 Conversion Mods

    Also exist Frozenfire's Race Addon, The Withering Kind, Warcraft III: Nirvana. First one lets play naga. Fine and quality. The only defects are bug, that hinders calling militia, wrong hotkeys, little balance issues, concerning in particular lack of AoE dispell and invisibility detection, and...
  17. Eltilas

    Hive Idea Center

    Did not read all the threads, so I may be not the first one with the idea. Much of the melee races have spells, increasing damage, they do, or decreasing damage, they receive (inner fire, bloodlust, unholy frenzy, roar). Some custom race's spellcaster may cast spell, that gives allies ability...
  18. Eltilas

    Barevillage v1.0

    Funny. I do not like terrain and creeps much, only villager race is amusing. Please, fix descriptions, hotkeys and shop goods conditions. If you like, you can • add villagers aoe dispell • make arsenal necessary for building defensive structures • set ballista's attack range to 1150 and...
  19. Eltilas

    Lordaeron:The Lost War Ver1.9

    I join to AI request.
  20. Eltilas

    Life of a Captain

    Played in past. Do not remember much, but seems to be funny.
  21. Eltilas

    Icecrown Citadel - Lich King V3.2

    Fresh style map. :goblin_good_job:
  22. Eltilas

    Dark Horde and Fel Horde v.3.1

    Just have tested that map. I did not feel like race has its own style. So many units have active abilities that effect that unit itself and increase attack/moving speed, give chaos damage or anything else. That is weird and not easy to cope with. There are some little notes. * Too much items...
  23. Eltilas

    Fel Horde

    Have played and must say it has been rather funny. I am agree with all Hell_Master's suggestions with the same argumentation. -_- Noticed some things you may work on. * Map's preview image is just white square. * Demon Spawned's Dark Fumes spell is imba. May be short effect time for just...
  24. Eltilas

    Sunken Ruin's Strike v10.6

    Stormreaver clan if you like.
  25. Eltilas

    Sunken Ruin's Strike v10.6

    Cause I have no idea. :grin:
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    Sunken Ruin's Strike v10.6

    That one was funny. :thumbs_up:
  27. Eltilas

    Sunken Ruin's Strike v10.6

    Have not played yet, just going to. Seems odd that Mur'guls and Naga are two different sides, while Mur'guls have been enslaved by Naga. The mining Naga are weird too. Mb replace Mur'gols with Murlocs and add first ones like slaves to Naga.
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    Her body looks rather manlike.
  29. Eltilas

    Degradation 1.7

    Nicely looking map. Have found its little asymmetry: one player has nearer higher level beorns and another has nearer lower level trolls.
  30. Eltilas

    FrozenFire's Addon Race

    Nice job. Your mod is very entertaining. Also good critics from Mezaluh. Have an idea about turtles. I think Turtle hatchery can be replaced with Ancient one as hatching from buy-able egg turtle brood-mother.
  31. Eltilas

    Blood Elves

    It seems that I have found a bug: sorceress learns no new spells after training is complete.