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  1. Fourmman

    Invasion vine

    Eh, I'm running a Mac and I end up with a model that appears in the Editor but ingame it doesn't exist. I'm creating it with as a destructible and I'm wondering if I should be doing anything specific.
  2. Fourmman

    Need Help Testing New Cinematic

  3. Fourmman

    Need Help Testing New Cinematic

    I need your guys's opinions on testing my first and new cinematic, War Never Changes. I need information on what I could change, and what you like. I'd happily provide +rep for those who offer well thought out reviews and criticisms. Thank You, Your Friendly Mac Hive Worker
  4. Fourmman

    Ursa Major - Super Heavy Tank

    More tanks is always good. "There is no such thing as overkill. Only 'open fire' and 'I need to reload'. +rep!
  5. Fourmman

    Psixiko TD (Hybrid)

    Eh. More triggered abilities would be nice, but it looks like you put a lot of thought into this, and I encourage you to keep going with it.
  6. Fourmman

    Futurism command button

    Eh. Slight problem. Icon doesn't seem to work. It froze the game when I selected it. I am running a Mac, and that might be the cause of it. I would like to be able to use these icons because they are awesome, but selecting any unit with the icon on it freezes the game. I checked the file path...
  7. Fourmman


    This should NOT BE APPROVED! Every time I select a unit using this icon it freezes my computer! Fix the filters... or something....
  8. Fourmman


    Kind of wondering why people wonder what it is... its a Geiger counter, for measuring radiation. It makes those little ticking noises the closer your are to radiation. You could use it in a map involving a nuke to warn you about oncoming radiation pockets or something like that. It also looks...
  9. Fourmman

    writer needed

    I could do that, if you want. Seems a bit generic, but that's irrelevant, it's your story.
  10. Fourmman

    The Idea Behind My Prolog

    If he is accepted to the war academy at the beginning of the book, why is it relevant what his best friends are? Unless his friends joined the military with him, they wouldn't be seen again. I write short stories myself, and here's a hint: Don't put in characters that you cannot build upon...
  11. Fourmman

    Plz help cinematic filters

    I need a skin for my map. A filter, actually. There is a "scope for pwning newbs" filter that would be perfect for my map, but unfortunately it won't import, even if I follow the import path to the letter. if anyone could help with this by helping me import the scope, or even better, make a new...
  12. Fourmman

    The Siege of Barad-dûr V.1.1.c comment....... uhm... I use a Mac and it downloaded as a Scannable 8 file, to which my computer instantly deleted it 'cause it was a virus. Please fix this. I don't really know how.... Thanks, noobish new user of Hive
  13. Fourmman

    Destiny Battle v0.22

    Blasted server splits! I was playing with a few friends on LAN and if any of the bosses used their special, the server would split. Also, needle traps explode the server. Please fix these bugs.
  14. Fourmman

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Go Rachet and Clank :P

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Go Rachet and Clank :P
  15. Fourmman

    Rocket Launcher Vehicle

    May I make a suggestion? Could you make the time between when it raises the missile launcher up and when it fires? Would make my effect much more realistic.
  16. Fourmman

    it did not work

    yeah... problems dealing with importing models... What other models do you have in your map? Sometimes models are not compatible. Had to recreate an entire map, re-importing all the models. It sucked. If all of the above things still haven't worked, you're probably better off just not using the...
  17. Fourmman

    I can't open my map!!

    oh, and by the way: For your mac: A program downloadable here called Darwine.
  18. Fourmman

    Need help with a weird problem!

    Simple fix. Go to the Gameplay Constants in the Preferences menu. Then scroll down to the hero section, and there should be a value that sets the level in which heroes stop gaining experience from creeps. Set it higher, and the job is done. (PS: be careful in gameplay constants!!! Some constants...
  19. Fourmman

    it did not work

    make sure that you save and restart the world editor. Some models require the restarting of the editor after their file paths have been corrected. Otherwise, I'd say your model is defective.
  20. Fourmman

    Floating Text Critical Strike

    make the critical strike just a dummy ability. Then make the damage of the character be a variable, then another variable for a random number. Then write an algorigthum that multiplies the damage by your multiplier. May not be what you're looking for, and it may take awhile, but at least it works.
  21. Fourmman

    Solar Conquest v0.97e

    Okay, quick note: while attempting to play on the LAN, for some reason when I allied with another player they gained control over my empire controls, and proceeded to make me surrender. Fix it, please!
  22. Fourmman

    Island Conquest v1.24

    Few things I noticed in the most recent version: Even early ships are way too powerful. I managed to capture an island with only two small bomber ships. Of course, it was neutral, but the towers did exactly no damage and not one of my ships was sunk. The starting health on shipyards and towers...
  23. Fourmman

    Fleet Command v2b

    Okay. The reason for the lack of comments is that there is no background to the game. Plenty of people see bugs and errors, but you have to show people that you put some work into it and that you care about your work and people who play it. To get comments and suggestions, you need to act like...
  24. Fourmman

    Simple, Easy, Noob Questions (On AI, Weather, and Heroes)

    Don't forget to make sure the hero can be revived!!!! That could cause some very bad problems! And: When your map is done, please PM me. I am always interested in new maps.
  25. Fourmman

    Simple, Easy, Noob Questions (On AI, Weather, and Heroes)

    I may have a solution for #1. Your problem may be that you have too many units. The units lag up and only move once every few seconds or so, causing the older units to be behind the ones created first. Also, watch for memory leaks. You can patch memory leaks using some code off this page...
  26. Fourmman

    Can we make missile-bounce look like chain-lightning?

    As an alternative to Ragna's suggestion, Have the normal attack have no bounce, but have it create a dummy unit that casts Chain Lightning. Make sure the availiable targets are right for the object you are trying to attack. If you don't know how to give a order, use "issue an order targeting a...
  27. Fourmman

    Warzone v2.1

    *read with irish accent* Oi! This game looks so good and has so many comments, but it won't work on Mac comps. u make and the screen goes up, then lags and returns to the LAN lobby. I would really like to play this as I have yet to see a good game like this.
  28. Fourmman

    Aww ****... patch broke map!

    Hey.... oxxo. If you have a PC Go to the tools section on Hive in the MPQ section. Simply download the MPQ extractor file. Then select Open from the program's menu. Then select War3x.mpq and wait. Once that's done, do a search for each file and delete them. FOR A MAC: Follow that same...
  29. Fourmman

    Replay Troubles!

    I have been trying to play a replay in the QuickTime format. We are trying to create a cinematic using music from Itunes. However, Warcraft won't accept the music, so we decided to get a replay. If you can solve either problems, anyone, I would happily give +rep, and my undying gratitude...
  30. Fourmman

    Warscar War V 0.1

    i've been working for 6 months on this map and I need people to beta test it now. It is all GUI triggering. the map is 2 players but there is no ai. Download the map here if you want to beta. please please please please tell me everything that is bad about my map. I WANT TO KNOW! :cool:
  31. Fourmman

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Three words that make me want to give you rep: SHOOP DA WHOOP!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Three words that make me want to give you rep: SHOOP DA WHOOP!
  32. Fourmman

    Spider Bot

    Kinda reminds me of the Red Alert Terror Drone. size it down a little and voila.5/5 nice work
  33. Fourmman


    I may be another insignificant Gnoll on Hive, but this model is awesome, if it matters to you. 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000/5
  34. Fourmman

    Reputation (+1): (Post) A valuable addition to the ranks of Hive.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) A valuable addition to the ranks of Hive.
  35. Fourmman

    [Need Icons? I will do them!]

    Luckerguy, I need an icon for my map. Render: a runway and an arrow pointing away from it. Glow: red glow IS a ability NOT a item NOT a unit No background
  36. Fourmman

    Solar Conquest v0.97e

    How do you send units to a planet? There seems to be no way.
  37. Fourmman

    Energy Shield

    i agree with aaron. I have been looking for a model like that for a while.
  38. Fourmman

    MTurret Animated

    grrr.... huge filesize but i love model. Please reduce size.
  39. Fourmman


    Can you or someone else make a icon? I've been looking for one for ages.
  40. Fourmman


    Amazing model! Please make other forms. (De Ja Vu) Such as a switch or a magazine. I desperately need a reload icon, and a there are none so far. I would give rep if you did.
  41. Fourmman

    Need a huge cluster rocket

    I am looking for a model that is a large cluster rocket with a stand (w/o flame in back) and a walk. Easy rep. Please leave the death animation alone.
  42. Fourmman


    Oh, my god! It can't be! It's the icon that basically is the driving force in my map! Finally, someone who is smart enough to make actualguns! +rep
  43. Fourmman

    The_Silent's Modern Warfare/Survival Icons

    I wish someone would make more packs like this. Nice job, except I had already hunted down that entire collection before you released the pack. Nice work!
  44. Fourmman


    Nice, i like your pack. Great for my Energy Sheilding building upgrade. Thanks a bunch!
  45. Fourmman

    Federalism Aura

    Perfect for my World Government Building! Thanks a bunch!
  46. Fourmman

    Worker Return Help

    I am making a map in which one of the forms of resource harvesting is oil, which is on water. I gave a townhall placable on water, but when the tankers return oil, they do not return to the water townhall, only pushing on the wall to the land townhall. Please help! :cry:
  47. Fourmman

    make terrain unbuildable?

    When you use tileset, it will say "rock {unbuildable}.
  48. Fourmman

    AOE Stun

    Wow, hawk900, u r right.....................
  49. Fourmman

    TD: creeps get stuck

    Try waypoints. You can order creeps to go to one point, then the next, and so on. This almost completely removes screwy stuff
  50. Fourmman


    The abillity is in "stats" that is the base range. To add sight range, make a simple trigger. Get a dummy passive spell. If a unit learns a ability, then order a dummy to use a upgrade, as that CAN upgrade sightrange. I know, because in my sniper unit, I created a upgrade. Go to "Upgrades Used"...