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  1. KandyMan

    Advanced Melee AI

    I hate those f*cking bots because they steal mah' tomes
  2. KandyMan

    Mario World Xtreme Beta

    If it doesn't shows up....rename map(In Windows) because some maps doesn't show up if name is too long
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    "Cola in the hole" =)
  4. KandyMan

    Fortress Siege - 1.78b

    I didn't had this problem,because noone died whole game :xxd: They were just sitting in the Fortress and killing units from Fortress walls(because everybody taked ranged hero :eekani: ) Only to end we all in one group stormed final boss and killed them :mwahaha: So,that's my story which i call...
  5. KandyMan

    Fortress Siege - 1.78b

    Tranquil,can i say secret hero code for all users watching? :xxd: Because,we with friends completed this map,and we all know code for Secret Hero =)
  6. KandyMan

    [vJASS] CG Building Costs + Insta Build

    I have one question:What's JASS? Is it some kind of trigger code?
  7. KandyMan

    WW3: Nuclear Sunrise v1.34

    It's like Call Of Duty 6? Can't wait for it! ^,..,^
  8. KandyMan

    Deadmines v1.8

    Thanks about that,now,i can UnProtect it easily :)
  9. KandyMan

    Black Elf Sorceress.blp

    Can someone make Sorceress without clothes? :xxd:
  10. KandyMan

    Tetris v.1.2

    I will wait for music and Loading Screen ;)
  11. KandyMan

    Zombie Incomming v0.14a

    oow...thanks... Than that means that Sonic Adventures:Director's Cut is super game?:confused:
  12. KandyMan

    DotA Allstars v6.53

    It's the newest?
  13. KandyMan

    Oblivion Map!

    I can attach everything if you want
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    This reminds me Fallout........ Very,very reminds me Fallout.......
  15. KandyMan

    Zombie Incomming v0.14a

    What's "Director's Cut?" I just couldn't find what it means
  16. KandyMan

    Evilertoasters Hero Defence

    How's the map? Ow,'s not mine =)
  17. KandyMan

    DotA Allstars v6.53

    Where can i find DotA with bots? because i am too noob to play On-Line(that's what everyone says) help me just give me link please
  18. KandyMan

    Down With DOTA!

    One thing why some people hate DotA is Un-Balance! Like Zeus have ultimate,that hits all units in whole map And Silencer have Ultimate,that stops all enemy heros in map from using spells And Tinker Have Rockets,which flies trough whole map IS THAT BALANCED?IS THAT FEAR?NO! SO DOWN WITH...
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    Last Updated: 04:52, 3rd Jun 2009 work 24/7? If yes,i will absolutely give you 5/5 =)
  20. KandyMan

    Oblivion Map!

    I really can help you with attachements,if you want ;)
  21. KandyMan

    My E-Mail:[email protected]

    My E-Mail:raivi[email protected]
  22. KandyMan

    If you are searching for help,just ask me =)

    If you are searching for help,just ask me =)
  23. KandyMan

    Undead Arthas on foot

    Open Warcraft World Editor,then Open Imported Files,Double-click Arthas Model,flag "use custom path" and then where is path to file(default is war3mapImported\UndeadArthasNoHorse.mdl) Delete war3mapimported(it should look like this:UndeadArthasNoHorse.mdl,then,re-open WHOLE World Editor,not...
  24. KandyMan

    Arthas/Nerzhul merge - Lich king Arthas

    NerzhulHelmGray.blp is texture or icon?Because i can't really understand what it is :confused:
  25. KandyMan

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Awesome,Awesome,Awesome,Awesome,Awesome,Awesome,Awesome!

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Awesome,Awesome,Awesome,Awesome,Awesome,Awesome,Awesome!
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    xD Happy Cockroach's avatar is funny :gg: but still.... Great model,i will use it in my"Weapon'ed"Map :infl_thumbs_up:
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  28. KandyMan

    Tetris v.1.2

    eeeeh,Footman Frenzy isn't so :mwahaha:EPIC:mwahaha:
  29. KandyMan

    Tetris v.1.2

    One thing:When I hosted map,full slot of players arrived,I started map,and..........Game just crashes and kickis me out to Windows,NO MESSAGE ERROR,NO ANYTHING ELSE!Even no lags and "Brakes"after game crashes Help!:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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    I don't see anything new
  31. KandyMan

    Reploid Saber

    Looking Good.But,can you help me whit 1 question? Why my player models aren't wokring?All i see is only SHADOW ;-(
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    Keywords: Arthas, Demon, :xxd::xxd:Purple people eater:xxd::xxd:
  33. KandyMan

    Mafia Peon.blp

    :gg::gg::gg::gg::gg::gg::gg::gg::gg: :xxd::xxd::xxd::xxd::xxd::xxd::xxd:
  34. KandyMan

    Arthas/Nerzhul merge - Lich king Arthas

    So?Find this map and play it,there is Arthas Nerzhu'l But i have 1 question WHY UNIT MODELS DOESN'T WORK FOR ME?PLEASE HELP! Building models are working,but unit.....are not I didn't messed up .blp with .mdx files,i did all right,but all i get is A SHADOW!Daah! Like DarKStealtH,he have the same...
  35. KandyMan

    Conspiracy Of The Chain Emails

  36. KandyMan

    Epic Battle

    I'l say epic FAILURE (thumbsdown)
  37. KandyMan

    Arthas/Nerzhul merge - Lich king Arthas

    This model is already used in Life Of Peasant:The Lich King
  38. KandyMan


    OK :thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up:
  39. KandyMan


    If LONG(Yes,LONG)sword is LONG(Yes,LONG,again)'s made out of pixels?I hate pixels.Pixels suck...yeah...pixels suck....and i think......"Snow"(Yes,"Snow")Is made of Pixels =P too,right?
  40. KandyMan

    Cooper Mini-KaTaNa

    Well,better textures would be nice!
  41. KandyMan


    i like it