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    Spell Request plz help

    Hi i need 3 spells: 1st. slash (hotkey A) it's slashes in front of hero then activated make it wide like 300 and like 200 range lengh dmg from 1-4 and cd from 0.70 to 0.55 (based on lvl) 2nd. upper slash (hotkey S) it's slash like a simple slash but like half less wide and double range in...
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    "SlashandSlice" project's spell request

    So hi everyone i need 4 skills :) if someone can make it it would be perfect 1st. Slash (hotkey a) lvl1 : 1dmg Cd: 0.75 sec lvl2 2dmg Cd; 0.70 lvl3 3dmg Cd: 0.65 lvl4 4dmg Cd: 0.60 Description: simple samurai slash then you click a it slashes in front of you about 100 aoe wide...