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    Mana Flare test map (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Mana Flare v1.5 (passive hero ability)

    That's a low-quality GIF issue. In reality, both the "lightning" and the "wisp" look green. Their colors do not quite match, but it's the best I could do without creating a custom model for either. I guess I can change the projectile model to a bolt of basic lightning (not green one) and the...
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    Mana Flare v1.5 (passive hero ability)

    Thanks! It works. Implemented a non-hero variant of the same ability, also added "creating dummies on the map initialization" stuff (to support creeps placed by mapmaker and heroes with "pre-learned" skill)
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    Mana Flare v1.5 (passive hero ability)

    I think I fixed everything I could. Big thanks to JAKEZINC and MyPad. I need to discuss some things before taking a final pass. Things I changed despite nobody asking me for it: 1) I backported the map to 1.30.04 for better compatibility. 2) I updated ShadeDeath.wav (shameless self-plug for...
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    [Resource Release][WIP] Expanded Voidwalker / Obsidian Destroyer soundset

    For some reason, I love voidwalkers. Hence, I'm very curious about the way custom maps employ them (especially as player-controlled units). And I'm a little disappointed in their soundset. As far as I can tell, there are four most frequent options: * use WoW-inspired model together with Water...
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    Lost Entities v1.0.0 - GUI

    This is absolutely awesome. The tooltip is confusing about what exactly is happening here, but the Demo explains mechanics and perfectly conveys the flavor (with the Dark World, Lost Entities, and everything). I am a fan of everything related to the void / voidwalkers and I'm somewhat tempted...
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    Revenants of Ruins

    I enjoyed playing this map in singleplayer with/against AIs. The AI is very good tactically but has some strategical blind spots. I'm not sure it is useful to elaborate on this because it seems that you make the standalone version from scratch? The texts lack polish and everything is confusing...
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    Chaos Singularity V1.025

    This looks absolutely beautiful. I love how the Parasite sound is produced by models instead of being played explicitly, and how both models and sounds fit together. Also, I like that units are attempting to flee when the singularity expands (it's a shame they return fearlessly though). There's...
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    Mana Flare v1.5 (passive hero ability)

    Could you elaborate here? My WC3 is on 1.31.1, which I thought was the last version before Reforged (1.32).
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    Memory Leaks

    Thanks! Let's assume that I need two different random points and a region for some esoteric reason (to make more nested brackets here; I agree that this is not the best way to accomplish this). I'm still not sure whether Set point = ((Random point in (Playable map area)) offset by (100.00...
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    Mana Flare v1.5 (passive hero ability)

    Updated to version 1.1 @JAKEZINC, I fixed the worst of location leaks, thanks for your pointers. I would be grateful for any additional feedback!
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    Memory Leaks

    I'm a bit confused about nested functions. Let's take this artificially convoluted example: Unit - Create 1 Footman for Player 1 (Red) at (Center of (Region( (Random point in (Playable map area)), ((Random point in (Playable map area)) offset by (100.00, 100.00)) )) ) facing...
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    Mana Flare v1.5 (passive hero ability)

    Thanks for your words of encouragement, everyone! Yes, this ability is a good fit for boss-type enemies. JAKEZINC, I'll definitely check the tutorials you linked. Do you have any tips on making importing easier? Currently, the user is required to copy two abilities, one unit, and icons (in...
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    Mana Flare v1.5 (passive hero ability) (Map)

    The idea is to make Faerie Dragon's Mana Flare ability passive: it is permanent, consumes no mana, and does not require channeling. I attach the map where one can verify that the ability is indeed MUI, leveling up and reviving hero works correctly, and this ability makes for interesting...
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    English translation of WC3: During the Dark Portal?

    Hello everyone. I found myself thinking about undertaking this, but I'm not sure if there's any interest. So, you see, DTDP is a notable Russian custom campaign. The official page is During The Dark Portal / WarCraft 3 Reforged / Модмейкинг - XGM: eXtreme Gamedev & Modmaking, you can see a...