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    Looking for avatar/sig maker

    Hey guys im back, havent been on thsi site for who knows how long. But anyways i am in need of a avatar and sig. if u are up to it pm me or post on this and ill give u details....
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    Leader Bored Help

    Would somone help me create a leader bored, and for every unit killed by the player it will add the Number to the bored. Ive played with it but, i dunno. THanks ahead of time.
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    Lunar Rog

    Edit: the title is wrong its Lunar Rpg!! Im thinking of making my favorite rpg into a wc3 map. Im decent at trigger/terrain/units/spells etc. I am looking for people who will be able to help me, with anything. Ive got the story line and everything for i have the games lol. If u have any...
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    Bush Vs Kerry

    Who do u like and why. I vote bush because I think he is a strong leader although he is kinda retareded at times =/(and because im republican)
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    I really dont see why u guys must be rude to him. Yes he does really express his feeling on stuff and it may not be the right thing to say at that time. but just because he says what he thinks doesnt mean u have to be rude. And acolyte the poll was disrespectful, and if u think that raz's...
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    Whats your Fav Rpg!

    Mine is "Lunar Silver star story" Very good rpg =] For ps1
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    Guild Wars

    Wow that game looks very cool, the graphics are superb. Its mind boggling :shock:
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    Trigger help

    how would i make it so when a unit hits a certain lvl it will evolve into a diff unit?
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    Trigger Help

    Im having trouble with this trigger. if anyone can help me give me a tell and ill pm u my problem
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    Simple Question

    Can anyone tell me how to make a upgrade such as frenzy work for any Undead Unit, and not just the ghoul? ~Mistix
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    Importing music

    How do u import music? do u have to change anything when u import it or will it work right when its in?
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    Map Problems

    Im Makin a footmen war map and, its turning out ok but when i go to test it on the Bnet. and i start the game and the loading screen come Gets bout 75% done then exits me outa warcraft. Side note it works fine in the editor and the test map in the editor. i dunno but anyhelp would be nice
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    Map Error Help

    Im makin a Rpg, its my first so its not the best. But i have spent alot of time on it. so here is my question... I was working on it, i went to save it, it saved and then my comp restarted for no reason. I go back to WE and tryed to load my map and it says " Level info missing or invalid" i...
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    I have a simple question, but I dont know what to do.. so here it is. How do I make it so when a person buys a item at a shop, the model of the sword will show up in his hand? Im pretty sure it has to do with triggers. so if their is any trigger work, can u please give me a walk threw...
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    my map

    Im making a rpg map and i have alot of imports... and i was wondering ,what the max amount of import kb u can have befor it will say cant create map (because its to big).. Thanks Ahead of time
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    Im having trouble :( i dl the skin and import it and get the pathing. but i dont know where to put the skin to make it show up on the unit... any help will be appreciated... :P