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    [Trigger] Set variable crash from using Pick every player

    This part is making crash, I can't figure out why. I'm trying set variable to make it easy to create multiboard (multiboard is pain in the ass for me). Player Group - Pick every player in (All players) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then...
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    [Trigger] Selection Event + Selection Action combine don't work?

    I'm trying make AI in my map, but this Selection Event + Selection action never work at least for me. Anyone know proper way to do this? picking neutral tower Events Player - Player 1 (Red) Selects a unit Player - Player 2 (Blue) Selects a unit Player - Player 3...
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    Modify aggro range?

    I'm trying to make ORPG map but I'm unable to figure out how to change unit aggro range. It gets on my nerves when several units coming toward the hero really far. I tried to change unit's sight to lower number or 0, I tried change game constant with anything related to "distance, radius, range"...
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    VSMaul - on brink of discontinue

    Of course, map name is VSMaul. I haven't been working it forever because I dislike working with unit editor and having no motivation to complete it. I'm trying to decide whether if I reject it, forget about completing it or try to complete it and release it full version. Rather than writing...
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    How to Import Tileset?

    I have a tileset texture that I needed for my map, I can't find any tutorial on how to import tileset and put them in use. Can anyone explain how to do it in steps?
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    requesting simple model

    I'm looking for 2x2 tile model (guard tower for example..) that look like a circuit board large box (5 or 6 polygon i think?), so that I can put multiple in a row to make them look like a wall. If you are taking up this task, don't make it too tall (a bit taller than wyvern cage is enough, but...
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    Trigger problem - "not all parameters have values"

    I have no idea why it sudden start not working. I was working on this certain trigger and it was fine itself. At some point I went to add camera feature in it, and then disable, enable.. etc.. then now it say "The trigger cannot be enabled because not all parameters have vales" .. what does it...
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    Antistuck.. (oh god, evil thread returns!)

    I don't really like my current antistuck triggers that I have right now because: 1. When antistuck trigger goes off, it makes EVERY unit come to stop and takes a bit a while for each one to move again. 2. After killing every last units except those unit became stuck, it take a while to...
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    Splash damage my towers.

    Forgive me for this newbie question, I seem not able to figure it out from unit editor. How do I make splash damage doesn't hurt towers? Beside using Invulnerable ability, towers has to remain destroyable by creeps.
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    Neutral Building - Remove Unit, does it even work?

    What I have done is I have made Neutral Passive building called "Bank", and sell dummy unit named "5 Teal" and "20 Teal". And some triggers with "if unit entered region, unit equal to 5 Teal, then remove unit and give 5 golds to Teal" and so on. But problem is if Teal player is not in game or...
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    variable type for player properties?

    What kind of variable type player properties uses? I tried Interger and Real, they don't accept these. I'm trying to make something like: Player - Player 1 (Red)'s Current lumber becomes Greater than (lumber variable) ... etc for all players ...
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    Unit just revived (or used Reincarnation) - Move To Point

    I seem not able to find way to make unit do Move To end-goal region after when they come back alive with Reincarnation ability without attacking nearby towers (for my Maul map). I have tried all the "ability" event, and ability equal to Reincarnation. They all didn't work. Once they get...
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    Maul - how to unstuck from trigger?

    I seem to not able to find a way to make creeps to not to get stuck (2 units right on top of each other) from inside the trigger. I don't want to create an "un-stuck" tower or un-stuck ability because it seemly ruin the map. So is there a way to do it from trigger?
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    Creating TD - How to get creeps to attack blocking towers

    I am creating a new map from scratch sort of like common Maul out there but with new shape, teams on left and right side, and a rematch feature. I'm having problem trying to get creeps to attack tower that player created a "blocking". I have reviewed over tutorial on "creating Tower Defense...
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    Ventuz's Lumberjack is out

    I have finally released my map - the Lumberjack Game, in my opinion it's the best map I have ever made. I have went alot testing in it, I'm sure theres no vital/serious bugs in it. I was unable to test with 3 player or more to see if this game is balanced enough. The best thing about this map is...
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    No unit Issue order to revive hero?

    I seem not able to find a way to revive all dead hero when a round is over. Like example if player 3 and player 7 has a dead hero, and a match is over - I want to remove every hero and start a new hero for everyone. I can't find a way to do that, when rematch starts - old heroes is revivable and...
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    How to un-learn upgrades? (for rematch)

    I came close to finish rematch feature so I can release my map. One last thing I want to do is every player's unit to make it back to 0 (or unlearn it), I seem not able to find a way to do this, I saw description say "you cannot unlearn upgrades in this process" in trigger editor. Is there a way...
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    Help with Trigger, removing units owned by unused slot playe

    I'm trying to remove hero and barrack if they are not filled in from Map Initalization. I'm still newb in this thing, what I have is here. Map Init Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Player Group - Pick every player in (All players) and do...
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    Angel of Death, any alternate download?

    It's hard to cross by because... -in here, download don't work (along with many old maps) -in, it's f***ed up (just try their page) -in bnet, their bunch of 56k idiot booting me out, won't they realize whats the different between upload speed and download speed... Anyone...
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    Someone with HUGE avatar I was browsing for some kind of TD game to play, looked up for Jewish TD game and this guy posted there totally destroyed comments, I had to scroll to the right and read shrinked up messages. Can you guy put pixel x pixel limit?
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    Turning Tower?

    Im tryin to make some sort of maul game (completely from sratch), but I cant figure out how to make model to turn to face toward enemy (putting 0 in movement - speedbase prevents it from turning) . I could look at someone's map, but its protected.
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    Tip/Improvement suggestion for my first lan/online map?

    After playing some Maul / TD maps online, most of them are kind of boring because either way everyone win, or everyone lose. (you know when they have group 1 = everyone, group 2 = enemy) Now I decided, hey I want to make lan or online map that actually have seperate team TD. I tried to...