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  1. tough_zai

    Knight, Bandit Lord & Riderless Horse (WC1 & WC2)

    exactly what i was looking....
  2. tough_zai

    Fallen Prince Arthas

    nice .... and cool
  3. tough_zai

    Third World War!

    provoking a war is like proposing a business to other nation...will as we all know war is business./..
  4. tough_zai


    yes.. one good icon here...smothering shield
  5. tough_zai


    good icon for a hero..
  6. tough_zai


    this one can change sniper new icon,,haha
  7. tough_zai

    Magical gems bundle

    can be used as artifact loots and quest item..good piece for RPG maps,,,
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    yes i saw it here, that why i said it was so familiar, anyway its nice
  9. tough_zai


    i like the number 2,,nice...
  10. tough_zai

    BTNKnight Female

    it looks like a simple female villagers to me, or a warrior, or a hero.. can be used in any maps anyway..
  11. tough_zai

    Terraining Contest #21 - Results

  12. tough_zai

    Icon Contest #19 - Poll

    @rept i cannot understand the connection violet icon to the first two, 3/5 @Ceterai this icon was so familiar to me, i cant remember where did i see this,, any way its 4/5 @PrinceYaser you can cleary see the connection the set of icons and i like this one a bit dark but its kinda neat 5/5
  13. tough_zai

    thanks to the staff for giving me back my old account, Ill be happy to contribute to the hive...

    thanks to the staff for giving me back my old account, Ill be happy to contribute to the hive, review maps and other resources as many as i could,,,thanks,,, happy holidays to everyone.
  14. tough_zai

    thanks to @Ralle for giving back my old account, happy holidays to every one.

    thanks to @Ralle for giving back my old account, happy holidays to every one.
  15. tough_zai

    Tournament of Might and Magic

    @biridius you updated again.. your working to hard for this map...nice work,,
  16. tough_zai

    Chinese Soldier

    i wanted to use this one,,thanks man...nice work
  17. tough_zai

    Warhammer Elector Count

    [email protected] i liked this one i could use this to my map,,,nice one,, i need around 3 variation of this like rank one to 3,,if you can,,maybe changing some emblem,,or anything.. from rank foot man to captain,,,
  18. tough_zai

    yeah but i like vikings since they look tough and cool... i don't hide where i came from anyway...

    yeah but i like vikings since they look tough and cool... i don't hide where i came from anyway...
  19. tough_zai

    Melee Do's and Dont's

    im working on village tile set as my main,,adding City tile , and out land mybe for some sands..what is best in tile set for the grave yard area? nice post.
  20. tough_zai

    Monolith VFinal Versus

    i dont play monolith,, can you give more screen shot for the terrain and other things that might give interest to others?, 1 screen shot shows with 1 big stone and small units, but you can add more preview,,thanks
  21. tough_zai

    Reputation (+1): (Post) thnks

    Reputation (+1): (Post) thnks
  22. tough_zai

    how can i make my normal unit gain XP?

    Yes, you can hide a hero's portrait in the Unit Editor --> Stats - Hero - Hide Hero Interface Icon = True.. Ill try this one..... Thanks.. I will. Also check the link @Pyrogasm Thanks Edited... Thanks for replies i solved it.. @Pyrogasm link was nice and checked it but it was so complex...
  23. tough_zai

    how can i make my normal unit gain XP?

    We all know that Hero unit can be changed models and be like any other kind of unit,, so what i am aiming now is to make my normal units gain xp and level up, without using heroes as base.. coz heroes icons can be seen on the left side of the screen and will flood my screen if you have 10 or...
  24. tough_zai

    Tournament of Might and Magic

    nice one you updated it, nice work.
  25. tough_zai

    Puzzle: Shattered Image 1.5

    Good feed back for a good map...
  26. tough_zai


    Nice congrats...
  27. tough_zai

    Puzzle: Shattered Image 1.5

    Man are talking english.. Haha.. Ohh i dont have a lvel of knowledge about that. But youve answer sounds you know so much in that function.. I was not able to explore 1.31 yet.. Keep it up..
  28. tough_zai

    Puzzle: Shattered Image 1.5

    kinda creative but it took out the game Warcraft to it,, and how is that possible to make this one.?..its kinda amaze me on how people are thinking out of the box...
  29. tough_zai

    Antre des fantômes (Zombies!)

    kindly change a grammar and spell check it pls.. give more details to what map is and give screen shot or preview of your map.
  30. tough_zai

    Escape Dream World v1.4

    No. Prob man..
  31. tough_zai

    [General] The reforged Editor

    Thanks also @Cryze666
  32. tough_zai

    Orc Taming Pack

    Thnks man..
  33. tough_zai

    Heroes of Might and Magic inspired map

    No its killing me... You will wait for 7 players turn before you do... I suggest make the world map as free going.. As i said erlier that only make triggers the pvp if they are in range of something 250 or depends on you... So that low lvl player can grind and avoid early figth..
  34. tough_zai

    [General] The reforged Editor

    Yeah will do.. Thanks.. I just kept the hope that they promised to all custom map maker like us that all maps will be compatible..
  35. tough_zai

    Tournament of Might and Magic

    Hey there thats why.. We talk at other threads.. You made this one... I will try this map
  36. tough_zai

    Orc Taming Pack

    Sorry for that i cannot do this job... Heheh Can you give me a link to elf hand.
  37. tough_zai

    [General] The reforged Editor

    Yes... If that is the case.. Then why wait while we can set up triggers early... Bcoz this job took us time to gather in one map... So better start making them.. For icons and models will be done after the reforge is stable.. Maybe the same with the dood ads... I made mine with minimal...
  38. tough_zai


    Ok Ill check on them..
  39. tough_zai

    Orc Taming Pack

    Do you have like this but human hand...?
  40. tough_zai


    This one looks nice.. I like its clean.
  41. tough_zai


    Its a re color but no one think about that... Hahaha..
  42. tough_zai

    [General] The reforged Editor

    How about the triggers...? For me i dont do imports any icons any model.. Since many people are posting about crashing this imports and they are not compatible...
  43. tough_zai

    [General] The reforged Editor

    Im still using the old editor.. Not reforged.
  44. tough_zai

    Frozen Streams

    @WolfFarkas this one is amazing map..i did not know you have bunch of maps that are will made... this one is good and i liked it,,,
  45. tough_zai

    Heroes of Might and Magic inspired map

    i think for online games in this genre,, like now auto chess and other games are turn based...with a time limits.. if you cannot move in the time given you will automatically skipped.. but turn based games fro me is best played offline,,, like might and magic is not purely turn based game...
  46. tough_zai

    Death Lord's Cavern ver. 2.1

    hello this is my second account and i cant retrieve my account,,,this is my map,, i wan to update this one...
  47. tough_zai


    i agree with you,,all criticism and all points are being given subjective, we are here as one community, and helping each other grow... don't take it personally...
  48. tough_zai


    Yes bro.. We are all working hard for our maps... Im allways ready to test the map when i have time.
  49. tough_zai

    [General] The reforged Editor

    Ok... Hahaha... Im doing my project withnild editor too.. And also looking for answer if it will be compatible.. But seems the promise of blizzard that all custom old map will be compatible....
  50. tough_zai


    Wolf..why are you sulking? Accept the criticism and grow.. No official review from the moderator yet...