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  1. Gift_o_Chaos

    Diablo 3

    Iv'e recently seen that blizz is making Diablo 3, howevery I have mixed feelings on the subject due to how horrably they raped warcraft lore in WoW. So whats your opinion on the subject?:confused:
  2. Gift_o_Chaos

    The Great War 3.17c

    I was debating implementing n arrow key movement system though I'm worried that people won't like it any opinions?
  3. Gift_o_Chaos

    World Editor Video Tutorials

    for the loading screen can't you simply find its file path and use the picture like a texture. Other then that fantastic there's going to be a lot less 'how to' spam.
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    thanks for the help yall.
  5. Gift_o_Chaos


    yes, the image editing software. though are there any versions that aren't a weird file type?
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    thanks to ace992 I can play wc3 again :thumbs_up:. though where can I find gimp in a normal format, the skinning tutorial at wc3 that contained the file was deleted.
  7. Gift_o_Chaos

    Reputation: (Post) got wc3 to work on vista

    Reputation: (Post) got wc3 to work on vista
  8. Gift_o_Chaos

    Configuring Warcraft III for Vista

    OMG I love you!!
  9. Gift_o_Chaos

    Game design program

    thanks thoguh I'm new to programming from scratch what I had in mind is doing The Eye of Terror from warhammer40k. later after I am more skilled I do the horus heresy.
  10. Gift_o_Chaos

    Game design program

    since i can no longer play wc3 due to vista I was thinking about making my own games. Though I don't know which program to buy. what I want something that would allow for high quality graphics (call of duty 3 style) with smooth play thrown in. any ideas?
  11. Gift_o_Chaos

    Warcraft on Vista

    It crashes warcraft when ever I click on a non-blizzard map, and warcraft is so far the only game that was effected. Although most of my games are relitively new.
  12. Gift_o_Chaos

    Warcraft on Vista

    I don'y know if this is in the right thread so sry if it is. My issue is that I just bought a new pc from, but windows vista won't allow me to play custom maps in wc3. It is also the only game I'm having difficulty with but it is also my fav. any help is apreciated.
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    it work for a couple days and suddenly stopped.
  14. Gift_o_Chaos

    How to...?

    Not sure what you mean by 2 and I've never madea a duel system so my imput would probably hurt more then help, but to make the whole map visible to all or a player you simply need to make a visiblity modefier for all players.
  15. Gift_o_Chaos

    Why cant I implant my cliff tile?

    you have the wrong file path its replaceabletextures\cliff\cliff#.blp depending on which cliff you chage its either cliff 1 or 0
  16. Gift_o_Chaos

    Campaign bug

    intialization Events: Map initialization Conditions: Actions: Game Cache - Create GameCache from 1.w3v Set Arthas_transfure to [Last Creates GameCache] Game Cache - Save Arthas_tranfure Events: Map initialization Conditions: Actions: Quest - Create Required Quest with title...
  17. Gift_o_Chaos

    Voice editing program

  18. Gift_o_Chaos

    Campaign bug

    I'm currently working on a cAmpaign in wc3 thats going to have a hell of alot of custom music, but when I went to the level selection aRea and clicked the button for the firsT level it world fade to black tHen return bAck to the level Selection.
  19. Gift_o_Chaos

    Voice editing program

    I was wondering if there was a decent voice editing program out there thats also a decent price. Ex. making my voice sound like Illidans or other characters in wc3.
  20. Gift_o_Chaos

    Advanced Melee AI

    Where do you put the program if it matters.
  21. Gift_o_Chaos

    New Blizzard Game?

    It won't be dialbo 3 because the guys who made it left the company to start there own.
  22. Gift_o_Chaos

    Midtone Ash

    Wich cliff theres one to blend into the black ash and one to blend into the lighter ash?
  23. Gift_o_Chaos

    Do you Believe In Aliens?

    I'm not saying things can't happen that we can't explane but sometimes people can over look the idea of a government/military experimental aircraft too.
  24. Gift_o_Chaos

    Do you Believe In Aliens?

    The issue with that is they would instantaniously crash into something because of reflex rate. not to mention out space is not a true vacume it has small dust particles drifting around in it, these particles would rip the vessel apart do to extreme speeds.
  25. Gift_o_Chaos

    Do you Believe In Aliens?

    There are other lifeforms out there BUT they can't reach us because the closest star to us is billions of light years away and it is impossible to go faster then light no matter what technology is out there.
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    How do you host when you are on a network? If it helps I have a Linksys 2.4 GHz router.
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    Midtone Ash (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  28. Gift_o_Chaos

    Midtone Ash (Texture)

    A slightly darker ash...
  29. G

    Light Cliff (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  30. Gift_o_Chaos

    Light Cliff (Texture)

    A lighter cliff to add some contrast
  31. G

    Dead World Light Ash (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  32. Gift_o_Chaos

    Dead World Light Ash (Texture)

    The lightest ash in my dead world tile set.
  33. Gift_o_Chaos

    Dead world river bed (Texture)

    Cracks for dried river beds
  34. G

    Dead world river bed (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  35. Gift_o_Chaos

    Dead World Tiles (Texture)

    Dead world tiles
  36. G

    Dead World Tiles (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  37. Gift_o_Chaos

    Dead world Dark Cliff (Texture)

    A darker cliff for my dead world tile set. Please don't judge until you see them together.
  38. G

    Dead world Dark Cliff (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  39. Gift_o_Chaos

    Black Ash (Texture)

    Another tile from my dead world tileset, but try and see all the tiles together before you judge because they look best together.
  40. G

    Black Ash (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  41. Gift_o_Chaos

    Tree Sprite

    Pretty kick ass in my opinion
  42. Gift_o_Chaos

    To Do List (old posts)

    Skin Pack How do you upload a skin pack rather then one skin alone?
  43. Gift_o_Chaos

    Tile Editing

    Thanks BTW how do upload skin paks rather then single ones on there own, I also finished it heres a snapshot.
  44. Gift_o_Chaos

    Tile Editing

    K I got just did my first cliff for it but why is this happening?:confused:
  45. Gift_o_Chaos

    WOW Interface BETA

    I won't believe it until you post a a downloadable one so that we can use it
  46. Gift_o_Chaos

    Removing Team Color

    I found with my skins all i had to do was paint over it
  47. Gift_o_Chaos

    Tile Editing

    I want to make a Dead world tile set in wc3, but I`m having to problems A: Tiles don`t show up in wc3 viewer. B: I don't know all the filepaths I need all i know is replaceableTextures\Cliff#\Cliff#.blp Below is my warhammer table that the tile set will be based on
  48. Gift_o_Chaos

    Undead Huntress(redone)

    What should I do with it? can't really think of a way to change the panther look more undead. I was thinking a kinda raggy type of fur but I woulf like your opinion.
  49. Gift_o_Chaos

    Map Approval : How long?

    How long does it take? I'm new to the sight so sry if its the wrong section, but how long does it normally take to have a map approved?
  50. Gift_o_Chaos

    WoW icon Flood

    The icons her are great and all, but were flooded with icons from WoW! This is why I think it would be a simple improvement to have wow icons have there own section in the icon section this way we can still find other icons easily and they can still be out there to download.