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    Looking for avatar/sig maker

    Ty heffer, its pretty simple. I just need a Avatar that has a Nice pic of a kodo on it. Perferable world of warcraft kodo, and have " Kodo Masters " going under the Kodo
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    Looking for avatar/sig maker

    Hey guys im back, havent been on thsi site for who knows how long. But anyways i am in need of a avatar and sig. if u are up to it pm me or post on this and ill give u details....
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    Leader Bored Help

    Would somone help me create a leader bored, and for every unit killed by the player it will add the Number to the bored. Ive played with it but, i dunno. THanks ahead of time.
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    Project Pheonix.

    Sure, ill gladly help yah =] just pm me with more info concerning with the map.
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    Loss of the Dragonkind

    I'll gladly help u with a few things. Just gimme a Pm and we can talk
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    fav type of video game

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    Pokemon Milkshake song

    pokemon is way lame but the song owns.
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    Your fav Family Guy

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    WEU Protection by map name i cant play it!

    now u know, dont be a retard and protect maps. and make a backup file. =]
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    Favorite Moderator

    Sopho,Darkshadow,Vexorian. I like sopho/darkshadow becuase they take time outa there day to help people in need. vexorian because of his gosu spells =]
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    My Band's Single

    wow thats pretty good!! even though i cant understand it =( hope u guys come with a english version =/ if u do ill buy one!
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    Lunar Rog

    Edit: the title is wrong its Lunar Rpg!! Im thinking of making my favorite rpg into a wc3 map. Im decent at trigger/terrain/units/spells etc. I am looking for people who will be able to help me, with anything. Ive got the story line and everything for i have the games lol. If u have any...
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    looks very good but like saikann said its very dark and monotone
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    Bush Vs Kerry

    Yea ill prob get flamed. but in the little clip all kerry has to show is the medles and that he was in war
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    Favorite Tv show / Anime / Movie

    Futurama Nuff said
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    The Hello Thread (get to know your fellow gamers)

    Name: Coty Fegley Age: 15 soon to be 16 Bday: April 11 Horoscope: Aries Future Job: I would like to be a game designer Fav Band: Chevelle,Adema,RadioHead,Muse, and All old stuff like Winger,guns n roses,poison etc. Fav food: mmm I like Steak Hobbies: comp, attempting to make maps, girls...
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    cast a spell on the next posting person

    my body numb, heat rushing. For the thunderbolt has shot threw my stomach and left a gapeing hole. My eyes go cloudy, breathing getting harder with every breath. I think to my self is this the end? I see a faint figure in the darkness. I decide to get revenge on this person for i shall die at...
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    Bush Vs Kerry

    Ive gotta tell yah i didnt understand 1 thing that u said....
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    Which Gender are You?

    ...Wow wormy u cought me off guard, I thought u were a guy. :oops: bah =] any whoz im a guy!
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    Bush Vs Kerry

    Who do u like and why. I vote bush because I think he is a strong leader although he is kinda retareded at times =/(and because im republican)
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    cast a spell on the next posting person

    Sneeks up behind saga, but befor he can turn around I cast "Flicken Pickle" A few Seconds pass suddenly a strange green cloud floats over sagas head. Moments later Hundreds of Thousands of pickles are bomb barding him. As he is being struck, I grab my popcorn sit down and laugh at him.
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    Highborne Chosen

    nb could use a bit more work on some parts. 3/5
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    SKIN - *GotGunz Skin/Model Factory* (COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN)

    can u make a modle of a sheep with a peon on its back??
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    My new Main Menu

    i cant either =(
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    layout as in the terrain for the map?
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    I really dont see why u guys must be rude to him. Yes he does really express his feeling on stuff and it may not be the right thing to say at that time. but just because he says what he thinks doesnt mean u have to be rude. And acolyte the poll was disrespectful, and if u think that raz's...
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    erm are u gunna do my request lol :P Edit: my bad ur doing it now =/ sorry lol
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    very nice
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    MAP space conservation HELP!!!!

    im not aware of any program that can take off space. but if u have modles, try to just use skins for they dont take as much space up and u can have more of them! ~Mistix
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    Dont got msn But i got aim and if u would ever like to chat im all up for it my aim is "wind3lement"
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    Help with visibility!!!!!!

    First Create a rect for the spot that u want to be lighted then do this Untitled Trigger 001 Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Visibility - Create an initially Enabled visibility modifier for (Picked player) emitting Visibility across Battle Field...
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    Whats your Fav Rpg!

    Mine is "Lunar Silver star story" Very good rpg =] For ps1
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    Help with level requirements

    go to the spell that u want. go to the stats part, you'll find one that says "Level" thats how many levels the spell will have. Nearby there will be a level skip requirement so... For level put 2 that'll give u 2 levels for the ult. For level skip put 10 cause the ult will be lvl 6 i assume...
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    all i do is cp the other shops stuff and put it into the object that i want it in and it seems to work just fine =/
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    Can u make me a sig with a Shaman Shooting a lightning ball and when it hits it says " Team Disturbed " (My Paintball teams name ") Thanks ~Mistix[/img]
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    Please help me....

    hmm does it work when u put other games in the cd-rom? Is your Wc3Tft disck really scratched? maybe u got a bad cd-rom, and its time to buy a new one. have you tryed going into "My Computer" then go to "Add/Remove Programs" then clikc "Add program" and it'll search the cd-rom and see. but if all...
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    Guild Wars

    Wow that game looks very cool, the graphics are superb. Its mind boggling :shock:
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    Anyone know how to do this ?

    Yes its possible, just fiddle fart with the triggers im pretty sure you'll find it.
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    Look What my Friend did

    Pretty Cool.. Wow im im amazed that somone lives in utah i mean i never see utah players!
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    Hatred Towards Gnomes!

    Cause they short fat and ugly. also they have stubby legs hehe.. OT: the movie the Village was kinda dumb :?
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    Favorite Unit

    Fav Hero: Kotg Fav Unit: Dryad Fav Critter: Sheepy cause they fluffy and soft. Least Fav Hero: BloodMage Least Fav Unit: Tie between Ghoul/Footman Least Fav Critter: dont have one.
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    Trigger help

    but wont that make it right when he hits his second level he will change? i want it and lvl 10
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    Trigger help

    how would i make it so when a unit hits a certain lvl it will evolve into a diff unit?
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    wow very impressive. keep up the good work 5/5
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    Special effects

    Attachment points?
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    Item Stacking

    dunno, cant help yah.. but i think you should make more spells!!! ASAP!!!! cause mmm 1: ur spells are coo. 2: stewie rubbing his self is sexy. 3: erm read 1-2 =]
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    Help i am embarresed to ask this PLZ HELP ME

    and if the one razor said doesnt work then use the same one u said but use \ and not / heh
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    help... again ^^

    you mean how much health they heal? if so go to Ability tab then data- amount of hit points regenerated (how much u want regenerated)
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    Trigger Help

    Im having trouble with this trigger. if anyone can help me give me a tell and ill pm u my problem
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    Simple Question

    Can anyone tell me how to make a upgrade such as frenzy work for any Undead Unit, and not just the ghoul? ~Mistix