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    Site Got hacked!!! I found a way in a link in a new pm email

    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    COOL!!Anime Gifs <may be long load>

    Anime Gifs from who do you look like? Sorry if it is a long load. You can take these because i only layed them out ^^
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    Do y0u like chocolate

    What brand post down
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    Sorry VGsatomi

    I found a new program and made my own Avatar and signature but I am eager to see what you made.
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    Whats your Favorite pop/soda!

    8) Favorite Pop/soda if other put down as a reply
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    Lady_Shadow's Skin Workshop!

    :P What a skin? but you dont know how? Well i will do any skin you want as long as its not nudey. i dont know how to model edit tho
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    What Animal do you like best?

    I like dogs
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    ^_^ just a pic i made (no wormskulls)

    A pic i made ^_^ a better pic i made YAY my freehand one improved!
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    Some new cool gifs!

    Feel free to steal Mt Favorite Xellos
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    This is were you discuss Anime and share pics and gifs of anime like this one Another fine example of xellos (chibi)saying Now that is a secret!
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    Cool anime gifs!

    FIXED! feel free to steal these gifs Xellos from slayers(chibi) Ah my goddess ???
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    Favorite Animes

    whats your favorite animes? mine are: 1. :!: Slayers 2. :!: Inu-yasha 3. :!: Ruroni kenshin
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    Skin tutorial

    you dont need to path it if you do it right. 1. you will need these programs... Warcraft3 map uitillites, wc3 image extractor and your skin editing program. Do not rename the skin in any of the programs. Extract the skin as a .tga... now once your done go back into the extracter and convert it...