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    Replacing Units and Item Charges

    Hi everyone, What I'm trying to do is replace a unit with another unit using the GUI's Unit - Replace function, and I'd like to preserve the original unit's inventory. Here's the code I have so far to preserve the inventory. For each (Integer A) from 1 to 6, do (Actions) Loop - Actions...
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    Private games

    Hi all, Are private games broken? I don't seem to have any luck inviting friends to a map I'd like to test.
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    Terrain Question in Reforged

    Hi all, I have triggers that change the terrain at a particular location that no longer work in the HD version of Reforged. These triggers use terrain that is not currently in my tileset (when I change them to use the textures in my current tileset, though, they work just fine). Now I know...
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    Sounds from Triggered Sfx in Reforged

    Hi all, I have some triggers that create special effects, such as Thunderclap, and then destroy the Sfx to remove the leak. In Reforged, the sounds associated with these special effects seem to play 3x. Anyone noticing this?
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    Non-hero units and disappearing items

    Hi everyone, I created a non-hero unit that uses the Inventory (hero) ability. Through a trigger, I create an Orb of Fire that I want the non-hero unit to be able to pick up and use. When I use the the non-hero unit to pick it up, though, he gets the benefit of the item without the item...
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    Difficulty importing a spell

    Hi everyone, I'm returning to the World Editor after a long leave of absence, and I'm having some difficulty orienting to all of the changes/updates. I'm attempting to import this spell into a different map: Organic Bomb v1.0.3 [vJASS][UPDATE] When I open the original map with the spell and...