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    Against map protecting?

    there is not a single method out there that truly protects a map. anyone with decent computer skills and free time can open any war3 map, no matter what the protection it has implemented. if someone (smart) wants to get into your map, they can.
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    My Panda King Skin.... wont work!!

    you mean import right? or are you uploading it to a site... useing the world upload throws me off a bit. but yeah, in the WE, always gotta save and restart it to see skin change.
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    Make Portraits for you Models!

    umm, do you know how much more work it takes to put a camera perspective into the model to create a portrait model? and if you think the main visual aspect seen of the model is a worthless thing i think whatever country you're from has a different definition for the english term "worthless"
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    Making weapons go bye bye

    Using PSP(Paint Shop Pro) go to Mask >> Load From Alpha Channel, then after you load the Alpha Channel, go to Mask >> View Mask, then Mask >> Edit Mask. Now anything you make black in Edit Mask mode will become transparent (unless it's team color) or anything you make white will become opaque...
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    skin torubles

    you must be accidentaly altering the alpha channels, check them before you save and make sure you havent alpha'd everything out.
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    I few questions

    models are the 3D objects that have skins (the 2d pictures you edit) put on top of the surfaces of the 3d object (model) the only way to put wings on a grunt by skinning is to have flat wings drawn on it's back (crappy) you can make a grunt model, and add wings to that model, but it isnt a...
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    Post your best skins here!!

    sorry for the slight offtopicness in this thread, but i have a freewebs account, but they dont allow ftp, or something that made me not want to use them as my site server. i used to have a free hypermart account for over 2 years, they gave SO MUCH bandwidth and server space for free, too bad...
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    Post your best skins here!!

    the link didnt work because once again, i ran out of bandwidth, switched link so should work for a few viewings. anyone know of a good high bandwidth free host?
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    thanks a lot, i think the avatar form of the automaton is even better than this one :P
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    Post your best skins here!!

    well the whole reason i've been posting my skins is to get feedback and find out which are best, wich need work, and to help me on my future skins, so picking which one i say is my best work is too difficult. i'll post the one that is currently the most downloaded of the one's i've posted on...
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    skin faq

    and maybe get a good skinning tutorial stickied as well? i see a lot of the questions here are answered in most basic skinning tutorials. i'd contribute what i've learned to the faq as well.
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    Gnomish Automaton Being masters of technology, the stout Gnomes develop radical new technologies and construct marvels of mind-bending engineering. Having their home city of Gnomeregan ravaged and population devastated, the most brilliant minds gathered to create the ultimate warrior, the...
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    heromountainking (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    heromountainking (Texture)

    Automaton for further information and backstory visit: [one or both are often disabled for exceeding bandwidth :(] Keywords: hero, mountain, king, dwarf, beard, warrior, cyborg, cyber, robot, mechanical, mechanic, engine...
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    Darky - Skin removed? and Info Edit

    thanks, and about the editing skin info?
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    Bikini Bandit Pallette Swap

    well, seeing as how he said "whatever prog you're using to edit" i dont see how that has anything to do with merging the layers?
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    Two models, One Skin, Help!!

    you'll have to make a copy of that model and put that into the map as well, then associate one of the skins with the path of the copy.
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    i use PSP7 for all my graphix so if you could be more detailed in everything you're describing i could be of some assistance. are you editing any alpha channels? are you working with layers? hit F12 before you save the skins and under what settings are you saving it? and just give an...
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    How can i....

    and to cover all bases, make sure you have it as a .blp file, you must have it as .tga or something you can edit in order to create and modify the skin, but you are then making it a .blp afterward correct? maybe your friend meant that instead of .mdx
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    A question about transparency in skins...

    look for tutorials on how to edit alpha layers. i use PSP7 mainly so can't describe to you what to do. know this tho, certain areas that are 'team color' won't be made transparent by alpha layers, and certain area's of a model that aren't even team color areas can't be made transparent by...
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    Darky - Skin removed? and Info Edit

    one of my skin's have been removed from the site, it was an automaton skin, counterpart to the avatar form that i still have listed under my name. did you think it was the same skin so removed it since you thought i double posted? they are 2 different skins, one for avatar and one for normal...
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    Algid, Master of Ice Magic Before the Burning Legion's invasion, the blind recluce Algid, Master of Ice Magic settled in the cold deselate land of Northrend to live in peace and solitude. After the Scourge's occupation of Northrend and the merging of King Arthas and The Lich King, the wizard...
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    HeroArchmage (Texture)

    Algid, Master of Ice Magic for further information and backstory visit: [one or both are often disabled for exceeding bandwidth :(] Keywords: hero, blue, arch, mage, arcgmage, human
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    HeroArchmage (Warcraft 3 Texture)