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    FPS View

    Does anyone know how to set a camera view on a unit so that the camera is showing a first person like view without showing the unit by means other than setting the cameras hight higher than the unit or makeing the unit invisable? Thanks
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    Trigger leak problem

    I resently downloaded the leak check tool in the tools section to find out why my map was leaking. I found the trigger but I dont know how to change it to the suggested solution! The orignal line was: (Condition) Distance between (Position of Vechical[(Integer A)]) and (Position of CS1))...
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    Map Lag Problem

    I have just recently learned how to use arrays and such which has let me to make alot more progress on my map but when I did an online test to make sure everything worked, the game contiusly got worse in lag untill eventlaly I had to shut wc3 down manually. I then tested the map and let in run...
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    Trigger question: Why doesn this work?

    Hi, me again lol. Why doesnt this trigger work? Events Unit-A unit comes within 50.00 of x-wing 0002 <gen> Conditions Vechical[(PLayer number of Triggering player))] Equil to No unit (Owner of X-Wing 0002 <gen>) equil to neutral passive. Actions Unit- Move...
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    Array condition thing question

    I have just resently learned how to use arrays and I need help with a trigger for a arrowkey movement system. The event is every .01 seconds of game time. The condition is if the players variable "up" (boolean array) is true, the action is to issue an order for there "current unit" (unit array)...
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    Sight problem

    On a starfighter map i am working on when a (player controled) starfighter dies and respons it sight goes from 1800 day and night to about 500 or so. Whats up with that?
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    SPACESHIPS please

    SOME ONE PLEASE MAKE SOME SPACESHIP STUFF. And while I would would defenetly beenafit from spaceship stuff in my map im sure alota other people would like to get theres hands on space stuff so they could make alsortsa realy cool space maps.
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    Not exactly a spell but...

    Its not exacly a spell but I need it. Someone please make a spell map with the move with arrow keys trigger on it. Raptor-- tryed to explane it to me but I couldnt figer out what all he ment. If you do make it please tell me. P.S. I plan to use it on a starfighter baced map.
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    Arrow keys movement

    Hey how do you move and turn using the arrow keys? Like say you wanted to make a map with a starfighter that always moved ford and you could feel like you were actully flying it by turn it and stuff? Thanx