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  1. Dito

    Kul Tiras Footman

    Ha! Thank you!!! Yeah~~~ :goblin_yeah:
  2. Dito


    done :goblin_yeah:
  3. Dito

    SteamPunk Paladins

    I am really like the SteamPunk Paladin !! But I hope he will be added a dissipate animation :goblin_good_job:
  4. Dito

    ATCFlamingArrows (Icon)

    ingame: ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNFlamingArrows.blp Abilities\Weapons\FlamingArrow\FlamingArrowMissile.mdl
  5. D

    ATCFlamingArrows (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  6. Dito

    High King of the Elves (Icon)

    Icon for High King of the Elves
  7. D

    High King of the Elves (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  8. Dito

    FemaleBloodMage (Icon)

  9. D

    FemaleBloodMage (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  10. Dito


    Another AMAZING mode!!! :goblin_yeah: But is there should be an animation missing between morph and morph defend?
  11. Dito

    Hayden the Demon Hunteress

    AMAZING!!!:goblin_good_job: I am deeply exciting for this update!!! THX for this consummate creation!!!
  12. Dito

    Tyrande - Night Warrior

  13. Dito

    Champion Of Communism

    Rexxar!! :goblin_yeah: i am looking forward to the legion of Communism
  14. Dito

    Blood Mage

    i see, THX~ 🤞
  15. Dito

    Blood Mage

    THX,But he seems not ... her ? 🤖
  16. Dito

    Blood Mage

    Why i can't find below one
  17. Dito


  18. Dito

    Royal Captain

    It's a pity the "Stand - 4" sword disappear suddenly
  19. Dito

    Kul Tiras Footman

    PLZ see the "Decay Bone" of "Footman Alternate Helmet"... there is a helmet flying!🤖(waiting for your update And plz use the icon of Footman Alternate Helmet above.🤞