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  1. Dethekkus

    Tauren Models

    Hey, i need 2 Tauren Models for two of my maps. Tauren Hunter and Tauren Druid. Can anyone tell me where i can find these two? (I saw the Druid here before, but now it's gone :eekani: (it should be something with DruidOfTheMoon).... and the Tauren Hunter should have a gun?)
  2. Dethekkus

    Map Crashed. Does map file size matter?

    Hey there! I am making a WoW map (or were making since i can't do anything further :razz:). I tested it and now Warcraft closes when i load the map. Any idea why? :bored: Is the map to big? Hope i can get some help here. :wink: Dethekkus/Shadow_Math123
  3. Dethekkus


    Yaaaw :wink: My name is Mathias, i'm 15 years old (soon). I live in Denmark :thumbs_down: - my hobbies are Warcraft, World of Warcraft and Counter Strike :grin:. :D