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  1. lovehinanarutoDK

    Territory Defense melee v1.5

    hey... my map is a little defrent of a melee but I think it´s good^^ hmm the user hwo have made the terrain I don´t think he is on hiveworkshop anymore or epicwar, so I have just made this map to a good map to some realy good mods to put in hope you enjoy^^
  2. lovehinanarutoDK

    Territory Defense melee v1.5 (Map)

    have all most done the map self, the terrain from a other map ehhm can´t remember who??-.- but have some mods on humans and remember there will be a new v every time^^ plz enjoy=) Keywords: melee maps
  3. L

    Territory Defense melee v1.5 (Warcraft 3 Map)

  4. lovehinanarutoDK

    Hills of Glory

    ahh it was not the map I will upload sry don´t download the map!!!!
  5. lovehinanarutoDK

    Hills of Glory (Map)

    some spell effeckts I have made and can't remember whos effeckts it was but try it anyways! realy good I think^^ Keywords: random spells
  6. L

    Hills of Glory (Warcraft 3 Map)