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  1. watterboy

    Third-person view, choppy run animations left & right

    Having this strange issue where the running animations look very choppy whenever running perpendicular to the direction of the facing camera; its almost like they're really low framerate or something. Important to note that it only happens when using periodic (0.1s) pans for the camera (doesn't...
  2. watterboy

    Humbly Requesting a custom UI layout

    Hey guys - i'm developing a third person rpg game which is coming along nicely so far. I'm far more advanced with GUI than I am with jass scripting (which is to say, practically no ability to use or interpret jass aside from a line or two of custom script Actions here-and-there). Biggest thing...
  3. watterboy

    Reforged models -> SC2

    Hey all - has anybody found an easy workflow to get reforged models into SC2 editor? Looks like they patched SC2 editor to make it easier, and i much prefer the terraining options and trigger editor of SC2; but it would be much preferable to use Reforged models rather than the classic wc3 ones.
  4. watterboy

    A few basic model requests if anybody thinks they can help? (Reforged)

    Hey guys, not sure if anybody is able to fulfill these requests or not but figured I'd try. The reason I ask for models and not skins is because I still need to use the originals. Here's what I'm hoping for: -Mortar Team: separate the two Dwarves. One model has just the big guy, re-centered...
  5. watterboy

    Need Help with Custom UI for Tactics System

    Hey guys, I'm developing this Warcraft / Final Fantasy Tactics hybrid map (see video below). I need some help with the UI - I'd like to show a unit's icon, as well as some of its stats like health, mana, attack, defense, speed, items ect. I'd prefer not to use the default WC3 ui; I would like...
  6. watterboy

    Hovering Mouse over a unit

    Hey savvy mappers and scripters- when you hover your mouse over an enemy unit, the cursor turns red. Is there any way to retrieve this unit (preferably using GUI or an easy custom action) so that it can be stored into a global variable for further use? Think of it like a targeting system - I...
  7. watterboy

    Health/mana Bars

    Hello all Is there a way to create a health or mana bar at the bottom corner of the screen, similar to the SC2 editor's boss bar function? I'm looking for a non-jass method, only because I don't really know how to use it and don't want to paste functions/systems into my maps that I can't...
  8. watterboy

    Camera z-offset over terrain

    Hey all - I'm trying to develop a third person camera, and right now the thing that is destroying it is that the camera's z elevation changes dynamically based on terrain hills and valleys irregardless of the Height Offset parameter of the camera object. This results in the camera being way too...
  9. watterboy

    Third Person Camera Panning over Terrain

    Hey all, Messing around with the Reforged editor, experimenting and planning out a map I'd like to make. I'm getting caught up with camera motion over rolling terrain; my map has lots of hills and valleys, and when my third person camera follows my unit, it can't seem to keep up in terms of...