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    War of the Ring - Wraith Soundset

    Oh yes. He's back!
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    Chaos Centaurs

    Intriguing. I like it!
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    If you still haven't been able to find it, you should be able to use the Export option in the...

    If you still haven't been able to find it, you should be able to use the Export option in the Campaign's Import Manager to get it out yourself. Of course, if there are any .blp files, you'll need those too...
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    Rise of the Lich King

    Just a little tidbit to use or ignore as you see fit, there's a pretty awesome Lich King custom soundset here, by LazZ:
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    Female Orc Grunt

    Okay! After much procrastination, I added in 4 Pissed quotes, and 2 What, Yes, and YesAttack quotes each. They've all been properly trimmed to match the in-game ones, though the sound hasn't been edited yet. I've been learning how to use Audacity as I go, and thankfully it's very easy to learn...
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    What5 (Sound)

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    What4 (Sound)

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    Yes5 (Sound)

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    Yes4 (Sound)

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    YesAttack5 (Sound)

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    YesAttack4 (Sound)

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    Pissed7 (Sound)

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    Pissed6 (Sound)

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    Pissed5 (Sound)

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    Pissed4 (Sound)

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    Dwarven Warrior Pack

    Oho! I love it!
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    Dark Iron Siege Units

    Well, this is Warcraft 3. Demolishers, Glaive Throwers, Meat Wagons... there's a lot of sentient siege weapons, lol
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    You, Johnwar, and Rhapsodie are doin' the Lord's work. Love it XD
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    Villager (Kid) and Derivatives

    I swear, conscription keeps going younger and younger these days... ;)
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    Spell Weaver

    This could be quite useful as a Bronze Dragon!
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    Thane Pack

    I like it! I've been wanting to do a custom team map with the seven human kingdoms and a bunch of different orc clans. I'm gonna wait a while longer for a few different reasons, but it would be WAY easier with your units and Bakr's building. Love the options!
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    Female Orc Grunt

    Some good advice here! I'll change the name, 'cause I have to admit that "Female Grunt" is better than huntress. As for trimming and lowering volume, I'll see if I can figure that out. I'm new to trying out these kinds of things, and I haven't really used Audacity. But, I'll hop in and see what...
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    Warcraft III Balnazzar Soundset

    Or do you mean how to make it into a soundset for a unit? If so, it's a tad more complicated. First, you have to replace an existing soundset with it, because WC3 doesn't have a way to create a whole new one. Here's the steps: • Choose a soundset to replace with this one. You'll need to replace...
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    YesAttack3 (Sound)

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    YesAttack2 (Sound)

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    YesAttack1 (Sound)

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    Yes3 (Sound)

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    Yes2 (Sound)

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    Yes1 (Sound)

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    What3 (Sound)

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    What2 (Sound)

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    What1 (Sound)

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    Warcry1 (Sound)

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    Ready1 (Sound)

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    Pissed3 (Sound)

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    Pissed2 (Sound)

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    Female Orc Grunt (Sound)

    This one is actually from a Johanna skin in Heroes of the Storm. Big thanks to Xetanth87 for giving the link to the page where I could download these. I'll definitely be making use of more HotS soundsets in the future! The sounds were imported from here: Johanna/Quotes/Warsong. If you want/need...
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    Pissed1 (Sound)

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    Draenei Vindicator

    I'm way beyond late to the thread, but on the off chance you could still use this, here's some options that should help you out. Models: Ujimasa Hojo Archimonde and Derivatives Hero Draenei Paladin Draenei Paladin With a Shield Vindicator Maraad Loading Screen: Draenei Paladin Loading Screen...
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    Elekk Knight Icon

    This is perfect for one of my maps. Thanks!
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    MaraadYesAttack3 (Sound)

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    MaraadYesAttack2 (Sound)

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    MaraadYesAttack1 (Sound)

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    MaraadYes3 (Sound)

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    MaraadYes2 (Sound)

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    MaraadYes1 (Sound)

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    MaraadWhat3 (Sound)

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    MaraadWhat2 (Sound)

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    MaraadWhat1 (Sound)

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    Male Vindicator (Draenei) (Sound)

    This one is based off of Vindicator Maraad. It's somewhat more vindictive than other Draenei- not that that's saying much. No Pissed quotes on this guy, I'm afraid. He really just doesn't have the soundset for it in WoW.