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  1. tillinghast

    What happened to the <scrolls of lore>?

    courtesy of @stein123 i never visited the forums but the gallery section was amazing
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    if you can type this message then you can rename the model
  3. tillinghast

    April Fools - Introducing Honeycombs!

    why are sounds, spells and tools sections free from honeycombs tyranny? is this discrimination or just laziness?
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    Official WarCraft IV Discussion

    just copy what mortal kombat 9 did but with khadgar instead of raiden
  5. tillinghast

    The top of model shows dark

    i think it was because normals were inverted, try now
  6. tillinghast

    [SD/Modeling] Can someone please add decay flesh & decay bone animations to this model?

    here, i also optimized it with this test it in-game and see if there's any bugs
  7. tillinghast

    Heaven's Halberd

    i think you should do this
  8. tillinghast

    i think it's just that new users don't have any for whatever reason i wish it was possible to...

    i think it's just that new users don't have any for whatever reason i wish it was possible to unselect it too
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    Chaos Spider

    if nothing else works try this tool, dl it and just drop the model file on .exe and remove the custom texture paths so that only filename is left, then do the same for portrait
  10. tillinghast

    Chaos Spider

    comparing the screenshots it looks like you're using / for filepaths instead of \
  11. tillinghast

    for sd or hd graphics?

    for sd or hd graphics?
  12. tillinghast

    [Import] Unable to add special effects of any sort to a custom model?

    test it in-game before thanking me because i didn't
  13. tillinghast

    [Import] Unable to add special effects of any sort to a custom model?

    model has no attachment points, try this also make sure to add gold/lumber for water/fire elemental versions in these object editor fields edit: now that i look at it, second field is probably unnecessary because it uses the same skeleton for all three forms but "required animation names" and...
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    teamcolored version (Warcraft 3 Model)

  15. T

    missile (Warcraft 3 Model)

  16. tillinghast

    Vore (Model)

    vore from quake, includes missile 03.15 - added a teamcolored version
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    Vore (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    Spell throw missile (Warcraft 3 Model)

  19. tillinghast

    Undead assassin (Model)

    undead assassin, includes a spell throw dagger model
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    Undead assassin (Warcraft 3 Model)

  21. tillinghast

    Introducing: Hive Heroes!

    what exactly is the important lesson that this nostalgiabait crap is imparting, mr. psychologist? "hey we got all these familiar characters here, don't you feel all warm and fuzzy inside now, go and buy all their products now"? the shitty book has pages upon pages just listing all the video...
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    Cursed royalty

  23. tillinghast

    Stone tadpole (Model)

    One day it will grow up to be a big and beautiful RuinsHead.mdx from war3beta.mpq
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    Stone tadpole (Warcraft 3 Model)

  25. tillinghast

    Introducing: Hive Heroes!

    what's the point of experience anyway? once you can post without mods having to check your message first and can send private messages it becomes meaningless are there some features locked behind levels that i'm not aware of? a super secret discussion board perhaps?
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    Introducing: Hive Heroes!

    please add an option to rearrange the order of stuff in the sidebar (latest posts, users online etc) so that i can put the hive heroes at the absolute bottom or an option to collapse/expand leaving only the title of the thing edit: i'm sorry if this came off as rude to hive heroes, but they're...
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    3D Model Viewer

    there is a small bug with the ribbon emitter display: i used a material with "Replaceable ID 2" for it and it always shows as red instead of being teamcolored
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    Explosive sheep

    no i won't
  29. tillinghast

    Explosive sheep

    like what?
  30. tillinghast

    Explosive sheep (Model)

    mechanical sheep designed to creep on an unsuspecting enemy and explode 12.03.22 - added missing tire tracks
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    Explosive sheep (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    What is your favorite song at the moment?
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    Comment by 'tillinghast' in media 'HellGuardian_Wip'

    this is great but i think it would look even better if you'd invert the wrap on the horns
  34. tillinghast

    Cursed royalty

    please direct all questions about the anatomy to Peter Hannan of Nickelodeon, creator of hit tv series CatDog
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    texture path is just "WarsongGrunt.blp", models are whatever
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    try to shorten the texture path to just "WarsongGrunt.blp" with this and reimport everything
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    try using "Textures\WarsongGrunt.blp" instead of "Textures/WarsongGrunt.blp"
  38. tillinghast

    Cursed royalty

    i haven't actually seen it, i saw a screenshot with the uh lady there were also Anthropophagus references, if you catch my drift but saner minds prevailed once again
  39. tillinghast

    Cursed royalty (Model)

    royal lady cursed to be very scary and ugly
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    Cursed royalty (Warcraft 3 Model)

  41. tillinghast

    [SD/Modeling] A simple green ooze