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  1. Kryis

    Doodad hight?

    Ctrl + Page Up (to make it go up) or Ctrl + Page Down (to make it go down). Hope this helped Kryis
  2. Kryis

    Chivalry Wars

    RElease is indeed going to be Tomorrow August 8th! Hope some people are willing to try it. I will upload it on both this site and, i will post links tomorrow!
  3. Kryis

    Trigger that lets you mass units to area if auto-cast is ON?

    IS it possible at all to make for example all spawned footies to have an ability like mass. And if this ability has auto-casting on then when (mass attacker enters region[1231]) issue all units with mass attack on to follow the mass order, but if its not on ignore the mass attack order? IS...
  4. Kryis

    can you have 2 Multi Boards?

    without overlaping one another? if so how?
  5. Kryis

    Chivalry Wars

    thanks, thats what I am best at, I honestly think the terrain isnt good enough :/. I might do as you said but we will see. I will have something new in each version, to help it be fun. The way im looking at it now it should be ready and flowing August 8th 0:01. What to see in v1.01 64...
  6. Kryis

    Chivalry Wars

    Chivalry Wars is a golem/mass attack game, but brings to the table a lot more things then previous golem-like games. There are 4 teams, Team Divinity (Humans), Team Atrocity (Orc), Team Mystical (Elves), and Team Deceased (Undead). Anyways you start off with two unit choosers in which you...