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  1. mattstheman

    Mac Beta Editor

    I have the beta on my mac and I have realized that it is not anywhere near the patch that the pc patch is on now. Does anyone know what patch the mac is currently on? Also, is there a site I can visit to provide updates on the patches that the mac is getting? I really want the editor to come...
  2. mattstheman

    Ingame tree problem

    I replaced the tree model of snowy winter tree with this. I can see them in the editor but when I go ingame I can't see any of them... Someone please help
  3. mattstheman

    hero glow removal

    Please remove this unit's hero glow. And this units...
  4. mattstheman

    Secret of the Ancients

    Secret of the Ancients What is it: A single player RPG... Backstory: The king has sent out an expedition to discover the islands of the southern sea. After three days of sailing they arrived near the islands. That night the seas were rough and raid poured down vigorously from the sky. With...
  5. mattstheman

    Jungle Tree

    For my map that will be realsed with a beta version soon is in need a jungle tree. I have dense forests around some areas of my map and using a bunch of small palm trees just doesn't look right. Can anyone make me something similar to the model below? A few things: The dangling vines are...
  6. mattstheman

    SC2 Mac Editor Support?

    So when SC2 comes out, like most Blizzard games I'm assuming that it will be for both mac and pc. As of now the wc3 editor does run on the mac but not all features work or have hotkeys for... such as the raise and lower doodads (on pc you use the page up and page down) on a mac there is no...
  7. mattstheman

    Quick Save/Load Question

    For my campaign I am working on I want a save a load system. This is one player obviously so I can use the game cache to save and load back hero's and such. I have tried to make it how I want it to be but have been unsuccessful. What I want: 1) At the map load up you get a dialog... "New...
  8. mattstheman

    Pathing Help

    I've been doing some NPC (non-player computer) pathing for my city in my map. One feature I've added is so when you click a person within a certain range he turns to look at you. If you deselect him or walk away it looks back to its original facing direction. This is all good and works...
  9. mattstheman

    WoW Starcraft?

    Now that Starcraft II is coming out and the sweet new editor and all... are you going to make your map using this new editor? It has all new features and custom UI and stuff to really give your map the WoW feel. Would probably suck to start the whole map again though...
  10. mattstheman

    Healing Detection

    Quick Question: Well I know how to make a damage detection system that creates floating text above the unit for how much damage you deal... blah blah blah Is there a way to detect how much health was healed on an ally or self and create a green floating text over that person? Is it...
  11. mattstheman

    Hero Glow Removal (Quick)

    Ok i have a model editor and I know how to remove hero glows, but this one is though. I can't seem to get a "hero glow free" version of the Demon Hunter. Things I need: 1) No hero glow 2) While your at it if you could remove all the alternate attacks, animations, textures ect.. 3) Silly I...
  12. mattstheman

    Quick Question

    How would i make an event in jass for "a destructible is clicked"? Is that how most inventory systems do that? What event are most inventory systems based on?
  13. mattstheman

    Inventory System help

    Everytime I open any jass written inventory system and save it, it always complains about tons of errors. I figure this is because they wrote it in JNGP or something. Is there anyway I can get the system to work for my editor which is just the regular 1.24 version. Another thing... Is there any...
  14. mattstheman

    Huge Request (Inventory)

    This is a very large request and very specific. I need an equipment system that looks like this one example one I made. As of now nothing happens yet. What I want: 1) When you obtain an item it goes into the large inventory 2) Click an item and it gets highlighted with the hero level up...
  15. mattstheman


    Ok this is what I want: 1) The hellscream model 2) This skin on it : 3) No hero glow! 4) And I don't want that annoying flag on his back. This is my request...
  16. mattstheman

    ¡¡Quick fix!! Plaese help

    Can someone remove the hero glow on this model? I don't want any glow at all. I tried it but it removed some of the model too :(
  17. mattstheman

    Secret of the Ancients

    how do i delete this?
  18. mattstheman

    Model Request: Town Portal

    Should be a pretty simple model... Please make it look like the diablo 2 one but have a more high-def feel (wc3 quality).
  19. mattstheman

    Save/Load System help!!

    I'm going to do my best to explain what I need... I want a save/load system so that in-game i type "-save" and it will save my hero, items, ect. **IMPORTANT: I don't want a save/load key displayed to me** Now when I quit and then open the map again I want to be able to type "-load" and I...
  20. mattstheman

    Diablo 3 barbarian model

    I'm working on a diablo-ish style map using similar heros and abilities but a different theme and zone. I know this is probably a very tough model to make but something like the Diablo 3 barbarian will suffice (I'm new to THW kinda so I will give rep to whoever makes it, but tell me how to. A...
  21. mattstheman

    Item Collection Quest *Needs Fix*

    I am working on my rpg map and i have encountered an error when doing one of the quests. Events A Unit owned by Player 1 (Red) Acquires an item Conditions ((Quest[2] is enabled) Equal to True) and ((item-type of (item being manipulated)) Equal to Silken Ore) Actions Set Counter...
  22. mattstheman

    Custom interface won't work... Can anyone fix this to work in game?
  23. mattstheman

    Equipment System (needs a quick fix)

    Here is my equipment system i whipped up real quick. Feel free to use it all you want. You may notice that there is one problem (or more if you find them). When you go to unequip an item it unquips all the items in your inventory... this is very annoying. Try equipping the sword and a chest...