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    Blood rage problems

    Hello! I have 2 problems concerning my blood rage ability, description and triggers can be found here. 1. Sometimes when the computer learns the ability, the bars aren't created. This doesn't happen when a player controlled hero learns blood rage. The issue can be seen in this replay. 2...
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    Prevent player from changing race

    Hello! Is there a way to prevent players from changing race in game creation, without limiting players' ability to change teams or colour? I have some custom races on my map, so the race selection is done through a dialog in game. It wouldn't really matter which race the player originally has...
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    Lightning effect height problem

    [SOLVED] Lightning effect height problem I'm creating a triggered life drain spell. Everything else works, but I'd like the lightning to be displayed correctly also when the spell is cast on flying units. So I do the following: set casterX = GetUnitX(this.caster) set targetX =...
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    How to disable unit's abilities and building

    I'm making a modified (triggered) version of animate dead, and I need to simulate the original spell as well as possible. I'm almost done, the units are summoned, recolored and so on, but I still have one problem. How do I disable all abilities for summoned units, including building?
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    Creating trees with slowed birth animation

    I'm making a simple library for creating growing trees. create tree function takes the growth duration as a parameter. The problem is, that when I use long growth times (e.g. 10 seconds), the animation "jumps" to the end. Why, and how could it be fixed? Here's my code: library TreeLib...
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    [Trigger] Ai won't harvest wood if player is night elf

    I have replaced standard races with custom races and made an ai for each race. Everything works as it should, except that demons (replaces night elf race) don't harvest wood. Here's the trigger I use to replace starting units: Melee Initialization Events Map initialization...
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    Activate cooldown when building is finished

    I'm creating superweapons (like in c&c series), which are basically buildings, which have abilities with a long range and cooldown. What I want, is that when a building is finished, the cooldown is activated immediately. One solution would be to order unit to cast the ability, but it would have...
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    Custom stat system improvements

    Hello! I've been thinking about making a system, that allows modifying damage, armor, max hp, max mana etc. through triggers. First of all, is there such a system? I couldn't find one, but I'd rather not reinvent the wheel. So far I have created a function, which adds (or removes) damage...
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    Unique item groups

    Hello! I'd like to create "unique item groups" and I'm wondering what would be a good data structure for it. The idea is that a unit can only hold one item per group. There can be any number of groups, and an item can belong to multiple groups. So somehow I should map from item type to multiple...
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    Parsing jass file with c++

    Hello! I'm writing a simple tool to process (e.g. combine) jass files in c++. I'd like to find a (simple) way to detect second definitions. So let's say for example, that I want to combine files a.j and b.j into c.j. Both a.j and b.j contain a global variable called "udg_index" (quite common...
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    Event - unit is revived?

    I'm making a custom health bar system. The bar has to be hidden when a unit dies, and shown again if it's revived. The thing is, units can be revived in many ways: altars, triggers and resurrection. Is there a way to detect all these events?
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    Some AI Questions

    I have some questions regarding AI: 1. Is it possible to write ai script directly in the trigger editor, or does it have to be imported? That would simplify the debugging process... 2. I need an algorithm for a triggered ai: I want to find point X within A radius of point Y, which has most...
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    Custom AI

    Hello! I already asked this long time ago, but I still haven't found a solution and I've been inactive on this project for a long time. I'd be very thankful if someone could help me with this issue. I've made an ai for a custom race using ai editor (see the screenshots). The problem is that...
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    Pokemon Gladiators - Obtaining New Heroes

    Hello! Here I am again asking for your opinions. :grin: Thank you for your support so far! So I've been working on a pokemon themed gladiator map, where a group of heroes fight against creeps in an arena (quite similar to orc gladiators). I've planned that players will be able to save their...
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    Infernal stun buff

    Hello! Simple and short, is it possible to change the stun buff art of inferno spell?
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    Damage Engine Damage Dealing Loop

    I've made an ability, which is a custom cleaving attack but works for ranged heroes too. I'm using DamageEvent for damage detection. When the effect is triggered, I get a debug message saying that there is a damage recursion and I should disable the trigger before dealing damage. However, I have...
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    Spell ideas fitting these roles

    Hello! As some of you may already know from my previous posts, I'm working on a pokemon themed gladiator arena map. Since I got so great responses to my previous thread, I decided to ask for more advice. I've made some heroes, but some spells don't fit in their roles, so I'm looking for better...
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    Event ideas

    Hello! I'm in need of ideas for events and mini games for my gladiator arena style map. There are going to be about 30 rounds and every 5th round is a boss round. I was planning to have about 5 events, which would reward succesful players with resources, items, experience or access to secret...
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    Reduced damage while under spell effect

    I'm making a spell in vJass, which periodically damages enemy units in a line while channelling. That part is done, now I'd like to expand the spell: the damage of all units within that line is reduced by X%. My plan is to add a modified command aura to units (in periodical loop) if they don't...
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    [vJASS] Item stacking

    I've been trying to make a simple item stacking system. Here's the code: scope ItemStacking initializer init globals private constant integer STACK_MAX_AMOUNT = 100 endglobals private function onPickup takes nothing returns boolean local integer i = 0...
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    [Solved] Question about extending structs

    I'd like to extend Nestharus' Dummy struct so that in the constructor I add a special effect on the unit. Here's what I've tried: struct Element extends array thistype nextUnit thistype prevUnit private effect art private delegate Dummy Dummy...
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    Unhiding units with locust

    When I unhide a unit with locust, it receives a health bar and becomes selectable. How do I get around this? I need this for dummy recycling, I'm hiding dummy units that aren't currently in use.
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    Detecting if a unit is on water

    Is there a way to detect (check in a condition) if a unit is swimming?
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    Finding a unit on map

    Hello! I have a huge map with lots of units. I have a trigger which has an event "unit comes within 100 range of footman 0427 <gen>". I need to locate where that unit is. Because there are many units, checking them all one by one will take a lot of time. Is there an easier way?
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    [vJASS] Efficient use of dummy units

    Hello! I've been wondering what's the most efficient way to create spells, that require a lot of dummy units. I'll give an example: The caster channels a spell. Every 0.33 seconds, a projectile is shot at random direction damaging enemies in the way. When the projectile reaches its...
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    Dummy unit too high

    I've made a spell which creates a dummy unit and moves it in a line. I have set unit's movement type to fly and height to 10 in object editor, and I don't change unit's height via triggers. However, when casting this spell near cliffs, the dummy unit is created above the casting unit. How could...
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    Lacking Ideas: Pokemon Arena

    Hello! I've recently started making a new map, and I'm in need of some ideas. The map is a pokemon-themed gladiator arena (quite similar to orc gladiators), where heroes (pokemon) fight against ~30 waves of creeps. Every fifth level is a boss round. The basic storyline behind the map is that...
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    [Solved] Problem with lightning effects

    Hello! I've encountered a strange problem when using custom lightning effects. I've used them a lot, and never had a problem like this. When I import LightningData.slk to my map, all my lightning effects stop showing (even preset ones). I can import LightningData.slk on any other map and it...
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    Counter ability

    I'm working on a simple (or should be) ability called Counter. It gives a chance to block an attack and damage the attacker by the same amount of damage. However, the ability does nothing. If I disable the line "Unit -Cause ...", the damage is blocked properly. Why does that line mess the...
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    Requesting melee AI

    Hello! I have made a map with some custom races and I'd like to be able to play against AI. The map basically serves as a test map for abilities and races. What I'm requesting is a simple melee AI for one of the races (elves, orcs, undeads or demons, any will do). If I see how it's done, I can...
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    Melee AI for custom race

    Hello! I've been trying to make my first ai. It's for a custom race (elves). For some reason it doesn't seem to work, workers begin harvesting but they don't build anything, and the player doesn't train new workers. This is how my building tab looks in the ai editor: Town Hall 1...
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    [vJASS] Small error in a trigger

    Hello. I've been trying to make a spell, which throws projectiles (dummy units) into air around the caster, and damages enemies when they land. So far, the spell works fine, there's just one thing that has to be fixed: on some rare cases, a dummy unit is created and it isn't moved and therefore...
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    [Solved] Spell with 2 target points

    Is it possible in wc3 to have a spell which has 2 target points? I'll use a chronosphere superweapon from c&c red alert 2 as an example. How it works is that first you click on the ability, then you target a point (area1), then you target another point (area2). Then all units from area1 are...
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    War3 Cache Converter Problem

    Has anyone used War3 Cache Converter? It's a tool, that allows converting a game cache to a slk.file, thus allowing to modify the game cache without world editor. However, when I convert Campaigns.w3v, I get an slk file with fields Usage: CacheConv <campaigns.w3v> [output.slk] or CacheConv...
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    [Solved] Counting the number of human players

    I'm working on a hero siege, and I'm going to make a different number of creatures to spawn per wave depending on the number of players. How can I check how many human players there are? CheckPlayersByMapControl() also counts players that aren't actually playing, so It can't be used for this.
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    How to set an illusion to a variable?

    I have a spell, in which I need to set an illusion to a unit variable. I tried using the event "unit spawns a summoned unit" but it seems like illusions aren't considered summoned units. How can I detect when an illusion is spawned and set it to a variable?
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    Making a good-looking combined lightning effect

    Hello! I've made a spell, which uses a parabola-formed lightning effect. The problem is that the lightning must be created by combining linear lightning effects, and the narrow part between the lightnings is very noticeable (see the picture). Is there any way to make it look better, either by...
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    Destroying floating texts

    I'm using floating texts with lifespans. Are they destroyed automatically after that time or do I have to attach timers to them to destroy them?
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    Laggy Spell (leaks?)

    Hello. I have created a spell, in which the caster charges energy for up to 10 seconds and then releases a beam damaging units in a line. The spell itself works fine, but the map is very laggy all the time (also when not casting the spell). I believe I have removed all leaks, but I'd greatly...
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    Making a constant array

    Hello! I have lots of different heroes and abilities on my map. My goal is to make certain heroes to learn certain abilities at certain levels, so I thought it might be a good idea to store unit types and level-ability pairs into an array of some kind. The ideal structure is like this...
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    Making a Constant Array

    EDIT: sorry, wrong board, this was meant to be in warcraft help zone. Hello! I have lots of different heroes and abilities on my map. My goal is to make certain heroes to learn certain abilities at certain levels, so I thought it might be a good idea to store unit types and...
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    Checking if a point is within a triangle

    I use these 3 conditions to check if TempPoint2 is within a triangle. The center of the triangle is TempPoint and length of a median is 600. ((Y of TempPoint2) - ((Y of TempPoint) + 400.00)) Less than or equal to (1.73 x ((X of TempPoint2) - (X of TempPoint))) ((Y of TempPoint2) - ((Y of...
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    [Solved] Unit able to turn but not move

    Is it possible to make a unit able to turn, but unable to move? I tried setting movement speed to 0, but that prevents turning.
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    [Solved] Distance between point and line

    I've been trying to make a function that calculates the distance between a point and a line. I know one point from a line, let's call it (xl, yl), and the point whose distance I need to calculate is (xp, yp). I also know the angle of the line (just called angle). So the equation of the line is...
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    Damaging a line

    My spell has a line rotating around a point. How can I damage units who get, let's say, in 50 range of the line? How do I pick those units within the rectangle?
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    Teleport Strike Spell Bug

    I've made a Telepost Strike spell, which basically makes then caster to teleport to the target unit and slash it 5/10/15 times. If the target unit dies and the caster still has slashes left, it proceeds to the next valid target. Here's some info about my hashtable: index purpose 0...
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    Storyline Needed

    I've made 4 custom races just for fun (elves, orcs, undeads and demons). I never thought I'd release any of it, but as those races are almost complete, I decided to make a campaign based on those races. I'll start by telling about heroes (since they're the key of the storyline): Elves...
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    Saved game won't load

    I'm making a campaign, which consists of many linked maps (like in tft orc campaign). Everything else works correctly, but I can't load a saved game. Here's a trigger:Transition Events Conditions Actions Set TempPath1 = ((SaveFolder + \) + Map1.w3z) Set TempPath2...
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    About importing icons

    Is it necessary to change the path of an icon when importing it? why? I have imported many icons without changing the path and they work perfectly.
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    Some Questions

    I'm making a campaign and here are some things that have caused me problems. I already posted these questions on thehelper forums, but I didn't get answers.: 1. How can I Limit heroes' skill points to 1 per 3 levels (max hero level in my campaign is 100) 2. The campaign will consist of...