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  1. Simon559

    Need help with a shooting system!

    Hi there! I'm looking for a system were you can fire with the keyboard, For instance with space or Z. I need it for a "platform" arrow-key steered game. Since I use the arrow-keys I can't use them for the shooting trigger so if anyone know how to do it I would appreciate the help! (and...
  2. Simon559

    Diablo I - WC3

    INTRODUCTION: I have decided to make a Diablo I map in Warcraft 3 were you will play through the Diablo story in a three player map. NOTE: I won't do any Hellfire content! But I might do it in the future! GAMEPLAY In game you will have the choise of selecting between three different heroes...
  3. Simon559

    Need a custom healing wave

    Hi there everyone! I'm requesting a system (Jass or GUI doesn't really only it works:P), that makes the healing wave based on the casters intelligence (even the bounces and the "direct cast"). I will +rep you for this and I will be verry thankful and I will ofc give credits.
  4. Simon559

    [Trigger] Need help with making a trigger.

    Hi there everyone! I kind of have a problem :P I have tried to create a trigger that will create a floating text above units, and I wanted the text to be stuck above them but the text stays at the "original" position of the units >.< If someone could help me I would be happy and I will ofc...
  5. Simon559

    Lamp Model Request!

    Hi there! I am requesting someone to make me two models. Both will be the same model but since this is going to be a doodad I will require two since they should have two different "Stand" animations. Here it is, its a lamp that will be haning in the air (ceiling). It should have a glow...
  6. Simon559

    Star Wars Model Requests!

    Hi! I am looking for someone that could make me some models of Star Wars ships. I will give you +rep and give you credits in the map. Here they are: Foray-class: Hammerhead-class: Interdictor-class: Aurek tactical Fighter: S-250 Chela-class Fighter: Sith Fighter: I...
  7. Simon559

    Model Request!

    Hi! If there is someone out here that could make a model for me I would be greatful (I give you a +rep also!). I want a Banshee mounted on the Death knight/Arthas mount.
  8. Simon559

    [JASS] Help me please

    Hi there! I wanted to get a "paradrop" trigger so than I thought of the Blizzard map Bomber Command, since it is the only map that I know that has paradropping. So I opened the map found the trigger but it was jass. And I don't know anything about jass o.o So if someone could help me it...
  9. Simon559

    Changing pathing on tiles?

    Hi there everyone. I were just wondering if it is possible to change pathing on some tiles and so on so you dont have to spam pathing blockers every were if someone could help me with it if its possible :) I will give a +rep to you :)
  10. Simon559

    Azeroth terrain!

    Hello there. I'm would be greatful if someone would accept this request and make me a Map that is shaped like the World of Azeroth. I will give the terrainer the credit for his/her work :)
  11. Simon559

    Looking For a Campaign Screen

    Hi Iam looking for a High Elf Campaign Screen for a Campaign I'm making. If anyone could make on for me I would be pleased.
  12. Simon559

    Need help with some triggers!

    Hi. I need a talent tree trigger like the one that is used in the map : Molten Core. (Abilities and so on). If someone knows how you do that please help me.
  13. Simon559

    Recruiting Trigger-Personel!

    Hi. Iam creating a map and I don't know nearly anything about triggers :grin: so I would like someone thats skilled in triggering things so I could release a beta test on the map. You will get more information about what I want to have triggered and so on, just contact me on...