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  1. VampireHeart

    Port Mapping on AirPort Extreme?

    Im having some trouble setting up my AirPort so i can host. Im running three Macs (two leopard one tiger). Mine(leopard) and my brothers(he has tiger) have Warcraft III installed. The third, my dads(leopard), has the AirPort Utility and all of the networks and such. So the problem is that i...
  2. VampireHeart

    Game Engines?

    Im currently looking for a Game Engine that is Macintosh compatable, supports MMO gameplay, and preferably free. I have looked into RealmForge but don't know if it is good or not. If anyone has any suggestions into the best Game Engines would be great. -Thanks
  3. VampireHeart

    How to set up Darwine for mac??

    Setting up Darwine for my mac has been the most frustrating thing that i have ever done... it seriously kills me. If anyone knows what files i really need and how to install them would be much appreciated. PS: Im running Leopard on an Intel based mac. -Thanks
  4. VampireHeart

    Maya 8.5: Render Settings Problem

    I have just purchased Maya 8.5 (Student Version) for my Mac (running on Leopard). I am having problems with the Render Settings Window. When i try to render as a movie file, like an .AVI or .MOV, the option of "Multiable Frames" is grayed out. I don't know if anyone is familiar with Maya...
  5. VampireHeart

    [Trigger] Endo/Exo Help

    Im having some bug issues with this trigger. What i want is that the caster casts the ability and the damage dealt to the targeted unit is equal to "75 x the number of units around the targeted unit". ENDOEXO Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions...
  6. VampireHeart

    [Trigger] Help with damage trigger

    Im having trouble with a trigger. What i want is when you press an ability it the unit deals damage, in line with its facing angle, to enemy units. I dont want to have to select a target though, like shockwave or something. I have tried something like this but it does not work (also it...
  7. VampireHeart

    Caption Contest!!!

    Funniest caption to this picture wins:
  8. VampireHeart

    Gimp for Leopard.

    As some of you might of heard, on Leopard while using GIMP there are some problems with menus and windows. Before in Tiger when I moved my mouse into a different window it switched into it. But in Leopard, I have to click into the window and then i can use the tools and options in it. Is...
  9. VampireHeart

    Human UI

    Can someone extract the Human UI consoles for me please? My MPQ is f-ing up at the moment. It extracts it but its just a blank image. :slp:
  10. VampireHeart

    Un-Registering Windows?

    I have a Power MAC(Tower) that i previously had Boot Camp running, And I registered on boot camp. But for some reasons the disk got corrupted and I had to erase it(Thank god i did not partition my MAC hard drive!!) Now I have Parallels running but i can't register because it has already been. Is...
  11. VampireHeart

    Fading and Appearing Text Animations

    This is a brief way how you animate texts: 1. You start with a base image. 2. Duplicate base image layer at least 1 to how many you want.( You need 5 for this scale) 3. Create a text in another window(make sure the pixel x pixel is the same value). Add filters scrip fu etc. And...
  12. VampireHeart

    Lost in Thought...

    I made this picture based off of this magic card: It depicts an old man who is looking back into his thoughts and recounting the horrors of war. Created in GIMP.
  13. VampireHeart

    High Resolution Terrain

    I originally wanted to make a whole set of maps with Born2Modificate's pack, but gave up on it. Here is the fist one. Its a farmland area at dusk-ish time, with a city separated into sections based on class: The first level is shops and what not, second is nobles and the third is the royal...
  14. VampireHeart

    Making Signatures (NEW THREAD)

    Making Signatures -New Thread- Ive decided decided to take up some requests from the thread "Making Signatures" started by Herio San. If anyone is interested in helping out please feel free to ask. Ask me about animated signatures. Such as my sig. -Please Read this before Posting- Requests...
  15. VampireHeart

    The F*cking Retard Villager!

    I was playing around with the Animation Transfer program and thought this was funny, just play the animations and ull laugh :xxd:
  16. VampireHeart

    Mac OS 10.5 Lepard-Programs Not Responding

    My dad just loaded the new OS for mac yesterday and whenever he closes an app it crashes and cant be open unless u "pull the plug". Force quit does nothing and relauching the Finder just freezes up the whole computer. If anyone is familliar with Mac and could help that would be great. Note...
  17. VampireHeart

    Real-Texture LumberJack

    Well, ive been wanting to make this for a while now but i had so trouble making the denim. But last friday i was playing around with so of the filters and there ya go. Tell me what needs to be improved/changed :wink: BTW the beanie on his head is for the portrait, cuz in the portrait...
  18. VampireHeart

    Torov the Half-Elven Warrior!

    Torov the Half-Elven Warrior This is a model i started a while ago in Maya PLE(Personal Learning Editon, a free version of Maya that has everything maya has but...saves as a upscure file type that cant be used :wink:) Any way ill just list some things about the parts and how i made them...
  19. VampireHeart

    Sengir Vampire

    I drew this vampire picutre based on this pick: 100% drawn with mouse :eek: This is probibly my first "just draw somthing" pic(meaning not just editing a skin)
  20. VampireHeart

    Uber Tie pic!

    DIG THE TIE! idk i just made this.. :razz:
  21. VampireHeart

    Assigning a Texture to a Model?

    I have re-skined the Medivh model and re-animated it how to i remove the old Medivh skin and add the new one? Thanks :infl_thumbs_up:
  22. VampireHeart

    Medivh Model Mesh Delete

    I have used the Animation Transfer program on the Medivh model but the raven form of the model is still poping up. How do i delete this mesh? Ive tried on the Warcraft III Model editer but i have no experience with the program so IDK how. Can somone help? Thanks
  23. VampireHeart

    Model from MayaPLE

    This is my first model that i have made from stratch! :smile: I have created it in Maya PLE does any1 know of an exporter script or a plug-in for maya? If so, where can I get it? Thanks
  24. VampireHeart

    Crit Based Trigger

    Ok, for a crit based custom abillity whats the event for it? Is it "Unit starts the effect of an abillity"? If so whats the unit event-resposnse for the effected unit? Thanks
  25. VampireHeart

    !New! Walking(by keyboard) System help

    Ok ive created/modified(GUI) a new kinda walking system based off of Matilda_Knights Pilot system. Using the up arrow to go forward, and the left and right to turn the hero. Instead of the left and right directions, it turns the hero then u can go forward the direction of the turn. Im having...
  26. VampireHeart

    WTH is hapening with my Converter??

    Ive tried to convert this file but its not working...can some1 convert it plz :)
  27. VampireHeart

    WoW Billing?

    For world of worcraft its billed per month right? if not how can i get it?
  28. VampireHeart

    uploading problems?

    y isnt the upload picture for signitiures on the change sig slot on the CP working?
  29. VampireHeart

    Should i get Windows?

    Im contenplating whether or not to buy the Windows OS for my parallels. First of all is Windows Vista any better than Windows XP? And is it worth it to buy? I have a Mac Pro tower so i think it could handle paralles right? And second, does Parallels support programs like 3D Max or a free-ware...
  30. VampireHeart

    Custom Interface Problems

    Iv got 2 problems: 1. I am useing MP2K for my MPQ extracter and when i extract the interface for Human and open with BLP Tools it shows as a blank Y is this? 2. What is the name for the icon or whatever that is put here: Thanks
  31. VampireHeart

    Card Models

    Ive decided to revive an old map of mine called Card-Shark. Its a game where you can play Texas Hold'em, Rummey, Hearts and mabye a few more games. What i need is a simple plane model thats shaped like a card. I can texture it myself. And a box looking model for the deck. And lastly a fan of...
  32. VampireHeart

    Custom Moving

    Im having trouble trying to make a unit move by only the arrow keys. Ive seen it done in HeroRPG and that Pilot System but i cant open HeroRPG in the eiditer cuz it a w3m file(campaign). So im wondering if any1 has any JASS(preferbly GUI, Ima super noob at JASS) systems for this. Thanks...
  33. VampireHeart

    Human Guard Skin (Dont got a good name)

    this is my third skin that ive made and definetly my best :emote_smile:. Its based off of the Troll Shadow Preist. Its kinda a gaurd i guess. Well the one problem is that i could not alpha out the mowawk or the staff(or the nose). This kinda makes the skin look like crap. Ive posted on the...
  34. VampireHeart

    Dark Troll Preist Edit.

    Hey can someone plz edit the Mohawk and the staff off the troll dark priest. This would make my skin work. Without the mohawk and the staff gone it will look very weird. If someone can do it it would be great. EDIT: Also does any1 know how to get rid of the big nose? Thanks :emote_cool:
  35. VampireHeart

    Emmisary Texture Path?

    Hey does any1 know the path for Apprentice Wizard's(Emissary/Chaplain) skin? Dont know why but not poping up in my list...:emote_surprised:
  36. VampireHeart

    Weird IP Thing...

    Ok ive got some weird thing goin on with my comp. Whenever i go on my Warcraft III game bnet it disconects and my IP changes...:emote_surprised:. Wtf is wrong?
  37. VampireHeart

    Vampire Skin OK?

    Ok ive been skining this Ghoul to look like a vampire based off of this pic: Ive done the face and hair but im thinking about the body does any1 have any suggestions on the body? PS: and tell if you like it :/ (btw this is my second skin so it kinda crappy. :emote_grin:)
  38. VampireHeart

    Invisable Platform On Doodads?

    How do you get a invis platforms on another doodad. like in this map for Morph's palaside kit:
  39. VampireHeart

    Info card Icons

    For my RPG i need some info card icons to replace the "agility", "strength" and "Inteligence". Could somone make an icon that looks like the originals but have one that is an arrow head pointing strait up and a sword strait up and then lastly a hammer like the one from human and orc build. If...
  40. VampireHeart

    [JASS] Framework Kit by xXm0rpH3usXx

    i downloaded the Framework Kit by xXm0rpH3usXx and having trouble with the JASS controls that make the roof disapear and the doors open. When i copy into my map it does not work though i have all the same doodads that make the house with the same exact names :bored:. Does any1 know of what i...
  41. VampireHeart

    [JASS] Stacking Charges

    I got this from a JASS site and im having trouble. Im new to JASS and when i try to enable the script it says: "Stack Charges needs an intilization function named 'InitTrig_Stack_Charges'." I dont know where it gos or how to get it to work...:sad: (heres the script): function HasItemtype...
  42. VampireHeart

    Skin over a Custom Model?

    im using this model of a peasant that i want to skin it to look like a lumberjack. But it has no texture file to go with it. Can you use a same path or somthing to reskin it? Is this posable?
  43. VampireHeart

    My First Crappy Skin!

    My first skin: a villager with a suit type body.:spell_breaker: Tell me what you think.
  44. VampireHeart

    Villager Attachment help

    if tried several times and with several strings to attach a model to the left hand of the Villager model but it never works it always attaches to the left foot :bored:. Can someone help me plz!! Thanks
  45. VampireHeart

    Red Arm Chair??

    does any1 know if a model like this exists? I need for the Common Rooms in my HP map ;)
  46. VampireHeart

    Custom Imported Tileset

    does any1 no how to make a defalt tileset to a custom imported file. Like if i wanted to change dirt to wood boards or such? And if what file type is required? Thanks :infl_thumbs_up:
  47. VampireHeart

    Harry Potter Duelist RPG-just starting

    I just started this new map ive been thinking about. Maby ill call it this: Harry Potter Duelist RPG (but maby not). Basic Objective: You are one of the characters from the Harry Potter books depending on your player color. In the books it seems that Harry, Ron and Hermione have all the fun...
  48. VampireHeart

    [Trigger] Leaderboard Help

    I tried to create this leaderboard but im having trouble. this is what i have so far: leader1 Events Time - Elapsed game time is 1.00 seconds Conditions Actions Leaderboard - Create a leaderboard for (All players) titled Wins in a Duel Leaderboard -...
  49. VampireHeart

    Y does it step through...?

    Im using the Illidan(evil)X model for the castle doodads and i wanted it so a unit could step on top of it. So i put some invis platforms in but it still sinks through y is this?
  50. VampireHeart

    [Trigger] Ugh...

    Im doing this tigger spell can any1 think of any1 flaws? Cuz it is not working for me...:sad: Plz post if there is anything wrong Thanks