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  1. TheSandWraith

    Invisible Icon Problem

    Hey guys, I'm having a little problem with some icons. So I got some WoW icons off the internet and simply added the square borders onto them using Warcraft 3 Image Renamer (this one). They were in TGA format so I imported em' into Warcraft 3 Viewer (here) Then I simply converted them into...
  2. TheSandWraith

    Age of Survival - Open Release

    Here it is. After many delays and distractions, I have concluded that I will MOST LIKELY never finish Age of Survival. Therefore, I have decided to release what I have completed to the community. The map is completely open source so you can open it up and learn from it or finish it if you...
  3. TheSandWraith

    Huge map size

    So I didn't know where to put this one, so I figured it kinda related to terrain, so I would put it here. I can't really test out map size, so I have a question for those who may have. In WC3 Unlimited, you can pump the map size to 480x480. I am planning on making a new map, and would like...
  4. TheSandWraith

    Image on Screen

    I was wondering how you make an image appear on the screen, and then no matter what, it stays centered in the screen, even if you move the camera around, etc. For Example: In the Kingdom of Kaliron (anyone familiar with it :) you can display a map of the world and when you move the camera...
  5. TheSandWraith

    Simple Flower Box....thing

    I got a little modeling request for anyone. Shouldn't be too hard. All I need is like a flat box that has even sides (square) and is flat to the ground. I want it as big as a medium sized square in WE. It'll kinda be like a flower box type thing, without a bottom or top. Heres a picture of what...
  6. TheSandWraith

    Triggers getting automatically disabled

    I have another dilema that requires aid: Recently I upgraded to Windows Vista, and everything was going fine with WE, but one time when I tested out my map, all my triggers were disabled and no longer working in game. It was as if I had no triggers at all, none of them would run or execute...
  7. TheSandWraith

    Aura Target Model

    This one is really simple. All I need is the Aura target model (Abilities\Spells\Other\GeneralAuraTarget\GeneralAuraTarget.mdl) in 3 other colors besides blue: Red, Orange and Yellow. It's a really simple request, and I just don't know how to do stuff like this; I did try though. I have...
  8. TheSandWraith

    Map Testing Program

    I was wondering if there is a program that allows you to test your map without actually opening up wc3, or more likely, opens it up in a windowed mode so you can filp-flop between the two.
  9. TheSandWraith

    Water/Liquid Cooling

    I am currently building a new PC and am building it with the intent to do some over-clocking on it. I was wondering if anybody could give me some more info on water cooling and how much better it is than air cooling, if better. Also I want to know if the water leaking within you computer is a...
  10. TheSandWraith

    Real Life [for/by morons] is way better than LOAP

    I just read the post about warcraft being dead. In the post people were talking about how crappy maps are now and how good maps were back in the day. Well, has anyone played Real Life [for/by morons] by MoronSonOfBoron and Harken_Dell? That map was gold and it is what got me into map making and...
  11. TheSandWraith

    File Corruption...Maybe?

    Okay, so here's my problem: I have been working on a map for sometime now, and I decided to take about a weeks brake from it to catch up on homework and other things. During that week, my friend gave me some sweet music, but the problem is, I think he gave me a virus of some kind and something...
  12. TheSandWraith

    Problem with Wc3 Screenshots

    I'm not sure if this is the right spot to post, but eh, its the tech area so I assume the people here know better than I do. Whenever I try to take a screenshot in Wc3, it shows the fading yellow words "screen captured" and all seems to go ok. But then I exit out, open up my screenshot folder to...
  13. TheSandWraith

    Double Item Creation Problem

    I am currently making a survival style map. I have now finished the terrain and many of the objects and have started working on the triggering. The map is like Island Troll Tribes and, as you might know, when you get the required items to make something, you have to put it in the right order and...
  14. TheSandWraith

    ..::Age of Survival::..

    .::Age of Survival::. Open BETA released! INTRODUCTING: AGE OF SURVIVAL Starting The cold is griping. It takes hold of you, drives you mad, controls your whole body and will turn you against each other, to the point of life and death. Life, your own against another. Death, it hangs on the...
  15. TheSandWraith

    Player Color Change

    The title of this thread is a little decieving. I was wondering, to the knowledge of anyone here, is there a way to change the colors of the players? By this I mean, is there a way to make it so, i.e., when a player selects the yellow color, there color isn't the standard wc3 color yellow, but...
  16. TheSandWraith

    How do you make different colors at Hive?

    I've seen a lot of people here at the hive with either giant letters, or different color letters, and I was just wondering....How do you do that? I know this is probably a noob question, but I don't know. So if anyone could give me a hand, I would appreciate it. Thanks thesandwraith
  17. TheSandWraith

    AoS Screenies (Age of Survival)

    These are some screenshots from my new survival mod, Age of Survival (AoS for short, but not the popular AoS style maps, its a survival map) This is my real first attempt at proffesional style terraining, and im hoping this is just as good as the pro's. Please give me some feedback on these so...
  18. TheSandWraith

    TheSandWraith Custom Signature

    I was wondering if there was anyone out there that would make me a custom signature. I have seen that some people will make them, but i dont want to bother them, seems like they have enough requests as it is. I just want this one. Should be real simple, but i would like it done to the quality of...
  19. TheSandWraith

    Panther model

    I don't know if this is right place to post this, but it is a request so, here goes. All I need is a the panther that the night elf huntress rides, fully animated and what not. I have seen this model in other maps, but I can't find a link to it, and if I do, its usually broken. I've searched...
  20. TheSandWraith

    The New Guy

    My name is the TheSandWraith. I have been modding for about 2-3 years now. My favorite maps to make are usually rpg maps, but recently i have had a craving to make a new, revamped version of the classic survival maps, like Island Troll Tribes. I am currently at work on this survival map, which...
  21. TheSandWraith

    Tauren Totem Mod

    I am currently making a map set in the desert. It is currently called ..::Land of the Kor'krean::.., although it still is a working title. I am about 75% done with the terrain and have most of the custom objects/units done; about 85%. Currently I am in the triggering phase and those, are about...
  22. TheSandWraith

    Sand terrain

    Hi, I am making a desert-type map with canyons and the like. In one area, there is just a large rolling, dune desert, but the problem is, I need some sand. I've tried the barrens type dessert terrain, but I just done like it. What Ilooking for is an almost pure white sand terrain, kind of like...
  23. TheSandWraith


    Im not sure quiet how to a roof, I've tried a couple ways but none seem to work the way I want. Im making an rpg map that is mostly wilderness, but there is a large city in the top left. So far, in the city is a couple buildings, but i have made them so u can see into them, like they are just...
  24. TheSandWraith

    Warcraft Crossing

    I know none of you probably who I am, but its because Im new here. Just suscribed 2 or so weeks ago. Anyway, I have to say this sight is awsome. Ive been to wc3campaigns but they aint as good as the hive. So with that said, I am pleased to announce my new map, (not my first, I warn you) WARCRAFT...
  25. TheSandWraith

    Weapon Removing

    I am new to this site, but not to warcraft so ill make this sweet and to the point. I've tried skinning\modeling and can't get the hang of it. I am currently working on a new map, but i need some weaponless models\skins, but i cant find the one im looking for. I just need some one to make about...