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    Issue importing w3u file into map.

    I'm having issues, I export a w3u file from the map. I alter even one thing like a name. And save and import the new .w3u file into the existing map. And when I do so, all the units names and descriptions, essentially any text for units is deleted. Any idea why this would happen?
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    Anyone know how I can create custom models?

    I'm looking to create my own models with animations to use in WC3. I can't find any good resources that explain this. What programs to use. I managed to import a model, but have no idea how I can add animations to the model for use in WC3. Thanks.
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    [Solved] map protection

    Have a few questions about map deprotection. Theres a map that hasnt been updated in 5+ years and the developer has quit the community with no contact info. I want to fix some bugs and also add some new items and units. I managed to deprotect the map and imported object data from old versions...
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    [Trigger] Cyclone trigger issue

    I have cyclone hides unit turned on in gameplay constants. It's required for the game. I need to have it so when the unit is cycloned, if another unit takes it's place. The original unit when it comes down either pushes the unit out below or doesn't allow it in the first place. My first...
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    [Solved] Issue with script

    So this script is a kick script. And it checks if the player is the host, and if he types either -deport playername -> kick or -deport playercolor -> kick Currently -deport playername works fine but -deport player color only works for player red Any idea why that is? I can't figure out why...
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    Freezing Breath issue

    I have one of my units with the ability 'Freezing Breath' which when he attacks a structure it causes the structure to not be possible to repair for the duration of the ability. When I add this ability to a Hero though it doesn't seem to work even though it shows the ability in his command...
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    Issue with my WE?

    I don't know what happened, but recently I am now getting this issue Screenshot - 151f23e256a4baf0df3097380736fd2a - Gyazo No matter what the map is, the scripts error when I save the map and I get these compile output issues. I have confirmed that the maps are bug free (Another person has...
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    Supported languages in 1.31?

    The map I work on previous to me picking up the project is half written in the language 'Zinc' The new world editor doesn't seem to support Zinc, is there any up to date jasshelpers or some sort of program to compile Zinc into a readable format for WE? I currently am forced to work with...
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    [JASS] Item drop issue

    The below function runs when an item is dropped, I'm trying to check if the last dropped item is inside the rect "Grave_Site" '1' message runs but not the 2nd message. I'm droping an item right inside the rect though, is this not how you detect a dropped item using 'GetLastRemovedItem()' ...
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    [JASS] Lag when running script

    I've got 3 scripts in my game that all run when a unit is created for the first time in game. They cause a small lag spike in the game, any idea what causes this and how I can fix that? Here is the latest that I've made. I recall that I may need to use the Preload function? But if that's so, why...
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    [Solved] Water color tint change ingame?

    Is it possible to change water color tinting ingame?
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    [Trigger] Item staying upon death.

    I've got a custom model with no death animation. When the item dies the model stays behind. How do I remove it? There doesn't seem to be a item death action. Thanks.
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    How to move from libraries to new WE?

    The game I work on is written entirely with libraries that are compiled into the map using a Jasshelper program. I'm currently using outdated jasshelper and WE versions to keep updating the map. I want to switch over to the new World Editor versions at some point. Is there a way to keep these...
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    [JASS] Script runs and lags on start

    I've got a few scripts that lag the game for some reason when they first run. I think this was caused by Blizzard patches. This script which runs when a unit builds a "Time Tower" for the first time in game, it lags the game for like half a second. I've tested with older versions of the game...
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    Attack Speed Slow issue

    Screenshot - e9cdb63ac10d6754efce47e3d6cfd754 - Gyazo I've got this ability that is transferred on attack. It works early on in the game, but around 20 minutes into the game the Hero's attack speed is maxed. And this attack speed slow which is 0.50 doesn't seem to do anything. We've done tests...
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    WC3 crashing issue.

    Players have found a big bug in the game I work on. I think it may have been caused by Blizzard updates since it's never happened until the last few months (That we know of). I tried this same bug with previous map versions, all the way from 2 years ago. And it crashes Warcraft on all versions...
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    Accounts being deleted before 3 months?

    I claimed my account name 'Rugarus' on all realms. Literally signed into them 2 weeks ago, and today had to remake accounts on both Europe and Korea. Any idea why this would be happening?
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    Ability question

    Is it possible to give a Hero an ability without actually showing it in his command card? Like I want to give my Hero a damage aura ability. That when nearbyunits + himself = Base Damage *Multiplier. But I don't want it taking a slot on his command card. Thanks.
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    [Trigger] Text being left behind issue

    So this trigger, when the ability is casted. It teleports the unit to the center of the map. But the text that is created above their unit showing "Recall 5..4..3..2..1" sometimes bugs and stays there and doesn't remove itself. Is there anything you guys can see that would cause that issue...
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    Usernames question.

    I implemented a kick command in my map, for a select few users. I got them to all make new accounts and claim them on all realms. But one of the accounts seems to be compromised. The kick commands check ingame username to allow kicking. But is it possible to Spoof your username and get it...
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    [Trigger] Ability issue

    I have two abilities. When I activate one it seems to also activate another different ability. I based both abilities off the same spell. I think it was thunderclap. Ability1: Screenshot - b9b2de697529e120f58cd2954a59dc02 - Gyazo Ability2: Screenshot - 9155f7c0d7c8f194392d899fdf6c69cb - Gyazo...
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    WE question.

    I don't use the new versions of World editor. I've been using 1.29 for the past months. A few questions, I've heard that 1.30+ supports vJass and has a JassHelper compiler included? Does that Jass Helper have 'Zinc' language support?
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    [Trigger] Cyclone hit box trigger issue

    Cyclone hit box Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Cyclone Main Ability (Item)...
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    Timer issue

    My timer doesn't seem to run, what am I doing wrong here? //Zinc private function OnTimy60() { timer t=GetExpiredTimer(); DisplayTextToForce(GetPlayersAll(), "Current test"); } function onStarty() { timer t=CreateTimer(); TimerStart(t, 15, true, function OnTimy60); t=null; }...
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    [Solved] Issue with my script

    //zinc This script is for a tower called 'Time Tower' Each minute of the game this tower is alive it will gain more damage, and if it's killed and remade/created for the first time it's damage will start at 0. So my goal is to store when the tower was created in the integer array...
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    [Solved] Array syntax issue?

    //Zinc I get the error 'array' unrecognized. Is this not how you declare an array properly? library timeTower requires libMisc { local boolean array test; }
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    Zinc Syntax error

    First off sorry if this is in the wrong place? Seems like all the forum areas got changed, is this where script issues should go? I'm getting this error Screenshot - 9430e326bc3a3d62e632e010ddd66c93 - Gyazo It's caused by this part of the code if (GetPlayerState(GetTriggerPlayer()...
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    Force cancel issue

    I'm trying to cancel the upgrade at the end there. But it selects the unit and doesn't seem to cancel the upgrade. What am I doing wrong here? Untitled Trigger 004 Events Unit - A unit Begins an upgrade Conditions (Unit-type of (Triggering unit)) Equal to Blood Tower...
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    Shop selling issue.

    Screen capture - 06ab3e2c7523ef76cb0d92747d7e9e65 - Gyazo I've got a shop that sells items. I currently have this trigger. Untitled Trigger 002 Events Unit - A unit Sells an item (from shop) Conditions (Owner of (Triggering unit)) Not equal to (Owner of (Buying unit))...
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    Shop sharing issue.

    I have a shop basically acts like 'Arcane Vault' Has abilities 'Shop Selling' and 'Shop Sharing' The items are made not sold. Because I need some of them to have requirements to purchase. The only issue I'm having right now is that anyone including allied units can purchase these shop items...
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    Integer issue

    So the following code is for a tower that when it attacks a unit, it will add -x armor to the unit. The -armour depends on the type of the tower, as there is two towers I'm using. One being -1 armor, the upgraded tower being -2 per hit. So I detect when a unit is attacked, and then use...
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    First Person Camera?

    I've seen some examples made of some First Person type Camera systems. But they all seem outdated and don't work. Does anyone know of a system that exists that I could implement into a map? Basically just looking for if possible, moving around the screen using the mouse. And moving with the...
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    Command card

    I remove my unit's command card, I believe that's what it's called? Like the attack, stop, etc buttons. I don't remember how I did it, but I need to bring it back lol. How can I do that? Currently the unit has a blank command card. Or at least I need to add an ability to that unit, and...
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    A way to stop casting of ability?

    Is there an action to cancel a Hero's casting of an ability? Basically I've got my Hero unit, he has an ability that spawns a minion unit to attack. While this minion is alive (Has 5 second expiry time) I don't want the player to have access to his Hero. The spawned minion unit has an...
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    Question about saving data

    So I recently learned about being able to save data between Warcraft games and have them load/save and transfer to other games. But is this easily modified? Like let's say I saved a few integers which acted as game wins. Is it easy or even possible to alter that data?
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    Lumber cheat/hack

    Hey, sorry that this is in the wrong area but I feel the most experienced people are here and could shed some light on this issue. So my game, it has 0 scripts that add lumber to the Human team. Basically I haven't added any cheat codes and what not that could of been abused. I got a...
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    Acid Bomb Ability question.

    I'm attempting to create a dummy unit to cast the ability 'Acid Bomb' on a structure. It returns "Can only target corpses" Is there a way to get around this or another ability that can act as an armor reducer for a wall (Needs to be visible when you click the wall) Like showing Armor: 150(-25)
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    Issue with conditionals.

    So the following checks if the triggering unit 'Attacked unit' is Player 2(Teal) Checks if the attacker is not equal to the triggering unit. It then checks if the unit type of the attacker is not equal to the listed unit types. Now all this works and runs, but the issue I'm having is the...
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    Ally vision issue

    So I'm basically creating an observer slot. When I'm the player 'Player 13' ingame I type the command it says "2" indicating it's running. But the game does not treat the other players as allies to me. And the map stays fogged. Edit: So if I turn off fog and select a unit after I type the...
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    [Solved] Region issue

    Basically this trigger is designed to when a unit is attacked, if it's not owned by the triggering unit + the owner of triggering unit is Player(Teal) It searchs the map, and checks the regions the triggering unit is inside and see's if the regions contain both the unit 'Flag' + Triggering...
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    Base question

    I'm wondering, I have this code that adds rects to the 'base' variable. But I don't understand how exactly the 'Base' variable works. How can I for example check if 'base1' contains a certain UnitType? scope initBases initializer OnInit public function OnInit takes nothing returns nothing...
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    Reforged question.

    Sorry if this is the wrong area to post, I didn't see a Reforged area unless maybe I'm blind. Just wondering, has there been any news of any way to save data in a game to load in another? Perhaps a change to the new world editor. This used to be possible using host bots, just wondering if they...
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    [Solved] Anyway to give a unit a hitbox?

    When units are cyclones they lose their hit box. Unless you turn off the constant "disappears on map" or whatever it's called. I need to keep that constant off. But I'm wondering is it possible to give one single unit a hitbox while he's cycloned? Would creating a dummy unit in place of the...
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    Zinc 'while loop' issue

    I left out the part that calls this function, but basically it was working when I just had 'KillUnit(player1);' 'player1' / 'player2' etc are global units declared in another script But when I added this part while (RectContainsUnit(GetEntireMapRect(), player1) == false ) {...
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    Grabbing player name

    Edit: nvm solved
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    Adding a repair animation to unit?

    I changed the model file of a unit, but I noticed it doesn't have a repair animation anymore compared to the original unit. Is there a way to fix that or add it without changing the model type back?
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    Cyclone issue

    Cyclone Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Cyclone Main Ability (Item) Actions Unit - Pause (Target unit of ability being cast) Wait 6.00 seconds Unit - Unpause (Target unit of ability...
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    Anyone have a vote kick script/trigger?

    I have a vote kick thing for my game but it needs some serious work, wondering if anyone else has one already made I could use so I can spend my time elsewhere? Thanks.
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    Cycloned unit lost on map.

    I have a script that when a player leaves the game the game kills his main unit, and another script that basically detects when the unit is killed and runs another script. But I found a bug that when the unit is cycloned he can't be found on the map until he returns down. Is there a way to...
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    Is it possible to display what level of stack you're on with incinerate? Without a damage engine?