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  1. frostwhisper

    Resource Spotlight - April 2022

    It wasn't easy picking out some of the deadliest war machines across our broad spectrum of custom resources, but here we are. Once again it is up to you, the community, to vote for next month's resource spotlight theme! Find and download each of the featured resources below:
  2. frostwhisper

    April Fools - Introducing Honeycombs!

    >>>APRIL FOOLS!<<< Greetings everyone! We are very excited to introduce Honeycombs! Honeycombs are the latest in the Hive Workshop's ever-expanding list of features, bringing with them a fully revamped download system, a new dimension to our vast resource sections, unlockable site themes &...
  3. frostwhisper

    Resource Spotlight - March 2022

    We're kicking off this year's resource spotlights with a look at the sinister Shadow Council. We also welcome you, the community, to cast your vote in the poll for next month's spotlight theme!
  4. frostwhisper

    Project Spotlight - Frostcraft now available in SD/Classic

    We are pleased to announce that @Kaigar's Frostcraft is now available in SD/Classic graphics! In addition, a custom game ladder for Frostcraft is available over at W3Champions Check out our previous spotlight, the project's trailer, and ways to join the Frostcraft community below:
  5. frostwhisper

    WC3 Re-Reforged: The Scourge of Lordaeron Act I Released!

    Lead Arthas in his quest to protect Lordaeron. The first act of Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged is now out!
  6. frostwhisper

    Hosted Project Spotlight - Reforged UI Designer

    We're pleased to showcase our latest Hosted Project! Brought to you by @NightKnight , the Warcraft III Reforged UI Designer is a tool made to create User Interface designs and systems for Warcraft Maps without code. The creator was kind enough to share a few thoughts on the state of the project...
  7. frostwhisper

    Happy Holidays 2021!

    From all of us here at the Hiveworkshop, Happy Holidays!
  8. frostwhisper

    Resource Spotlight - Dwarf Sound Pack

    Aight, lads and lasses! LoreCraft Designs, the team behind WarCraft: Chronicles of the Second War are proud to present: The Dwarven Clans Sound Pack! "Earlier this year my team released to the modding community our own dwarven pack. We've managed to create the three distinct clans with their own...
  9. frostwhisper

    The Hive Cup 2021 - NOW LIVE!

    The Hive Cup 2021 is now underway! Sponsored by @Nightmare2077 this two-part contest involves designing competitive 1v1 melee maps, at least 5 of which will be used in the Hive's annual tournament. In the first part of the competition, contestants are tasked with creating a brand new 1v1...
  10. frostwhisper

    Hiveworkshop's 17th Anniversary!

    Today marks the Hive's 17th anniversary! Join us as we celebrate: Tens of thousands of custom maps, tools, and assets Over 248 completed and ongoing community contests 13 completed hosted projects and more than 13 more on the way As well as now over 100,000 users! To prepare for this...
  11. frostwhisper

    Resource Spotlight - September 2021

    Flickering candlelight bounces off the contractor's potions, sending flashes of red and blue across the table. Your eyes catch the alluring glimmer of gold coins, no doubt purposefully placed to divide your attention as the man describes your forthcoming journey. Dungeonmaster UI by @Kwaliti...
  12. frostwhisper

    Project Spotlight Double Feature - Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged and Warcraft: Chronicles of the Second War

    A good story is worth retelling, especially in high definition. We are pleased to share some updates from two of the Hive's most promising Hosted Projects: Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged and Warcraft: Chronicles of the Second War A new patch has been released for the Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged...
  13. frostwhisper

    Project Spotlight - Frostcraft

    The Hive's community continues its ceaseless work. Today we're looking at @Kaigar's promising new multi-player project which embraces Reforged's modernized graphics. Frostcraft is a multi-player action RTS designed to reward both tactic and skill. Enter the unforgiving lands of the north as...
  14. frostwhisper

    The Remaster Disaster - Behind the Scenes of WarCraft III Reforged

    An article was recently posted on Bloomberg detailing Activision Blizzard's failed WarCraft III remaster. Reforged was announced in 2018, promising modernized graphics, a reinvigorated campaign experience, and “over four hours of updated in-game cutscenes and re-recorded voice-overs.” Such...
  15. frostwhisper

    Quenching Mod v1.5 - Custom Campaigns on Patch 1.32+

    The WarCraft 3 Quenching Mod version 1.5 is finally here, bringing custom campaigns to Reforged for the first time! Join us with @Zorrot for a quick demonstration on how to load, run, and play .w3n files within the Reforged client. Special thanks to @Zorrot, @jixed and Keno for the mod and...
  16. frostwhisper

    19 Years of Warcraft III

  17. frostwhisper

    Resource Spotlight - July 2021

    This summer we're raising the temperature with some of the Hive's hottest assets Ragnaros by @Murlocologist Core Hound by @Explobomb Pillar of Flame, Conflagrate, and Flamestrike by @Mythic Molten Giant and Druid of the Flame by @chr2
  18. frostwhisper

    HD Modeling Contest #1 - Results

    The results of the Hive's first-ever HD Modeling Contest are up! Three Heroes have completed their journey, and have ascended into fame and high definition glory. Arc Lancer Forest Troll Shadow Hunter Mo'arg Houndmaster Special thanks to all contestants as well as @Mr Ogre man...
  19. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    "It is a time of peace on the world of Azeroth. The Zandalari, chief among the troll tribes have established a thriving civilization along the slopes of the Zandalar Mountains - the ancestral homeland of all trolls. After splitting off from their progenitors a few generations ago, other tribes...
  20. frostwhisper

    Jungle level design|Classic|Interactive buildings

    This is a small preview of the starting area of an as of yet untitled single player project. Needless to say, this is an early alpha, and everything is subject to change.
  21. frostwhisper

    So like...

    What up, homies?
  22. frostwhisper

    The Facepalm ~ by Keiji and frostwhisper

    "The Facepalm is regarded as one of the most elusive creatures of Stranglethorn. Some believe that these stationary giants are cousins of the Ancients of Ashenvale and Northrend. My expedition managed to locate one of the specimens deep in the ruins of the troll city Zul'Gurub. Mur'guls from the...
  23. frostwhisper

    You are now faced with a choice....,,,,,,

  24. frostwhisper

    Terrain Contest #7 Ideas

    Post them. Now. Now. NOW! Anywho... first things from the top of my head... - Scenes from WarCraft lore (-.-) - No imports - High rez - Character-orientated (basically a character import allowed for him around which the whole scenery is done - Sci-Fi
  25. frostwhisper

    This world will burn...

    I'm thinking of remaking some of wc3's key moments as a comic (using some high quality terrain if possible). Drafting for ideas I made this doodle. Yes, it's Sargares taunting Aegwynn by showing her a vision of Azeroth going boom, for all you lore freaks. What do you think? Does the idea...
  26. frostwhisper

    I have NO idea what you're talking about... here's a picture of a levitating farm house ship with an upside down forest in its basement instead.
  27. frostwhisper

    Hive Workshop Drama Contest #1

    This Arena has seen it all. Texturing, modeling, mapping, terraining, drawing. Tears of joy of the winning and the bitter tears of the losing have made contact with this great coliseum's floor. Drama is around is. Drama is within, it is time to lift the wages, to push ourselves to the final...
  28. frostwhisper


    We're reopening :P Booze's on me.
  29. frostwhisper

    The Burning Sky: Co-terrain by FamousPker49 and frostwhisper

    You know, it's surprising what a man's (my) laziness and another man's (his) vision can produce in a matter of a couple of hours. It is with great pride that I present the first co-terrain production on the Hive: Credits to the piece go as follows: frostwhisperForeground, island...
  30. frostwhisper

    Frostwhisper Brand Comics

    I'm gonna put my comic-like doodles and comic series up in here. Though these aren't really art because they've been made inside the World Editor, I didn't want to place them in the Something Else forum, as they'll die unnoticed.
  31. frostwhisper

    I do use backgrounds!

    I do, I do, I do D=!
  32. frostwhisper

    Frosty's Bar

    Welcome to Frosty's.
  33. frostwhisper

    Frosty's Bar Frontpage

    Do you love alcoholic beverages? Do you like to drink with your homies day after day? Is there a beer next to you 24/7? Then this is the social group for you. Come in, enjoy a mild and aromatic ouzo, go crazy with some tequila slammer shots, or just drink the old beer mug down to the last...
  34. frostwhisper

    What would you do if you were the Webmaster for one day?

    We're all take part in a vast community depending on hierarchy. My question is, what would you do, if you had the opportunity of occupying the top rank in this system for one day. What would YOU do, if you were in Ralle's shoes? Note - please refrain from going too far on the "I'll ban the...
  35. frostwhisper

    Hive Olympics: Race Expansion

    A couple of guys and I have been discussing this in chat. Since one of the major problems discussed in the Site Discussion these days is the Arena inactivity, we believe that making a competition involving teams and ranging over a broad range of modding aspects (Olympics style :P) would be not...
  36. frostwhisper

    The UTM v4.0 Collection Thread

    Kinda bold step, I decided to compile the new Ultimate Terraining Map (based off DungeonM's legacy: the UTM v3.0). Reasons why I'm doing this is because since the compilation of Dungeon's map, a serious load of quality doodad models has hit the database. I will use this thread to collect links...
  37. frostwhisper

    Next Terrain Competition Ideas

    First off I just wanted to say that this last contest was a true disaster, and that I am utterly disappointed of the way many people acted in the poll thread. So as your friend I plead you, next time, avoid these methods if not for fair play's sakes than for yours. Thank you. Anyway, here are...
  38. frostwhisper

    Terraining Session: Oceanic Chronicles

    Yeah, I've started a series of terrains revolving around a ship named The Drunken Explorer's journeys. ...more to be added I guess. Now I want to hear your thoughts.
  39. frostwhisper

    Lothar pass

    Lalala, I know it ain't good, but I've been away from the board for too long methinks, and besides, it has a WoW model in it (guess which, plzzzzz). So yeah... suppose I should add a story to this shite. "Lothar pass was one of the most beautiful places in the kingdom of Loarderon. Its...
  40. frostwhisper

    Troubling Reforms

    Found in the chronicles of a local villager, Month VI, Year II since Creation:
  41. frostwhisper

    1 minute and 14 seconds terrain

    Personal record. Quite fugly though...
  42. frostwhisper

    Retarded Lighthouse

    Yet the retarded lighthouse is in the middle of the forest. What's up with that? Anyway, enjoy.
  43. frostwhisper

    Malygos turns evil

    Read all about it:
  44. frostwhisper


    Yeah, everybody knows where the Eredar come from. A lovely celestial paradise called Argus.
  45. frostwhisper

    Ugliest Volcano Ever

    Either I am completely losing my touch as a terrainer, or this is just my crappy day...
  46. frostwhisper

    The Terrain Dominion

    O hai thar, colleagues.
  47. frostwhisper

    The Terrain Dominion Frontpage

    On a step, higher than that of the terrain board, this is the place where the better terrainers of the Hive can gather to discuss their pieces, ideas and WIPs with absolutely no threat of spam and unprofessional opinions. This group may be joined by invitation only. Members:2-P Belgarath...
  48. frostwhisper

    Colonial Sunset

    Last terrain from me before I leave for France. I don't claim that it's amazing or anything, but I sorta liked the way it turned out. Enjoy.
  49. frostwhisper

    War and Peace

    "May the Earthmother deal with these tools of disrupt, as we clearly cannot" ~ Tauren Wiseman on Tanks
  50. frostwhisper

    Think of the dolphins

    "The next time you want to sink an enemy ship, think of the dolphins!" Better quality version: Click me, baby, one more time