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  1. Greatman


    make the map in english, then post it here.
  2. Greatman

    God's Throne v1.00

    When you fire the nuclear bomb :goblin_boom: it can hit in gods area and delete his stuff. :goblin_cry: except for this i thougt it were a great map. :goblin_yeah:
  3. Greatman

    Vuen's D&D Titanhex Edition

    There was no swordsman while i was playing :vw_wtf: We had a vampire and a panda where 2 of the pandas abilitys where not working (don,t remember the names sry)
  4. Greatman

    Vuen's D&D Titanhex Edition

    there are invisible units called xe units evewhere and that kinda ruins the game. anyway it is still a nice game so +rep
  5. Greatman

    Reputation (+1): (Post) LOVE THE IDEA!!! can,t wait for this

    Reputation (+1): (Post) LOVE THE IDEA!!! can,t wait for this
  6. Greatman

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) A very good map

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) A very good map
  7. Greatman

    Pantat-CTF BETA 0.14c

    It,s good but i think there should be more heroes and gamemodes. still loved i though +rep
  8. Greatman

    2P Campaign: Human 10

    really good work:thumbs_up: you should really do it with the other campaigns too and unlike the other maps you made this one was really hard.
  9. Greatman

    2P Campaign: Human 08

    i like it. it is really good:thumbs_up: are you going to create the campaigns in frozen throne to? (cause that would be fantastic:grin:)
  10. Greatman

    2P Campaign: Human 07

    i just love these maps :cgrin: anyway i have some questions. When is number 08 going out? Are you going to create the orc campaign in co-op to?
  11. Greatman

    Gross Bug

    God bless you. This is just what i needed for my zombie map.
  12. Greatman

    The Endless Nigth beta (Map)

    A zombie survival map. 8 marines must survive for 45 minutes while protecting an energy orb which is supposed to give power enough to make a cure so that this nightmare finally may be over.... Note that this map is still just in a very early beta stage so there are many bugs. They will...
  13. G

    The Endless Nigth beta (Warcraft 3 Map)

  14. Greatman

    The Lands of Elendor 0.5 (Map)

    New in this version. fully remade the the human city and added camera system and a fully new hero selection system+ a lot of other minor things. Important note Greatman can only be played as if you select the monsters beneath him. Demons - Destroy the Human city and Village and don,t let the...
  15. G

    The Lands of Elendor 0.5 (Warcraft 3 Map)