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  1. Cobbot

    Using Spells As Basic Attacks

    This tutorial will show you how to use spells to replace the basic attack ability. This system can be a useful way to make an arena map more interesting. Difficulty - Moderate There are 2 ways of doing this. You can either use a short range AOE attack to make it alot simpler for the...
  2. X-OMG-X

    Creating a Dungeon Entrance

    Creating a Dungeon Entrance Difficulty: [4/10] Normal Step 1: Today, im going to create a mysterious dungeon, wich is playable and useful for rpg’s. First of all I will decide the tileset for my dungeon map. I choose the ‘dungeon’ tileset, and sets the intial tile to Grey Stones...
  3. Statharas

    How to remove Blight's green clouds

    How to remove Blight's green clouds I changed the blight texture, but the gasses remain...Let's remove them now, shall we? This is prety easy actually. Step one: Download and import the MDX Attachment. This is a simple empty model (Sorry if what i said before mislead you to mistakes). Just...