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  1. Lurker99

    [SD/Modeling] Militia Pikeman Classic

    Just to clarify I meant a melee Pikeman with the militia model as a base, preferably without the Big Shoulder but if the animations require it that is fine. This will be for a Altered Melee with a new human techtree. Thanks in advance.
  2. Lurker99

    [SD/Modeling] Militia Pikeman Classic

    Hello, I am looking for a Milita Spearman. Ideally no shield both hands on the spear haven't found any after years of scouring this site, XGm ect.
  3. Lurker99

    Comment by 'Lurker99' in media 'Seven Kingdoms Meeting'

    Looks Good... you making a campaign or is this a Cinematic?
  4. Lurker99

    Warcraft 2: Reforged Melee v1.26f

    How goes the SD/classic version?
  5. Lurker99

    Assorted Farm Buildings

    These are great... any chance you could make a Stables similar to this set. Great Work.
  6. Lurker99


    How have I not seen this before on this site... looks great.
  7. Lurker99

    Comment by 'Lurker99' in media 'The Alliance !'

    This looks fun... I love classic lore maps. Did you release it? Also where did you get the footman model?
  8. Lurker99

    Tyrande Whisperwind

    Did we get the mounted version of this yet? Maybe on a hippogryph! Awesome model either way.
  9. Lurker99

    [Campaign] The Invasion of Kalimdor: Revamp

    This looks solid... and we don't have a lot of quality remakes of this campaign... lots of the Roc Human. I haven't played a good RoC Orc remake yet, once I get my PC back up and running I look forward to checking out your ideas in action.
  10. Lurker99

    WotLK- Bolvar Fordragon

    This is the SH!T... another classic.
  11. Lurker99

    [Campaign] Warcraft 2: The remake

    Hope all involved are keeping healthy... how goes the battle?
  12. Lurker99

    Unit promotion upgrades idea

    The above are both interesting. Another way to limit them is to have availability be dependant on the size of your army ie you have used 30 food (and therefore created enough units) to warrant a captain. Do you think this could work in an Altered melee without being too micro? (I realize you are...
  13. Lurker99

    Ujimasa Hojo's Resources Discussion

    Thanks, got it now.
  14. Lurker99

    Ujimasa Hojo's Resources Discussion

    Where is the Paladin Model that Morphs into a spectral Dreadlord? I though it was on the Struggle For Azeroth Map pack but didn't see it?
  15. Lurker99


    Is there an icon for this... preferably with blue or grey teamcolour.
  16. Lurker99

    [Altered Melee] Wcr3 TFT Expansion mod

    These are always fun... my favorite kind of altered melee, similar to base game but adding new inventive things.
  17. Lurker99

    Comment by 'Lurker99' in media 'Castle Keeper Edit'

    Where did you get this model and how do I get one lol.
  18. Lurker99

    Jungle Troll Armor

    Relatively simple... but useful and well done.
  19. Lurker99

    [Campaign] Alliance Ashes

    How is the next chapter coming? Great campaign so far btw.
  20. Lurker99

    Yeah I would love Legends Pt 2

    Yeah I would love Legends Pt 2
  21. Lurker99

    Grunt with Ranged

    I am surprised this one doesn't exist.
  22. Lurker99

    Group unit Training

    Thanks for responding and Uncle that is exactly 100% what i meant thank you.
  23. Lurker99

    Group unit Training

    I suppose I mean each unit trained will generate 4 units (that are 1 food each).
  24. Lurker99

    Group unit Training

    Can someone explain how to setup code (GUI) to make units train in a batch ie training 4 footman in a group rather than single.
  25. Lurker99

    Grunt with Ranged

    Can someone added an animation to the optimized grunt model that allows for a single Axe Throw. I am making a enhanced melee map where most units have additional abilities. Grunt and Derivatives
  26. Lurker99

    Lost models

    Does anyone know where these models can be found Hive or not? I search and only found two of them. Thanks.
  27. Lurker99

    Warcraft II: Clash of Oil and Blood

    Fun Map, classic WCII, AI works well + naval combat... nice!
  28. Lurker99

    Enhanced Techtree for main 4 races. Need ideas! help!

    How goes the work, any progress in 2019?
  29. Lurker99

    How is going, what's new with you on the hive.

    How is going, what's new with you on the hive.
  30. Lurker99

    Comment by 'Lurker99' in media 'btklogo'

    Did you ever get this to a beta stage would love to see a playable version. Also which models did you use for the human footman and Knights in this shot. btklogo | HIVE. Cheers
  31. Lurker99

    Ujimasa Hojo's Resources Discussion

    Did you ever put forth your Sha'tar building set. If not I would love to see some samples.
  32. Lurker99

    Dark Ancient

    Excellent model... fits right in with the Blizzard stuff yet is better quality... hard to pull off.
  33. Lurker99

    Wc2 Melee Hero units?

    Thanks for the replies... was away for the Holidays. Ok in order to get going on this map I think I will start with a trainable Hero similar to what we have, however it will function more in line with how a unit works. So I will limit the levels and change the damage/defense type to what the...
  34. Lurker99

    Hive's 2D Manipulation Workshop

    Can someone provide a blasemaster reskin to look younger ie dark hair to fit in with wc2 melee map I'm putting together?
  35. Lurker99

    Wc2 Melee Hero units?

    Hey Thanks for the replies.... I like the idea of some Heroes (commanders) being created by different playpaths ie Killing 10 Orges, I remember seeing something like that on an old melee mod where if you builts walls and some other defensive things you would get a King unit that had some buffs...
  36. Lurker99

    Wc2 Melee Hero units?

    Hello Hive, I am starting to work on a melee map that will take place during WC2, it will feature the various human nations and orc factions. I want the factions to be able to be used by custom AI which I will build. I'm am looking for ideas on several things that I am undecided on or cannot...
  37. Lurker99

    Hellfire Citadel (Outland)

    This looks awesome... an epic building. Man, I would love to see your version of a WC1 Stormwind Keep or an Epic Blackrock spire.
  38. Lurker99

    [Campaign] Rise of the Horde - redux

    Any update coming in 2017?
  39. Lurker99

    Faction Selection for a Wc2 Melee

    Ok its been a while since I tried a looping selection as I am only moderately proficient in in GUI triggering 0 in Jass other than pasting. Do u have a example that i could try in a map? I have never seen this used so i have no basis for reference. ++ rep for sure.
  40. Lurker99

    Wc2 Heroes

    Looking for a Lord Perenold model (-see classic attached image). Can't find anything suitable that is done in a wc2 style.
  41. Lurker99

    Faction Selection for a Wc2 Melee

    I would really like to be able to use Team color as its is an important element to the Lore and to the play ability I had envisioned.
  42. Lurker99

    [Campaign] Warcraft 2: The remake

    I am working on a wc2 melee map that intends to use the different nations and clans... have you decided whether you are using different custom units for the factions or only modification to stats or both? Also I would like your thoughts on how to setup the orc clan/factions techtree and specialties.
  43. Lurker99

    Faction Selection for a Wc2 Melee

    Hello Hive, I am working on a melee map that will use wc2 factions (not just Orc and Humans, but the actually kingdoms and clans). I require a trigger system that will allow the player to select their nation or clan simply by using the assigned team color at the map start ie playing as human...
  44. Lurker99

    W1 1 Orc temple

    Bumping... or a unique orc building with animations.
  45. Lurker99

    W1 1 Orc temple

    Could someone make/do they have a Temple of the Damned model with Orc build animations for Wc1 melee style map.
  46. Lurker99

    Factions Selection System

    The second one is more along the line of what i was thinking and what i meant by the difficulty is using that to set the AI faction before the game starts. I just dont like taverns for non hero-centered mods as this will be an altered melee.
  47. Lurker99

    Factions Selection System

    Well to be honest im not too familiar with multiplayer systems and was thinking of something using the game interface ie difficulty selection or the colour of the race picked to determine the factions, which would eliminate the need to select once in game and also allow for the use of AI once...
  48. Lurker99

    Factions Selection System

    I'm am looking for a trigger that will allow the selection of a sub-faction of a race ie if human is selected you get to pick different factions when the game starts but only human factions same thing for orc, night, undead, ect. My intention is to also have computer AI work for a melee game im...